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Chapter 164: Ugly and Stupid

Mrs. Gu was about to say something when she heard the name of Lord Huai. Her face changed and she had to swallow down whatever she was about to say.

She was about to interrogate Gu Chaoyan as she glared at Gu Chaoyan fiercely with her small pairs of eyes, but Madame Gu’s aged voice arose. “What is going on? Why are the Gu Family’s stores related to Lord Huai?”

Those managers suddenly got silenced when they heard the word Lord Huai. They cringed subconsciously.

They would not even dare to accept the justice, even if Mrs. Gu wanted to seek it from Lord Huai. Lord Huai was famous for being cruel. He even cut off the arm of the daughter of the minister! They needed to live. They were just ordinary people who would never irritate Lord Huai.

Some managers exchanged a look with each other. They even started to think about sneaking away.

However, no one cared what they were thinking at the moment.

Madame Gu was thinking about Lord Huai as she gazed at Gu Chaoyan fixedly.

If Lord Huai was willing to accept some bribes and then offer a good job to Zhenkang, Yunxuan or Yunhe, she could leave this matter.

Money was never as important as an official position for the Gu Family.

With hands tightly clenched, Madame Gu was waiting for Gu Chaoyan to spill out whatever Lord Huai had promised.

“The stores were sold to Lord Huai!” Gu Chaoyan said calmly.

“What?!” Madame Gu shouted. “They were sold?!”

Just sold?!

Madame Gu clicked her cane. “What a terrible deed!”

“What are you messing around!” Gu Zhenkang’s furious voice arose not far away.

He just got the message from Chen Fu and hurried in, fearing that something terrible would happen, but what greeted his ears was such a terrible thing.

Gu Zhenkang got so angry that his face turned red!

Those stores were the most valuable things among Mrs. Lin’s dowries.

Those stores on Chang’an streets were able to guarantee the whole Gu Family would be able to splurge throughout their entire life, even if they achieved nothing in their career. But this G.o.dd.a.m.n girl sold them all. It made him extremely angry!

In the past, the reason why he, a literati would marry a daughter of a business family… was because of these stores! Only because of these stores! And now they were sold!

No wonder she was the daughter born by the b.i.t.c.h, a totally stupid girl! She was causing her father trouble!

He was so humiliated in front of his peers because of whom he had married. Everyone laughed at him for marrying the daughter of a business family, but now, her little b.i.t.c.h was causing him trouble again, and the Gu Mansion’s properties!

Gu Zhenkang was extremely furious! He took a few steps forward and raised his hand.

With a loud slapping sound… the whole front yard fell silent.

Redness arose on Gu Chaoyan’s left cheek. She did not move, but straightened her back. With her eyes upon Gu Zhenkang, she said coldly, “Hopefully, you won’t regret what you have done today.”

Sword One looked at Gu Chaoyan with a worried look on her face. She had tried to stop the move, but her Miss pulled her away.

“Regret?” Gu Zhenkang sneered. He was never going to regret a thing. “You are the daughter of a business family. You are never going to achieve anything that makes me regret.”

“Oh well, I don’t have a stupid and ugly daughter like you. Ruxue is my daughter, not you!”


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