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Chapter 2052 – Cage

“Grand Tower Mistress, thank you for coming. Your help would be invaluable,” I said and asked her to take a seat at one end of the formation.

Yesterday, we put a request for the Grand Lords time for a healing procedure, and it was accepted partially as we had asked for two but got only one.

We are thankful that Grand Commander had sent lady Angela, the most knowledgeable of all among all the Grand Lords. She will be able to react better if any unforeseeable things happen; she knows more about the parasitic cages than Grandmistress Charline and me.

“Micheal, I was quite surprised when you dealt with that worm in Gatlin through the method you have read from the book our library,” Lady Angela said, and she seemed to be too happy by this fact, even looking at the body of Grand Lord Gatlin gloatingly as it landed on the formation.


As the body of the Grand Lord landed on the formation, the formation activated immediately. We have already created essences and fused them with the runes, which are not from the formation sheets but made of my strings.

Without my strings, it would be an impossible job to capture that worm inside the Grand Lord, and even if do, it would not be able to keep the worm caged for long.

I need to sacrifice some of my strings for the Grand Lord, something I have never done and did not want to do it but as Lord Whitman said, we need to have a Grand Lord; they are the most important pillars of our races defense, for it, I am willing to make this sacrifice.

As the formation activated, all four of us poured our power into the runes, and they moved toward the body of the grand lord before they started to seep inside it.

We have to be fast, the worm had awakened, and it began to eat the Grand Lord; the Grand Lord to have awakened and fought against it with every ounce of his power, but he seemed to fight a losing battle as the worm is beating him to every scenario.

“We have to be fast; the worm had become frenzied and started to attack everything it had come across; Gatlin won’t be able to defend against it before he suffers the irreversible damage,” Lady Angela warned, everybody understood that have to act fast or there will be ma.s.sive consequences.


“Lady Angela now,” I said as I activated the formation as it seeped inside Grand Lord. She did as I asked for and charged the formation with a humongous amount of energy; I had not thought anyone could have such a level of energy; it is truly enormous.

Soon, the formation is completely charged, and I have activated the rule-bending power I have used in the formation through the crystals.

As I had activated Rule Bending power, the formation lit up till it became blinding before transforming into the thirty-two iron columns.

“Again, Lady Angela,” I said, and again lady Angela began to pour her power, and this time it was shocked. The stable s.p.a.ce around old women shook by volume of energy, and if not her phenomenal control over every speck of energy, I would have vaporized by the sheer aura her energy could release.

Her energy begins to charge the pink columns rapidly as they begin to brighten up, while on the other side, an aura of Grand Lord Gatlin is sliding rapidly; we have to be fast. That parasite had really gone mad; it is trying with all to consume the Grand Lord in the shortest time possible.

Others also pour their power into the formation, while our energy is nothing compared to the Lady Angela, every bit counts.

I wished the Grand Commander had allocated us the two Grand Lords as we had asked them; it would have made the things much less risky.

Sup Sup Sup

After what seemed like hours, we have finally able to charge the whole of the column as we did; the columns flew toward the worm.

The things are out of our control now, we have done what we could, and now it is time for the formation to do its job. The book said it is a tested method against these types of parasites; if we follow the procedure as it is, it is going to work.

The problem is that we did not follow all the procedures, we lacked some resources, and I used the rule-bending power to fill their place. It could mess it, but it could also work; we will know in a few seconds.


Soon the pink columns have reached the worm and formed a circle over it before falling down on it directly, enveloping it inside. As it did, the towers buzzed, and runes appeared on them, which flew toward the worm and bound it.


The runes seemed to be doing something to it as it scremed strangely and loudly and struggled intensely, but runes seemed to back down as more and more runes appeared on its body before a complete formation covered it and seeped inside it.

As it happened, the movements of the worm turned sluggish before its movements have completely stopped, seeing that smile have finally returned to my face. Not only me but others also have smiles on their faces, including lady angelas.

“I’ll be dammed. I did not think it would be you who saved me, Angela; I thought it would be Winston or Mavis who would get to that d.a.m.ned place and bring the solution to deal with that f.u.c.king worm,” An old voice said, shocking the h.e.l.l of out me.

I saw the old man who was supposed to be unconscious and little muddleheaded for time, sitting with clear eyes. Except for visible tiredness, this old man seemed fine.

“Its not like they have not tried; we all have gone to that cursed place and barely returned with our life; you seemed to have gone much deeper than any of us would dare to go,” Lady Angela replied as she vaporized the respiration covering her body.

“As for saving you, it is not I who saved you, though wisdom tower played a big part in it. The contribution of saving you goes to this guy.. If not for him, you would be still sleeping,” Lady Angela said and pointed her old bony finger at me.


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