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Chapter 5: How Dare You?

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The words had just been uttered when Gu Xiuying’s face turned pale and colorless. Both the Prince and Lord Huai were here. Moreover, Lord Huai was a n.o.ble ent.i.ty. How dare this wretched Gu Chaoyan talk to her like this in front of them? How would she be able to maintain her image as a poised lady in the future? She regretted not having left her to die at the bottom of the lake the other day.


Gu Ruxue pointed at Gu Chaoyan and was about to scold her when Lord Huai stood up and said with slight impatience, “Since the Prince has already completed the annulment process, I am going to take my leave now. I have other things to deal with. Bye.”

Having said the words, he got up, not allowing anyone to get close to him.

Guards dressed in black uniforms followed him, whilst others bent down respectfully to see him off. No one would care about the miffed Gu Ruxue when Lord Huai announced his departure.

A man with such a high status as Lord Huai came to the Gu Mansion for the first time. Obviously, everyone in the house had to extol him to the sky, fearing that the slightest carelessness would irk him.

Gu Chaoyan understood the situation perfectly. She stepped aside, leaving ample s.p.a.ce for him to pa.s.s by.

Dressed in a white outfit, Lord Huai looked even more imposing up close. He slowed down his steps as he reached her. After showing a half-smile momentarily, which could only be seen by Gu Chaoyan, he regained his cold aura and went away.

Gu Chaoyan was confused.

What was Lord Huai smiling at her for? Was she that funny? Could she have gotten something on her face? Gu Chaoyan touched her cheeks carefully but found nothing amiss.

She shook her head. She was not in the mood to care about these small trivialities at this juncture.

She was not inclined to linger on here any longer. She suspected that no one in the entire Gu Mansion would want her to be here anyways. She didn’t like any of them either, so she decided to return to the Qiong Pavilion with Qing.

But she had just turned when a furious voice arose from behind.


Gu Chaoyan looked up and saw Gu Zhenkang standing in front of her. He had just seen off Lord Huai and returned.

“What else do you need, father?” Gu Chaoyan’s tone sounded cold. Her head was slightly lowered, but her voice held no affection.

With his teeth clenched, Gu Zhenkang glared at Gu Chaoyan fiercely.

He had approved of the engagement cancellation because the Prince, the son of Duke Changning, was never going to marry a girl whose mother had been a businesswoman. Worse was that this girl did not possess even the basic manners. He could have solved the affair easily and smoothly, but this b.i.t.c.h caused a great deal of trouble in the end.

It did not matter if she was laughed at by the world. But it made a huge difference when the Gu Mansion was dragged along in the mud because of her.


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