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Chapter 495: Pa.s.sing By

The maid in the room saw the scene, stepped forward and stood in front of Third Concubine, so the water was splashed all over the maid instead.

Instead of showing a look of sympathy, Gu Xiuying dashed off angrily.

Third Concubine sighed and looked at the maid. “You did not have to. Go and get changed.”

As she finished saying these words, nothing more was said.

She was slightly displeased. The teacup should have landed upon her, so that she could examine herself.

Xiuying had already had a difficult time, and she should not have come up with such ideas for her. If her ideas worked, why would she just stay as a concubine till this point?


At the Min Mansion.

Zheng Chenyi had not had the intention of going to the Min Mansion, but his strategist told him that all the ladies of the Gu Family had been there. So he hurried to the Min Mansion.

He still had The Saint Divine Anecdotes with him, as he kept thinking about Elder Miss of the Gu Family – the book had not been returned to her, and when it was, he would not possibly have much to wonder about. Everything would be back to normal. So he was seeking an opportunity to return the book.

When Young Duke arrived, everyone from the Min Mansion showed politeness.

Madame Min said, “We did invite your mother, but she has got sick. What a pity. Luckily you are here.”

Zheng Chenyi was not at all thinking about the banquet. He nodded casually and looked about.

The n.o.ble ladies lowered their heads bashfully, but hoped that Young Duke could take a look at them at the same time.

Duke North pa.s.sed away ages ago, and he had only one son. It was time for Young Duke to take over the position, so those ladies were all eager to become his wife.

Madame Min noticed Young Duke’s behavior, but she said nothing.

There were few people at his mansion whilst Mrs. Duke North was not doing well. It seemed Young Duke was old enough to worry about his marriage. So she decided to not invite him to the front yard.

“Young Duke, what about taking a seat here.” Madame Min said.

Zheng Chenyi glanced about. Chaoyan was not within sight.

Anxiously, he asked. “Isn’t Ms. Gu here?”

Could his strategist have made a mistake by hearing the message wrong?

Madame Min hesitated and then remembered which Ms. Gu the Young Duke was talking about.

She thought for a while and said, “They were here, but Mrs. Gu said that they still had something to do back at home, so they went away. You are a bit late, Young Duke.”

Zheng Chenyi looked saddened. He kept thinking about what Madame Min said, “Young Duke, you are a bit late.”

He was late… He was already late when meeting Chaoyan. She already had Lord Huai for herself.

When he went to the Gu Family the other day wanting to return the book, the housekeeper said that she had just gone to Saint College and he was again late.

Now he was here when she was gone again.

Why? Why was he always a bit late?

What he wanted was to meet her, just once, so he could give The Saint Divine Anecdotes back to her. Why was he always a bit late? Why?

He just did not get it! Why was he treated so terribly?

Zheng Chenyi showed a terrible look on his face.

That startled Madame Min. What was going on with Young Duke?

“Are you alright, Young Duke?” Madame Min asked worriedly.


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