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Chapter 696: An Evaluation Report

Hidden deep behind thick layers of clouds was the interior of the Storm Beast Cave. No one had ever stepped foot here before; Lin Jin was the first man in history to enter the cave.

In the past 24 hours, Lin Jin carried out extensive research on the Storm Beast Cave. While it may seem like a short time, great progress had been made.

Unlike other beast appraisers, Lin Jin had the guidance of the Museum of Deadly Beasts. For others, the process would be like venturing into a maze. Even Immortal Piao Yun would find herself lost in the misty maze. Every step they took was up to fate. The same could not be said for Lin Jin, who had a bird’s eye view of this maze. Although it was challenging for him, he was a hundred times better off than everyone else.

“This Storm Beast Cave is fascinating! I would never have imagined that a beast could exist in such a form.” 

In one day, Lin Jin gained more knowledge than other people could in one thousand years.

“The Immortal Cloud Sect has been engaged with the Storm Beast Cave for thousands of years but I bet they don’t know much about this affectionate guy,” mumbled Lin Jin under his breath. 

Simultaneously, the clouds around him churned out tiny clouds that slowly condensed into beasts of various forms. Every beast looked vivid and alive.

This was one of the phenomenal capabilities that the Storm Beast Cave possessed, which Lin Jin discovered.


This variant of reconstruction was of the highest grade. Not only was it able to change the cloud’s appearance, but even the inner workings were altered in such a way that the cloud could operate and battle like an actual beast.

After all, like water, wind and clouds did not have a constant shape. Although it wasn’t as substantial as water, its lack of solidity gave it an edge on the battlefield. There were many advantages to it, one of them being elusiveness. 

Lin Jin had many interactions with the Storm Beast Cave. He told the creature not to spit out any more tiny storm beasts in the future since it was damaging its cultivation.

This was one of the things the Immortal Cloud Sect did not understand about this Storm Beast Cave. For the past few millenniums, the Storm Beast Cave had been constantly removing bits of itself to produce smaller storm beasts. Over time, that activity took its toll on the beast’s body.

Otherwise, given its potential and lifespan, this creature wouldn’t have been stuck at Rank 7. It could have grown into Rank 8, or even Rank 9.

The thought of having a Rank 9 storm beast made Lin Jin thrilled.

It was a pity the Storm Beast Cave hadn’t met Lin Jin earlier.

Still, it wasn’t too late now.

The storm beasts that it produced would perish once their lifespans were up.

Some would shatter to pieces after being attacked by the enemy.

The Immortal Cloud Sect saw the storm beasts as a unique immortal beast used for battle and guarding the sect. Yet, they failed to realize that the Storm Beast Cave was the key to all of this.

“Forget it, I’ll just write them an evaluation report.” Lin Jin remembered he hadn’t been writing evaluation reports ever since his appraisal ability saw a sharp increase. To be precise, after leaving Heavenly Spiral Academy, he hadn’t written a single evaluation report.

Today, he would write one for the Immortal Cloud Sect.

The report would contain information on the Storm Beast Cave and the key points would be to let it recuperate. The Storm Beast Cave had been with the Immortal Cloud Sect for such a long time that it grew emotionally attached to these people. For that reason, it was unwilling to leave with Lin Jin. Of course, Lin Jin would never tear them apart for his benefit either.

He was here to treat the sect’s immortal beast, so it wasn’t like he would take away their guardian beast simply because it was strong. He could probably do it to other sects, but he was on good terms with the Immortal Cloud Sect. What’s more, Xuan Yue Zhenren and Qin Yunshang were his friends.

Lin Jin wasn’t that heartless of a man.

It wasn’t exactly true to say Lin Jin had nothing to gain from this experience.

He gained quite a lot. 

Researching the Storm Beast Cave gave Lin Jin great inspiration, as this life form was way more advanced compared to Xiao Huo.

Lin Jin felt he could consider this approach for Xiao Huo’s Rank 7 evolution.

Interestingly enough, it was similar to one of Xiao Huo’s Rank 7 advancement methods. There were in total, three advancement methods offered by the museum.

The other two required lots of valuable ingredients such as the blazing pills and nine sun quartz. Lin Jin had Xiang Yun and Inferno Monk for those materials.

While Xiang Yun was staying in the Mystery Dao Sect, she used the raw materials in their inventory to craft more blazing pills for Lin Jin. So long as she had an ample supply of materials, the pelletization process was relatively swift.

Crafting the nine sun quartz required a fire profound immortal. At this point, only Inferno Monk was capable of this feat.

Since Lin Jin had obtained several Buddha beads from Inferno Monk, he had enough nine sun quartz for Xiao Huo’s Rank 7 evolution.

They needed a few other valuable materials to complete the process. However, Lin Jin’s research of the Storm Beast Cave gave him a certain idea. 

A different form would require a different evolution method.

Why not use this opportunity and get the Storm Beast Cave to tweak Xiao Huo’s form slightly? Perhaps it might produce positive results!

Of course, Lin Jin wouldn’t mind if the plan failed either. He just wanted to give Xiao Huo a new ability.

With this in mind, Lin Jin summoned Xiao Huo. An ember emerged from Lin Jin’s right arm. It leaped down and took the form of a fire wolf. Upon being released, the wolf looked around curiously, as it was fascinated by this endless sea of clouds.

The Storm Beast Cave’s second power was to stir the five elements and enhance them with wind and cloud properties.

No one knew about this ability except Lin Jin.

This meant that no one but Lin Jin could induce the Storm Beast Cave to activate its phenomenal ability. 

Lin Jin’s gut instinct told him that all creatures in the world could be categorized under the five elements. Since the Storm Beast Cave could stir these elements and enhance them with external properties, his meeting the beast was a fateful encounter.

Was this perhaps destiny?

Lin Jin gave Xiao Huo some instructions and the latter turned into a ball of flames. Lin Jin grabbed a piece of cloud and spoke into it for a while. Moments later, white clouds began to sweep over. Like nine dragons trying to devour one pearl, the clouds dived toward the ball of flames that was Xiao Huo.

The flames shone through the clouds in a dazzling display.

This process required time and Lin Jin wasn’t in a hurry.

He pa.s.sed his time writing an evaluation report for the Immortal Cloud Sect. However, he had no idea that the instant he picked up his brush, Xuan Yue Zhenren and Piao Yun were standing outside, discussing how they would bind him to their sect.

As he wrote, a bundle of cloud consolidated into something like a cloud tentacle. Silently, it stretched over to see what Lin Jin was writing.

Lin Jin noticed the abnormality, so he turned and smiled.

“I’ll give this evaluation report to Xuan Yue Zhenren. From now on, you’ll get to smell valleywood every day.”

The Storm Beast Cave understood his words, as it transformed into a smiling face. Then, the smiling face turned into a sparrow, picked up the evaluation report, and flew out of the clouds.

Lin Jin was just about to speak when Xiao Huo suddenly erupted, painting the clouds a sea of red.


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