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The Fire started covering my body and at the same time swirls started to form on it, soon the armor nearly formed and only the stomach part remained to be covered and just as I started to cover it, the armor had collapsed.

I am not one bit of surprise seeing that, as this is my first time trying the complete Amor in reality, so it will take a little time but not much as I had already known its basics by practicing in the Mind Palace, now I had just to tweak a little bit before it completely formed on my body.

What I said holds true, after half an hour of constantly trying, I was finally able to form complete Swirling Armor on my body and started to spin its swirls to make it compact.

0.9 inches, that is how compact I was able to make my armor, it had thickened one 0.1 inches than before. I wanted to make it compact even more but I couldn’t.

The boost in my that Lieutenant stage has given me quite substantially, so it is quite difficult to press out all that fire created by mana and it will only get harder as with every level up.

Seeing the Armor is not getting compact, I left it to that and started to do practice with my sword, to get used to my new strength and Armor.

I am not only trying to get used to my new strength but I am also trying to simplify the moves I used, I wanted to make them as simple as possible as I saw them in that memory present in the potion particle.

I know it is impossible to simplify my moves in an hour as it will take a month to do that, I am still doing it as I feel it will be much help to me in the next to tests.

“The Second Test Will Start In Half An Hour.”

Sometime later, I heard the voice from the palace and golden hourgla.s.s appeared in the room, taking one glance at the hourgla.s.s I continued practicing. I will have to get used to my new power as quickly as possible, as in the next test I will need all the strength I could get.

As I practiced with my complete Swirling Armor, I found I was able to do many interesting things I couldn’t before, some of these things were surprising while were shocking.

And these were the only things I was able to find out if I had the time and more s.p.a.ce, I would have been able to find out more things about this Complete Swirling Armor of mine.

I stopped practicing when there were only five minutes until the test started and closed my eyes for the rest. It has been more than one full day and I haven’t slept for a minute. I am feeling a little tired but I squashed it down, there is no time to rest.

One test is over and there is still today and tomorrow and I don’t think I will get any sleep in these two days either.

“The Second Test Will Start Now.””You Have One Minuit To Enter The Door.” said the voice.

When I opened my eyes, I found a beautiful golden door in front of me, I put on the mask and without hesitation walked inside the door.

When I walked to the other side, I found myself standing on the gigantic disk and around me, people could be seen coming out of the Golden doors.


This gigantic disk is the arena, where there will be battle Royal fought between a thousand people and that battle will last till only 100 people have remained in each arena.

There are a total of ten arenas for ten thousand people, I could see other arenas floating in the Dark s.p.a.ce of the palace.

A numeric 1 could be seen floating above my head, like last it denotes the points I have, this time also there is a division of reward and my target is Top 100, it will be very hard as there will be ten thousand people fighting for it.

Previously I wouldn’t have the confidence to gain the spot in the top 100 but now I have, as long as I try hard, I will be able to get the spot into it.

Unlike the last Test, there is one difference and that is that we are not fighting in any Illusionary world, this the reality but people will not die in this test as once the attack they are receiving is fatal to them, they will be transported out.

Soon all the thousands of people have transported into the giant disk and now we are looking at each other with our weapons ready, as soon as the voice sounded, everyone would start attacking each other like crazy.

“Let The Battle Royal Commence!” the voice boomed across the dark s.p.a.ce, in the first second n.o.body moved but as the second pa.s.sed everyone moved toward each other with the intention to kill.


I activated a mini blast and I shot through like a rocket, this is the highest speed I’ve ever been, it is many times more than the power blast I used to get into the Garden.

I had expected something like this to happen and intentionally used the minimum power for the mini blast but I still got this blurring speed, though the speed is great I am able to control it albeit barely.


I swung my sword at the first thing I have come across, to my disappointment it was human, I would have preferred to eliminate the Grimm monster rather fellow but I still slashed my sword across his neck because I needed to.

I want to rank within the 100 in the ten arenas and for that, I will have to kill whatever I come across, be it Grimm monster or human, I will kill it as long as it gives me the points.

My sword cut across his neck and I thought I had really killed him when the next moment I saw his projection shatter before disappearing, I heaved a sigh of relief.

In this test everything is real, even if the person is transported, the energy projection will replace its place and give one the feeling of killing the real person.

My speed hadn’t slowed down even a bit after finis.h.i.+ng the first opponent and I moved forward and came across another opponent just second after killing first.

It was the Grimm monster and it was very surprising seeing me coming at it with blurring speed, it lifted its weapon for defense but it was too slow, as it had just lifted its ax for inch when slashed my sword across its body.

The move is not the flashy one, there is no feint hidden, it is just a simple slash and it had done the work, it had cut the Grimm monster in two.

Pacha Pacha Pacha!

I kept killing one after another but it is not indiscriminate, I am only killing those who are weak as for those who could defend against me for one or more move, I am leaving them for later.


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