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Chapter 2065 – Forge


The formation buzzed, and forge energy absorbed by it began to spread into the resources and begin to melt them, and at the same time, it began to call even more forge energy. The tri-color energy cloud over me has become even bigger, and now energy is coming to me like a funnel.

It took only a minute for all the humongous amount of resources to melt, some of the resources have a high melting point and could not be melted by a simple heat, but they were still melted by it.

It took little more than a minute, and all the resources have melted, and now they are crazily absorbing the energy which increased by five times within a minute and still increasing that I have started to feel suffocated, it felt like thousands of kilograms of weight had fallen on my body.

While it is happening, the satellite is still taking the forge energies that are coming for my core, and its take is still around 10%. I don’t know what it is going to do with such a huge amount of energy it is taking; I just hope it is not something bad.

Time pa.s.sed by, and more and more energy came at me every second, and all of it would merge with the runes and resources.

The resources are now giving out a scary vibe as they absorb the energy, and they are still consuming this energy at a scary rate and their aura rising steadily whole great changes begin to occur in them, through the resources, the grey substance begins to come out before started seeing inside floor of my core.


It is without a doubt what the grey substance is, and I was worried about it contaminating my core when I was a horrible amount of impurifies with vomiting smell begin to come out of me. They are coming at such speed that, within a second, I was completely packed in it, and they are still coming.

I did not waste for a second and covered myself with the hottest fire I could and burned all the impurities that came out of me and continued the fire, so it could burn what was coming out of me.

The impurities came out of me for a total of twenty-one minutes; the amount of them was so much that they would have filled a couple of holes easily. The resources are now completely purified, and they glitter with power as they absorb the humongous amount of forge energies that are coming at me.


Suddenly formation buzzed again, and I got repelled out of the formation; it could not be said I got repelled as I was sitting on the formation or my translucent copy, which I could sense but could not control.

My original avatar, which is me, is now outside the formation looking at the great changes happening into the formation as essences begin to move toward my translucent avatar while absorbing the colossal amount of forge energies coming at them.

The essence moved like the tide with the runic formation and glyphs covering them, and soon they began to pile on my translucent avatar; as they covered it, I lost connection with it, but I am in no mood to think that what is happening is little different than what is described in a tome, bearing only time bit of similarities.

Soon, all the essences had turned into a giant pile, and runes covering it lit up brightly, making it hard for me to see what was happening.

The only thing I could see was the s.h.i.+fting of essences and pouring of a huge amount of forge energy into it. The energy was so huge that I had to use every bit of the strength I had just to breathe.

The s.h.i.+ne lasted longer than I had imagined, and it continued to such a humongous amount of energy for that time. The Forge energy has become so great that it had covered the huge f.u.c.king hall; I am sure even sensors of the pyramid had detected such huge energy.

I will worry about that later; I am more curious about the thing which is revealing itself as s.h.i.+ne begin to go down, and its energy consumption lessens at the visible speed.

Seconds pa.s.sed by, and finally, a thing revealed itself, and it is a mountain; giant mountain which is about a hundred meters tall. It looked like it was made of volcanic stone, which still has melted lava in its center.

At the base of the mountain is a gate; as I looked at the gate, my consciousness had seeped inside it, and a small pocket of the information entered my mind, but I am not mood to a.n.a.lyze it, as I am f.u.c.king shocked by what I saw.


I gasped loudly; the thing I sm seeing was just too shocking for me to not gasp in shock after seeing it.

Inside the mountain is a huge s.p.a.ce, and in this huge s.p.a.ce is a forge, with a huge anvil that is taking nearly half of the s.p.a.ce. There is also a tool of all sizes and a huge furnace that is fitted into the wall.

The shocking thing is, there are people hundreds of them, some of them are big as the Grimm Monster and small as the drop of water, and they are staring at the translucent giant that is on the anvil.

Th translucent giant is me, who has over fifty times bigger, and it is merky grey in color; for a moment, I was not able to believe it was me.

At the current stage, my body is clean, and I always believed that; whatever impurities I have had been cleared in my Tyrant breakthrough, but now, I am seeing my body with the impurities, so many of them that I could barely see my veins inside.

I could not believe it and did not want to believe it, but the proof was in front of me.


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