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Chapter 206: Master Huo Is A Delicate Flower

At that moment, the store manager opposite heard the noise and wandered over to check what the commotion was about. As soon as he saw Tang Xinrou, he was shocked. “Miss Tang, what are you doing here? What happened?”

Miss Tang?

The store opposite had been opened for several years. It was a famous luxury store with many regular customers; Tang Xinrou was one of them.

But due to the fact that Song Yaoyao had been holding her back to study, Tang Xinrou didn’t even get the chance to skip cla.s.s, let alone go shopping.

When she heard her name, Tang Xinrou smiled. “It’s nothing. A small-time influencer is just doubting me and saying that I can’t afford to buy her clothes.”


The store manager laughed. “Is there anything that you can’t afford in this mall?”

The crowd began to chatter.

Most of these people didn’t know who Tang Xinrou was, so they wondered what this young girl’s background was.

Han Feifei frowned as someone helped her up. Gritting her teeth, she asked, “What right do you have to discriminate against me? I may not be clean, but how clean can you be?”

She had attended many socialite parties, but she had never seen these two girls before.


The store manager from opposite looked at Han Feifei like he was staring at a fool. “Miss Han, not everyone in this world relies on their body to climb up the social ladder.”

“Ha…she’s your customer, so it’s normal for you to speak up for her.”

“What’s happening over here? What’s the commotion? Where are the security guards? Are you just standing around and watching?”

At that moment, a male voice could be heard coming from outside.

Judging by his tone, he seemed to be someone with authority.

As expected, Han Feifei’s eyes lit up when she heard the voice. She then twisted her hip and pounced toward the man.

Her voice was unbelievably coquettish. “Honey! Someone’s trying to ruin my store! Look at my face, huhuhu, I can’t be seen in public anymore! You need to get justice for me!”

“Wow!” Tang Xinrou shook Song Yaoyao’s hand excitedly. “Yaoyao, isn’t this scene familiar?”

Song Yaoyao yawned. “Huh?”

“This is a typical scene from a novel!” Tang Xinrou rolled her eyes in disdain. “Don’t you know? Hehe. But if they dare to bully you, you can tell your Gege to come here and destroy them!”

She giggled like a fool.

A moment ago, she had a tough exterior. Now that she was giggling, her intimidating aura immediately disappeared.

“Huh? Bully me? Are you serious?” Song glanced sideways in a dumbfounded manner. “I can destroy them with one hand. I don’t need Gege for things like this!”

Her Gege was only responsible for looking good. She could handle this rough stuff on her own!

Tang Xinrou: “…”

Precious, are you treating Mr. Huo like a delicate flower?

Have you forgotten that he’s not human when he gets fierce?

“Ahem…so arrogant,” Shen Wenxuan cleared his throat as his eyes wandered toward the approaching people. The person leading the way was wearing a business suit with gold-framed, looking very respectable. Following behind were three male and two female a.s.sistants. What a presence.

“That’s right! They even hit me! Look!”

Han Feifei stomped her feet as she began to sound more and more coquettish.

“Ohhh, don’t worry, I will definitely get justice for you, okay?” Shen Wenxuan noticed that the girl didn’t look at him at all; her attention was on the tablet in her hand. He sighed and patted Han Feifei on the back comfortingly.

“That’s more like it! Over there! That’s them!” Han Feifei humphed. “Not only did these b*tches say that my clothes are bad quality, they even threatened to ruin my store.” Moreover, they suggested that I’m selling myself!”


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