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Chapter 1531 – What Is That?

“You are powerful, far more powerful than any King, but it is to be expected from a host of Celestial Inheritance,”

The words rang out in Great Hall. It shocked everybody; every person sitting in the hall is important and very knowledgeable, especially about the things that could have a huge effect on the world, and Celestial Inheritance one of them.

Every person here knows about her excellency Catherine Roosevelt, also known as the Saintess of Silver River, the only person in the world that Ramona Hawthorn could not defeat; she herself admitted that on the record.

Fighting was not Saintess of Silvers Rivers specialty, but she could still defeat everyone in the world except for Ramona Hawthorn.

It is common knowledge among the higher-ups that Saintess of Silver River, Catherine Roosevelt, had crafted her Inheritance using Clear Heart Inheritance, a Celestial Inheritance.

Even Ramona Hawthorn once said she would instantly discard her Abyssal Star Inheritance in favor of creating her own Inheritance if she could.

Seeing the Glory of Clear Heart Inheritance, thousands of people used that Inheritance but not a single one of them was able to move past a Duke Stage; one has to create his own Inheritance If the design is one’s, the Inheritance Core will not imprint on one’s body and sound.

For thousands of years, people tried that Inheritance but remained unsuccessful until this day, If what Elijah said is believed to be true.

All the people in the grand hall moved their necks, from old monsters to leaders and higher-ups of all organizations, and all of them are looking at the station of Riverfield Academy, especially at its headmistress.

“Little girl, is it true?” Asked Grand Tower Mistress Angel, who had come personally as she said earlier.

She is looking at the headmistress of Rivefield Academy intensely while breathing heavily; her old heart, which had been calm for decades after seeing and experiencing everything for centuries, begins to beat faster and faster in intense excitement; this news means so much to the Wisdom Tower.

It not only means immensely to the Wisdom Tower but also the Hawthorn Sea and other Supremes.

They all looked at the Headmistress of Riverfied Academy; she looked at all of them before gently nodding her head in affirmation.


Gaps rang out in the great hall while the old monsters and leaders of Supreme’s eyes begun to s.h.i.+ne like a blinding light and their hearts beating wildly.

Clear Inheritance is one of the best Inheritance in the world, and even in the universe; it lets one create own Inheritance, and those who could create it are not simple people, and these hosts tend to be very strong.

The world had only had produced one who was successfully able to practice the Celestial Inheritance, but they have found records in runes throughout the years that state the prowess of those who create their own path.

They know hosts of Celestial Inheritance are powerful, but they have one glaring weakness, or in this world, they have that weakness, and that weakness is knowledge.

One needs the knowledge to create Inheritance; the higher one goes, the greater knowledge they will require. It is not just knowledge of Runes or Inheritances but other knowledge too.

Like the knowledge about Monsters, Resources, Energies, etc., one needs them all; if its not for that, how could Catherine Roosevelt have joined the Wisdom Tower, which nearly abandoned them when another Supreme declared war on the Riverfield Academy due to Ramona Hawthorn.

Riverfield Academy is not Supreme, and even if in three thousand years Riverfield Academy had collected all the knowledge they could in the hope of producing another Cathering Roosevelt, they could not compare to Supremes.

In the Supremes, the most excited Grand Tower Mistress Angela of the Wisdom Tower, there is a reason why they have called it the Wisdom Tower, the founder of it had found a library in rune, this library filled with immense knowledge, that no Supreme could compare to it, even Hawthorn Sea but if intelligence served correct, they all have quite a collection, dwarfed only by Wisdom Tower.

While most Supremes are happy, thinking they might have some chance even if Wisdom Tower and Hawthorn Sea try to get him, two Supremes know they have no chance at all.

The leaders of Sky Saber and Mistson knew that he would not choose them when the time comes. One had its members tried to kill him, and other organization had brought unimaginable pain to his mother; he will never choose them.

It is not the people of Grand Hall that know the meaning of ‘Celestial Inheritance,’ but some important people present in the private boxes also know about it too, and people in the one box are more shocked than others.

“S…sister is true? Micheal really has the Celestial Inheritance?” she asked her elder sister; if anyone knows the truth, then it would be her elder sister; Micheal is her after all.

“Micheal did not say anything about his Inheritance, except for it Apex Inheritance when his father had asked him about it,” she said as she gripped her husband’s hand.

While she said it, she did not know about it; there is a smile on her face, she belive her son had Celestial Inheritance; he is a son of his father, after all, a true scholar, only those with scholarly background had knowledge and guts to create their own Inheritance.

Not to forget the hints he left here and there when he talked about his Inheritance. She did not understand the hints before, but now she thinks about it, she truly believes her son has a celestial Inheritance.

Still, she couldn’t help but feel a little hurt for her son not telling about his Inheritance, but she couldn’t blame him; she did not teach him anything about fighting.

If she had wanted to, she could have given him all the combat-related knowledge since he was a child, both practical and theoretical, but she decided not to, she did not want him to be related to Mistson in any way, and she still thinks her choice was right when she looked at her son now.

“Grandpa, what is that?” suddenly Joana shouted in alarm; when she looked up, she saw different colored energies striking the forcefield of the arena from all the sides.


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