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Chapter 927 – Entering In The Battle

With the lead of Elton and I, our team slowly flew out of Suit, like us, other teams also came out with the lead of Admantines and Diamonds.

Soon our teams converged, and thirteen Diamonds took the lead with the forefront being the Girl in high heels who had been leading the meetings for the past two days.

We slowly float over the battle, which is raging in full momentum; both of the battles have no change by our entry. They just took a glance at us before they continued with their fight.

I took a deep breath as I came above the battle, breaking in the heavy killing intent that is lingering in the air. It is intoxicating, heaviest I’ve ever felt. Silver Elites and above are only fighting this battle, and killing intent, they will release would also be dense.

Breathing in such a killing intent, I started to feel l.u.s.t for the battle. If not for all-powerful people around me, I would have shot toward where the Diamond Elites are fighting.

A minute after we left our suites, we saw the Grimm Monster we are supposed to fight, and when I looked at their numbers, I was quite surprised as their numbers are four times higher than us.

Seeing such numbers, everyone’s expressions had changed, but no fear could be seen on it. All of the people here are highly experienced; most of the missions they have done until now had higher Grimm Monsters than their numbers.

So, they are not much worried, even if these Grimm Monsters coming were the Elitest of Elite, they will still fight against them without fear. Though there is no fear in their heart, they are extremely cautious.

They know anything could happen in such a fight, it is better to be cautious and ready, and it is due to this att.i.tude, their eyes scanning every direction too if there is no other team that is coming toward us.

Both of the teams flew toward each other and stopped when they are five hundred meters from each other; we did not speak. We just looked at each other intently with a fighting spirit in our eyes.

Seeing the Grimm Monsters in front of me, I took out the pitch-black Greatsword from my storage. I did not immediately activate my Phantom Method as I don’t know how long this staring contest could go.

There is a record of such a staring contest lasting for more than seven hours, and at last, those teams hadn’t fought, they just issued the retreat, so I will only summon my Armor when the fight started.


The staring contest continued for more than ten minutes before the leading Bullman who had a fearsome aura, which felt even more fearsome than the girls in high heels shouted attack and led its people toward us.

Our leader did not back down either; she also shouted the attack and led us toward the Grimm Monster. Seeing the battle about being started, I did not waste time and summoned my Armor like others summoned my methods.

When I summoned my Armor, I caught the eyes of many people. They were quite surprised to see me in the Phantom Armor as it is super rare, people rarely get to see such extremely rare methods.

Not only I’ve caught the eyes of many humans but also that of many Grimm Monsters. Many diamonds looked at me, but so also Platinums and Admantines, fearing that some crazy Grimm Adamantine might attack me, I kept FeatherLight energy on the bay to be used instantly.

Soon we reached close to each other, and I found seven Grimm Monsters coming toward me. In them, the three were Seven Star Diamonds; one was Six Star Diamond, while the other three were Four Star Diamonds.

I was really confused seeing the Four Star Diamond, are they idiot or something to come at me, I may be four Star Diamond, but I am wearing Phantom Armor defeating such an opponent is way out of their league.

Sup Sup Sup

They probably want to take a bite at me probably when I am busy with fighting, but unfortunately, they will never have such a chance, I thought with laugh as I threw three knives which were coated with the energy of the Armor.

Puchi Puchi Puch

The three knives were extremely fast, that before three Seven Star Diamond could help defend, they already pierced through the skull of the thee Four Star Diamond.

The Seven Star Elite would have been able to save their comrades, I only used a little bit of Armors energy on the knives, but they have not taken my knives seriously thing Four Star Diamonds would handle them on there but second later realized how wrong they were and moved to save Four Star Diamonds but that time it had become too late for them.


Said the lead snakeman, with the three dead now, there are only four Grimm Monsters remaining, the three Seven Star Elites were white Snakemen.

At the same time, the lone Six Star Diamond is Scarlet Lionman, all Grimm Monster had height over 6 meters, but compared to White Snakemens slender built, the Scarlet Lionman was bulky and held red Warhammer which is the same height as it.

The Grimm Monster did not attack me on impulse. They just cursed at me and started surrounding me with cruel smiles on their faces, “b.a.s.t.a.r.d, you had killed one of our own, now pay the price for that with your life.” Said the lead White Snakeman as it came at me with Scarlet Lionman.

Both of them came at me using their speed skill while the other two Seven Star Diamond Snakemen attacked me with the Long-range attack.

This kind of attack is full proof and very hard to avoid as I am being attacked by the three Seven Star Diamonds, which are peak Diamonds Powerhouse and the Six Star Diamond they all are very powerful Diamond powerhouses.

But I have no fear against them; I even smiled at the Two Grimm Monsters coming toward me when the attacks were just meters ahead of me and then suddenly I moved two steps back at the speed that seemed blurry to even Seven Star Diamond Snakemen which made perfectly avoid the two attacks with inches difference.

The Armor is not just for the show, it is very powerful and does lots of stuff like the speed I moved back with, it’s all the power of Armor and nothing else.

The Two Grimm Monsters who were coming at me were shocked by my exquisite dodge, but that did not deter them from coming at me; they became even more resolute in killing me.


Two of them shouted together as they attacked me on two sides, their attack was not a normal attack but of the method power.

The Snakeman activated its Strength Type method while Scarlet Lionmen activated a powerful method which covered its ax in threatening-looking blacks smoke.

I let the two attacks come closer to me, and when their attack was hand distance from me, I moved forward three steps to dodge the attack of snakemen and appeared right in front of the Scarlet lionman’s attacks which let out cruel laughter seeing I had fallen into its trap.


But that exact moment, I crouched down at impossible speed to avoid the attack and avoided its ax by hair breath and swung my sword vertically at an invisible speed and cut the Scarlet lionman into two pieces before it realized what happened.


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