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Chapter 362: The Store Is Yours

Xu Weiqing sneered. “So much talk!”

She grabbed her bag and started heading out. Just as she took one step outside, there was a loud thump. Xu Weiqing was tripped by the door and fell to the ground, unable to get back up.

Manager w.a.n.g’s eyes twitched. There was slight fear as she looked at Song Yaoyao.

At this moment, Huo Jiu walked in holding a black card and placed it on the counter.

He then bowed at Song Yaoyao. “Sorry, Miss Song, I was late. I was talking to the owner of this store, so there was a slight delay,” he said gently. “But you don’t need to worry now. From now on, this store is yours.”

“Huh?” Song Yaoyao tilted her head. “What did you do?”

Huo Jiu grinned. “I didn’t do much. I simply revealed a little to the Master, and he decided to buy the store for you.”

Xu Weiqing who had just climbed back on her feet started laughing. “He bought it? You make it sound so easy. Do you think we’re in a television drama?”

Just as she said this, Manager w.a.n.g’s phone rang. She picked it up and quickly said something.

She then bowed at Song Yaoyao with the other shop a.s.sistants.

“h.e.l.lo, Boss!” they said loudly.

Xu Weiqing almost coughed up blood. Skin had been sc.r.a.ped off her palms and knees, but it meant nothing compared to her shock.

Tang Xinrou laughed smugly.

“Hahahaha! Yaoyao, congratulations, you’re a boss now~~”

Song Yaoyao was speechless. Her eyes curved and sparkled like stars.

Her dimples sunk deep into her cheeks. “Why did Gege suddenly…”

Her voice sweetened a lot; not because of the store, but because of the thought.

Huo Jiu never forgot what Uncle Zhang had reminded him: to do whatever he could to gain extra points for the Master.

So, he handed the black card to Song Yaoyao.

“Miss Song, this is from the Master. I’m not sure how much money is inside, but I know this is his main card!”

Quick, be moved by this!

Song Yaoyao held onto the black card. It felt a little hot to hold.

She thought about the antiques in Huo Manor. Every single one was extremely valuable. Apparently, the Huos still had a huge storage unit of items like this. According to Uncle Zhang, the fan in the greenhouse was also retrieved from there.

He even told her she could visit the unit and take whatever she wanted. Otherwise, they were just gathering dust.

Song Yaoyao was already rich in her last life, but compared to the Huos…

Forget about it, she was not going to compare.

They were incomparable.

Xu Weiqing couldn’t listen anymore. Her face was burning like she had been slapped several times in the face as she left unhappily.

But Tang Xinrou did not forget to raise her voice and remind her, “Miss Xu, don’t worry, we don’t hold grudges! When we get new stock, remember to show your support!!”

Xu Weiqing stumbled a little and almost tripped.

She rolled her eyes in anger. Support my *ss! From today onward, this store was in her blacklist!

She’d rather die than give this brat money!

The shop a.s.sistants were in a panic, unsure how to face their new boss.

As they stared at her, Song Yaoyao quietly put the card away. She decided to return it to Huo Yunque when she saw him later that night.

She didn’t need this much money.

“Boss, should we wrap this dress up for you?”

Tang Xinrou glanced sideways. “Yes. Do you finally know you’re talking to the boss? Earlier on, we clearly tried the dress on first, yet you agreed to that strange bidding war just because you didn’t want to offend the other party.”


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