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Chapter 305: Did You Do Something Against Your Conscience?

No matter how Song Yaoyao tried, she could not connect to the novel website again.

Song Yaoyao was in a bad mood.

After rolling around for half an hour, she finally fell asleep.

But, no matter how late she slept, her body clock naturally woke her up at 6am. She stretched and yawned before she pulled open the curtains.

Outside, a youngster covered in morning dew stepped out the front door right at that time dressed in athletics gear, and he proceeded to jog down the path outside.

This property was really big. The ginkgo trees in the back were now bare and covered in a layer of snow.

As Song Yaoyao stared out the window, she was suddenly reminded of her recent attempt to steal a kiss from Huo Yunque and how she was caught in the act.

The temperature of her cheeks increased.

Song Yaoyao pouted. Sometimes, she didn’t understand that man. Did he have feelings for her or not?

And what kind of feelings were they?

Huo Ningxi sensed someone looking at him. As he jogged, his eyes drifted to where he felt the gaze coming from and happened to see a delicate figure move away from the window.

His footsteps slowed down and a strange look appeared in his eyes.

He suddenly thought about the words that Song Jingwan had told him.

“Yaoyao loves denying how she truly feels…”

Was that true?

He had no idea that Song Yaoyao was simply taking a breath of fresh air.

She wandered into the bathroom in a daze, brushed her teeth, and washed her face. As the icy cold water hit her face, she finally woke up a little.

Today’s schedule was to meet with Yun Shuihan.

She thought for a bit and called Tang Xinrou to accompany her.

During breakfast, Huo Ningxi’s gaze continuously swept across Song Yaoyao. Song Yaoyao pretended not to see him. But by allowing him to do this, he grew braver and braver, and started staring straight at her.

Song Yaoyao furrowed her brows and looked at him.

Like a criminal, he quickly looked away.

Song Yaoyao was curious, “Huo Ningxi, is something wrong?”


“Oh?” Song Yaoyao immediately sped up her eating. “Then stop looking at me.”

Huo Ningxi took a bitr of prawn dumpling. “If you didn’t look at me, how did you know I was looking at you?” he responded childishly.

Song Yaoyao shrugged. “Take your time eating. I’m leaving.”


Huo Ningxi panicked. “You’re going out again? Where are you going? I want to go too…”

Song Yaoyao ignored him as she led Huo Jiu out without turning back.

Huo Ningxi wanted to chase after her but Uncle Zhang stopped him.

“Young Master, Master Huo instructed that from now on, apart from mandatory, a private teacher will also teach you financial management. The teacher should arrive at 8. Hurry and get ready.” “I…”

Huo Ningxi gritted his teeth. “Uncle Zhang, are you doing this on purpose?”

“Oh…” Uncle Zhang was surprised as he looked at him confusedly. ” Young Master, what are you talking about? What do you mean I did it on purpose? The Master organized all this, and he’s doing it for your own good!”

His surprise and confusion were perfect; he didn’t expose anything at all.

But, no matter how unhappy he was, Huo Ningxi could only watch as Song Yaoyao boarded the car outside, and was driven out the main gates.

He was furious!

Inside the car.

Song Yaoyao played with her phone as she looked at Huo Jiu via the rearview mirror.

She narrowed her eyes gently; her gaze was deep for someone of her age.

“Huo Jiu, did you do something against your conscience?”


Huo Jiu coughed hard. As he choked, he pretended to be surprised. “Huh? What are you talking about, Miss Song?”

He blinked and turned around to look at Song Yaoyao.

Written all over his face were the words, ‘I’m innocent and naive. I didn’t do anything.’


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