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Chapter 533: Full House

Even these people had started expressing their grat.i.tude toward Lin Jin. In fact, more than half of the exciting rumors about Lin Jin were spread by Yang Ming’s pupils.

This was why before Appraiser Lin’s public lecture even began, the hall was already packed full of students.

That’s right. There wasn’t even an empty seat left.

After the morning lecture ended, students began filing into the hall to secure good seats for Lin Jin’s lecture, which was supposed to be held in the afternoon.

Since it was a public cla.s.s, everyone was allowed to join the lesson and most came after hearing of Lin Jin’s reputation. After midday, when everyone had their lunch, many people realized that a sizeable portion of seats was occupied by a.s.sistant lecturers.

Being Rank 3 appraisers, a.s.sistant lecturers rarely attended public unless the speaker was someone like Mr. Zhong.

Later on, the students on duty noticed that even the Rank 4 lecturers had come to attend Lin Jin’s lecture.

All seats were actually taken at this point, but since the teachers showed up, many students had no choice but to give up their seats. Hence, even if there was still some time before the lecture starts, First Lecture Hall was already packed.

Many people did not expect such a turnout.

On second thought, this wasn’t surprising at all, especially since Appraiser Yang had already made it clear that it was Appraiser Lin who saved him using his unique acupuncture technique known only to himself.

Lecturer Lin would be giving a talk on this very method, so only fools would skip such a cla.s.s.

Even if Lecturer Lin would only offer a few words of knowledge, it was enough to benefit many.

Moments pa.s.sed and someone gasped. The crowd turned to see Appraiser Yang entering the hall. Just yesterday, he couldn’t even stand on his own two feet. Now, he was striding confidently with an imposing demeanor.

Appraise Yang had a huge tiger following behind him.

This tiger was the one that Shang’er had caught in the mountains. It was the one who carried Yang Ming everywhere. Although Yang Ming was treated successfully by Lin Jin, and despite having gained a stronger physique, he did not forget about the tiger.

In the past, this Rank 2 tiger would have been worth nothing to the Rank 4 appraiser, Yang Ming. Now, he never even considered leaving it at all.

He wanted to reciprocate and raise the tiger’s rank.

It went without saying that Appraiser Yang would attend Lin Jin’s cla.s.s since he held the latter in extremely high regard. He also looked forward to learning about that phenomenal acupuncture technique as well.

At Peach Blossom House.

Even now, no one was allowed inside as Lin Jin continued his research. He had clearly forgotten about his cla.s.s and was still engrossed in ‘Body Recast, Psyche Refining Needle’.

Lin Jin had a strong basic understanding of the pulse-seeking technique, which even allowed him to figure out the ‘coiled-wire needle’. Thanks to this, he was able to a.s.similate this new technique quickly.

The Body Recast, Psyche Refining Needle was divided into four main realms and Lin Jin took only one night to break through to the first realm.

His speed was rapid compared to the average person. Even if he was replaced by a prodigy, success may be impossible unless they kept working at it for months on end.

Some people may not even achieve a single breakthrough in three to five years.

By now, the noon lecture should have already started.

Shang’er wanted to remind him as she knew Lin Jin well enough to know he had forgotten about it. If she didn’t speak up now, Lin Jin might just reprimand her when he regained his senses later on.

Shu Xiaolou was against disturbing him since she couldn’t care less about the public lecture. Nevertheless, she compromised.

She would never have compromised, had it not been for what Shang’er said. It was Lin Jin who promised a cla.s.s, so if he forgot, they should remind him or he would surely get angry at them.

Shu Xiaolou figured it made sense. If Lin Jin were to get angry at her for stopping Shang’er, how would she then be able to ask him about this new thing he was trying to understand?

She and Shang’er went over together to wake Lin Jin up.

Upon realizing the time, Lin Jin rushed over to the lecture hall. As the speaker, his tardiness would surely bring about shame. Lin Jin felt helpless for being too immersed in the Body Recast, Psyche Refining Needle that he actually forgot about serious business.

Cultivation could be practiced anytime but missing a cla.s.s he promised was unforgivable.

Fortunately, he was only a tad bit late.

When Lin Jin arrived at the First Lecture Hall, he was baffled.

This place was swarming with people.

The number of attendees was abnormal. He soon understood why when he noticed the lecturers who were attending his lecture.

Lin Jin even saw Zhong Zifeng and Shu Xiaolou standing in a corner, looking expectantly at him.

He also saw many unfamiliar faces.

“Looks like I won’t be able to get away without actually teaching them something original,” mumbled Lin Jin under his breath.

Speaking of which, the pulse-seeking technique no longer mattered much to him now. After all, he had this new Body Recast, Psyche Refining Needle that was of a higher level.

That being the case, it didn’t hurt to share some of the pulse-seeking technique’s core ideas. After all, even if regular students listened to his lecture, not all of them might be able to understand it.

Only worthy individuals with sufficient knowledge could truly profit from this lecture.

Lin Jin straightened up and the first thing he did was to salute the audience while apologizing for his tardiness. Then, without further ado, he began the lecture.

Lin Jin’s kick-off subject was the pulse-seeking technique’s ‘internal needle chapter’.

It was a formal topic. As the saying went, ‘when the connoisseur speaks, the depth of his knowledge is immediately revealed’. Seconds after Lin Jin spoke, the audience responded with varying reactions.

Many students wore blank looks, clearly confused.

As Lin Jin’s ‘internal needle chapter’ was quite a challenging topic, those with weaker foundations failed to comprehend what he was saying. On the other hand, students with profound knowledge grew excited as they scribbled out their notes.

They knew full well that Lecturer Lin was sharing distilled original information. Even if there were parts they didn’t understand, they had to record it down to slowly a.s.similate and digest later on because this would definitely come in handy in the future.

Appraisers who were Rank 3 and above immediately understood the magnificence of this internal needle chapter. In fact, some lecturers already knew the internal needle method but just of a different approach.

However, that didn’t impede their learning for reference, to overcome deficiencies by drawing on another’s strong points.

After spending more time listening to Lin Jin’s lecture, it became evident that his internal needle practice was much more profound compare to theirs. Hence, even the Rank 4 lecturers began to nod approvingly. From time to time, they would smile and start pondering the things Lin Jin said.

“Lecturer Lin’s internal needle method is quite mysterious,” Zhong Zifeng mumbled to himself. Seated beside him was Yang Ming and the latter nodded in agreement. “When Lecturer Lin was mending my meridians, the accuracy of his administration was nothing the world had ever seen before. He could even control several needles at once and work at an efficiency greater than average internal needle techniques.”

In other words, the general limit for pract.i.tioners of the internal needle technique was one needle at a time.

“Also, the thread used was just as unique. I recall reading in various books that the internal needle technique requires a thread that is specially crafted. Lin Jin mentioned that blood could be condensed into a thread so a spell must be involved here. If he talked only about that, I’m sure it’ll be much more enlightening than the internal needle technique.”

Being a knowledgeable man himself, Zhong Zifeng immediately understood the key point of this study.

Yang Ming nodded in agreement.


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