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“How many are they?” Kyla sometimes asked later, “There are seven, I will handle two, you will handle four, and while Alex, Ronny, and Stephen will handle three.” I said.

I already know they will say yes to the fight, we have rarely come across such a team of Grimm monsters which are very challenging to us.

“These monsters are more powerful than any Grimm monsters we have ever fought, so be careful.” I cautioned, all of them turned serious and lost into their thoughts for a few seconds.

“It’s been a few hours since we have fought the real challenging Battle, fighting them before we leave the forest would be amazing!” said Alex, “So, are we fighting these groups of Grimm monsters?” I asked.

I know they want to fight, but I still asked them to make sure they are a hundred percent on this, as this fight will have the real risk of death, and I don’t want to take them to their death without their consent.

“Of course we want to fight such Grimm monsters,” Alex replied while Kayla and others nodded in affirmation.

“Since all of you are sure, then let’s go,” I said, and we began to move toward the Direction of the Grimm monsters; I even called back Ashlyn, who was roaming around in search of the Origin water.

It is going to be a very dangerous battle that even I can’t guarantee my own life, much less of my team, so I called her in case someone needs rescue.

We moved at a swift speed and soon appeared in front of Grimm monsters, seeing us appearing in front of the Grimm monsters stopped.

These Grimm monsters are from the Copper Armored Rhinoman Tribe; they looked like Rhinoman that had their full-body clad in the Armor Copper. The Armor looked amazing on the Grimm monsters, but it is not just beautiful, but it had a terrifying defensive ability that even I will have to work hard to breach its Armor.

These Grimm monsters not only have a terrifying defense but also have innate strength that all Rhinomen poses, which makes dealing with them very difficult.

“Mates, since these friends have come, be sure to service them properly till they feel satisfied.” said the leader of Rhinoman as without wasting any time.

They came at us with their large blades; These blades are two and a half meters long and wider than my chest, they looked like fearsome weapons which have the power cleaving anything into two.

Seeing them coming toward me, I did not waste any time and summoned my swirling Armor. These Grimm monsters possess the fearsome might, especially the two Grimm monsters who had reached the full Peak of One Star Elite, if they go further than that, then they would become Two-star silver Elites.


As soon as the swirling Armor completely appeared on my body, I immediately activated the mini blast and seemed to be next to them, this surprised the two Grimm monsters a little, but that did not impede their actions seconds as they moved their big arms and two cleavers like blades came at me, wanting to cleave in half.

I had sensed their fearsome power, but I still shudder when I looked at the two giant cleavers coming at me.

I took the full advantage of my small size and big blades and dodge; I had planned to dodge the both of blades but, I was only able to dodge one as other Grimm monster had changed the trajectory of its Blade that I had no choice but perform a counter if I did not then, my head would fly in the air very next second.


Puh Puh Puh…

As our blades crashed, I shot back, I did not take a step back but shot back while puking s.h.i.+tload of blood, if my for me sensing the power of the blow and immediately activating the mini blast that helped me altered the trajectory of my shoot, I would have crashed against heavily against the several trees, and that would have been bad for the mult.i.tude of reasons.

Seeing me shooting through sky, the Grimm monster flew into the air and came at me; by that time, I had already stabilized myself in there.


I activated mini blast again without care to wipe out the blood that was leaking from my mouth; these monsters had excited me very much. It had been quite a while since I flow out like cannonball with the attack of Grimm monsters.

Seeing me coming towards them, the Grimm monsters again swung their sword at me.

After getting the first-hand experience of their power earlier, I am a lot more cautious, last time that monsters had sneakily changed the Direction of its Blade toward my neck, if not for my quicky counter attack, I would have been dead by now.


As I appeared in front of them, I immediately crouched down and swung my sword toward the Blade, which was coming at my legs.

This move may seem easy, but it is extremely hard, crouching down in the air took a lot of skill control as I only have second in the air, if I did not take another step, then I would fall down, and the monster would get a chance to attack me.


My sword clashed against the Blade of the Grimm monster and felt the same force as before but this time, I was prepared to deal with, so just as our weapons clashed, I used to the force of the clash to move back instead resisting on my own which solved the half the force of the clash while the other half bore by the Swirling Armor.

While the body bore the remaining force that entered my body, so in this clash, I did not receive any injuries. If I had forcefully resisted it, then the injuries I would have received would be graver than the last time.

As I was flying back, the two Grimm monsters came at me with their highest speed, their mood is extremely serious and their killing intent raging high, seeing that I didn’t what came over me, but I moved my hand and waved at them.

“b.a.s.t.a.r.d!” Both of them shouted unison, seeing my gesture and came at me with even more power. Seeing the look of extreme anger appearing, their eyes and killing even soured further.

I got very confused with their behavior; it was just a wave from me, maximum there would have gotten slightly angry, thinking this is a mocking gesture, but extreme rage and souring killing intents seemed little too excessive even from the Grimm monsters.

This wave must have meant something to their tribe, I have read that many Grimm monster tribes have strange customs and traditions and this wave must have meant something offensive.

Micheal though right, in the Copper Armored Rhinomans tribe, waving a hand is considered grave respect to their tribal totem, which they revered.

Well, I dont care what they think, the only thing I care about is killing them and that I am going to do.


With that thought, I forcefully stabilized myself seeing my speed decreasing and activated mini blast to meet them head-on.


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