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Chapter 2101 – Filling The Pool

I took the essence of the abyssal aphate metal and poured it into the first section of the pool; the dark black burning drops fell into the pool. I am very careful in handling it; this essence is extremely dangerous if handled without caution.

Soon, the whole bottle had emptied, leaving not a single speck inside. I placed the bottle carefully before choosing the other bottle; it contained a grey semi-liquid essence of metal called silent cathrock; I have not heard about it, but the abilities of metal are downright shocking.

One could not sense it, as I had started to drop it in the second section of the pool, I focused all my soul sense on it, but despite that, I could not sense it at all.

I had to use quite a heavy amount of rule-bending power before I was able to sense it. I had tried it with a small amount of rule-bending power, but it was useless.

The abilities of this metal essence are quite shocking, but this also had very big restrictions like it could not be used in weapon forging. They have tried to use it in totem artifacts, but metal would not merge with it; if its not for such restriction, the pyramid or supreme it had belonged to would have never would have part with it.

They have likely given me because they hope to create an essence fruit from it. The essence fruit would be astronomically powerful if created, and it would be created as long as this grey solution is pure metal.

I poured all the bottles but kept a single drop for myself. It is a great treasure that could transform my stealth abilities; I planned to do research for this essence of silent cathrock and find a way to replicate its abilities.

The third and fourth bottle contains the essence of metals called arctic outium and blazing mersic, very powerful metals with impressive power that I had to follow strict procedure while dropping them in a pool; I could die with the slightest mishandling.

These are definitely from the blood sun; that old monster Bradford had sent these essences for his students; I could tell how useful the essences fruits of these metals would be for twins who had already become cosmic elementals.

I wonder what kind of power the twins have achieved by now; the supremes are early silent about their successors.

Forget the Blood Sun, which had said their successors have died in the tragedy; the other supremes have also hidden their successors so well that I could not hear any news about them, I could not even contact my friends Ellen and Jill to know how they are.

With their talents, I am sure they would have already been leveled up to Tyrant state; the question is what power they have gained. It is quite hard to guess, but if I were to guess, it would be closer to me or even above me.

I am not overestimating; it is my fair a.s.sessment seeing their talent, their bloodline, their inheritance, and the hard work they put on advancing.

I continued to add one solution after another; nearly all of them are in the liquid state, except for two. One of them is the essence of metal called vasrod, which has extremely sharp thorns all over it and emitted sharpness I had never seen in anything, not even on my totem artifact’s blade is sharp as those thorns.

I had suspected it was a thing that had a hint of law, but after some tests, I found out it is not the case at all; it is truly a metal with extreme sharp power.

I wonder who the people that essence belongs to are; it might be a pyramid, but it could also be the b.a.s.t.a.r.ds from Sky Saber or the people of wind G.o.d temple; it is hard to tell seeing the quality of sharpness everyone wants in their weapons.

The other solid thing which I am very sure belongs to the crystal domination. It is an essence of metal called Gerioc gla.s.s; it looks like transparent gla.s.s with a ting of purple. From what I had read, it is an extremely rare metal, and they have sent me an essence of it.

There is one other interesting metal essence I had come across. The essence was extremely dense, but despite being dense, it is extremely light, so light that it floated in the air; I wonder who had needed it, they would have not sent such precious essence if someone does not need the essence fruit made out of it.

Soon, I was all able to fill the seventeen sections with the seventeen reserved essences, leaving seven sections to be filled with the metal essences that are from me.

All these essences are important to me, not only for me but also for the people I am close with. Gaining the essence fruits from them would go to help me extremely.

I filled them in sections one by one till only the last metal essence bottle remained in my hand. If anyone looked at me with a bottle, they would think I was holding a bottle containing drops of blood.

It is no blood but the essence of metal called sin emerium. It is a special metal that forms in place of great bloodbath and contains all the emotions of sin, including the killing, which is extremely dense in those drops.

I had sin const.i.tution before it was changed and could sense every element of sin continued in those essence drops.

Even for those who are familiar with it, these essence drops of sin emerium are dangerous. The slightest touch of it could make them mad, consumed in an emotion of sin.

Seeing the danger it possessed, I was very careful as I drooped in the last section.. I nearly held my breath while doing that and was only able to take a sigh of relief when I finally dropped the last drop of its essence into the section.


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