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Chapter 7: Yaoyao’s Lost Her Mind

Translator: Yunyi

Huo Ningxi pursed his lips and looked at the leisurely Song Yaoyao. He wanted to question her, but before he took a step forward, the phone in his pocket rang.

He looked at the caller ID, sighed, and stepped to the side to answer it.

“h.e.l.lo? Jingwan? Why are you calling me so late at night?”

“Ningxi! Can you come here for a bit? I’m really scared. Please come and keep me company! Huhu…”

As soon as the phone connected, he could hear Song Jingwan crying in fear on the other side. Huo Ningxi was a little shocked. From memory, Song Jingwan had always been graceful and refined. It was rare to see her break down in tears.

Something must have happened to her. Huo Ningxi lifted his legs and started walking toward the girl’s room. As he walked, he said in a deep voice, “Wait for me. I’ll be right there!”

A few minutes later, Huo Ningxi stood outside Song Jingwan’s door, raised his hand, and started knocking on it. In an instant, the door was opened and a pet.i.te figure quickly pounced into his arms.

“Huhuhu, Ningxi, you’re finally here! Do you know what happened? Yaoyao’s lost her mind! She tried to kill me!”

Song Yaoyao had no idea how Song Jingwan slandered her behind her back. Of course, even if she knew, she wouldn’t care. In fact, she would be glad to see it happen.

Toward this so-called ‘fiance’, not only did she have no feelings, she was inexplicably disgusted by him because of the original owner of her body.

She finished her dinner beautifully and finally felt alive again.

When she returned, she went to find the manager of the resort and asked for a new room. That night, she slept in this new room and had a night of sweet dreams.

The next day was a bright and sunny day. It was also the day that they were returning to the Song Family Home.

Song Yaoyao changed into a new set of clothes and went to pack her luggage in the other room. After that, she slowly made her way to the restaurant.

Upon seeing her, Song Jingwan’s pupils constricted and she immediately leaned toward Huo Ningxi in fear.

They looked so affectionate that those that didn’t know them would think that they were actually a pair.

Song Yaoyao’s eyes curved and she smiled sweetly as she waved at Song Jingwan and greeted her. “Sis, good morning~”

She put down her luggage and went to sit opposite Song Jingwan before she asked a waiter for a bowl of congee. She then rested her head on her hands and admired Song Jingwan’s pale complexion. “Sis, you don’t look too well. Are you sick?” she asked in concern.

“Ningxi…” Song Jingwan said with her nasally voice as she tugged on Huo Ningxi’s sleeve.

Huo Ningxi narrowed his eyes and secretly a.n.a.lyzed Song Yaoyao. However, he discovered that her expression seemed normal. Apart from talking and smiling a little more than usual, she did not look evil or cruel at all.

But…Jingwan had told him that Song Yaoyao wanted to kill her…

With her cowardly personality, would she dare to do that?

Huo Ningxi didn’t completely believe Song Jingwan. But while he was hesitating, Song Jingwan’s best friend, who was sitting on the other side of her, began to say in an unfriendly tone, “Song Yaoyao, do you think your family will pay attention to you if Jingwan dies? Stop dreaming! Even without Jingwan, Auntie and Uncle won’t like you! That’s your fate!”

Huo Ningxi furrowed his brows.

“Fate?” Song Yaoyao held back a smile as she looked at Song Jingwan with a hurt expression. “Is that what you think of me as well? Did you tell everyone that I tried to kill you and replace you? How does that benefit me? If that’s the case, can I also say that I fell into the pool last night because you pushed me?”

“Yaoyao, how can you think of me like that?” Song Jingwan immediately interrupted in a panic.


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