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Chapter 788: End of the World

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

At first, Tianzun had made predictions for certain purposes. Even when he was alone in the Nine-Heaven Realm, he had never gotten a universally unfortunate result for himself.

Truth be told, when he first saw this result, he wasn’t afraid. With his cultivation level and having lived for a hundred thousand years, Tianzun had seen enough.

If he was destined for demise, he wouldn’t be fl.u.s.tered.

But when he subsequently made predictions for other people and got the same unfortunate results, Tianzun became anxious. Among those, he made predictions for included Lin Jin.

In Tianzun’s opinion, since Lin Jin possessed a Heaven’s Foundation Stone fragment, his luck should exceed other people’s. It wouldn’t even be an exaggeration to say that he was loved by heaven, so why would his predicted future be unfortunate?

Based on Tianzun’s past divination experiences, this was impossible.

And because everyone else got the same result, Tianzun realized that something was off. He then casually stopped somewhere to make a prediction for a random common folk and still, it was the same result.

That completely threw him off.

He knew what this represented and started investigating it. After a few days, he was sure it was a sign that the world was ending.

Signs of the world ending meant that both heaven and earth will perish. Every living creature would cease to exist, be it humans, immortals, ghosts, demons, or beasts. Everyone would die.

For this reason, Tianzun hurried over to Lin Jin. The only people whose actions would result in any changes were probably him and Lin Jin.

The other immortals couldn’t help and mortals obviously couldn’t be counted on as well.

Tianzun deduced that the problem must have stemmed from the Heaven’s Foundation Stone.

“The Heaven’s Foundation Stone is this world’s core and a corner of it has been destroyed by the immortal emperor two thousand years ago. Although things have been peaceful for two thousand years, how could there not be consequences? I’m afraid now is the time for such a consequence to reveal itself. Truth be told, I managed to seize a heaven’s secret when I risked my life to deduce this future. The end of the world means that the world will be plunged into chaos. And just like when the world first began, it will shrink back into the size of an egg, killing everything in existence,” Tianzun revealed during their travels.

Lin Jin felt gooseb.u.mps as he listened.

He was reminded of the stories where G.o.d created the world, and it all began with a piece of chaos. Then, he remembered the concept of reincarnation. As per the teachings of Taoism, the fallen leaf would be buried in the ground and eventually be reborn as a flower come springtime. The same theory could now be used on the world.

So he immediately understood.

Tianzun called it signs of the world ending but Lin Jin had a better term to describe this—apocalypse.

Lin Jin’s expression darkened at this.

He hadn’t exactly enjoyed himself for a long time and to think something like this was going to happen. It seemed like the world was bent on not letting him rest.

For a moment there, Lin Jin felt so annoyed that he didn’t want to think. Instead, he asked Tianzun, “Is there a way to solve this?”

In his opinion, there must be a way. Why else would Tianzun seek him?

Tianzun nodded, but then shook his head.

This nod and shake confused Lin Jin.

“Tianzun, just tell me whatever you have in mind.”

Tianzun gave him a bitter smile and said, “This idea is something I came up with and I’m not sure if it’ll work. If it doesn’t, the world will still be plunged into chaos and everything will perish.”

It was then Lin Jin knew how serious this was.

He suddenly felt solemn.

Tianzun subsequently told Lin Jin about his plan. This future might have been instigated by the Heaven’s Foundation Stone because it was damaged. That being the case, they only had to mend all the missing pieces and they should be able to prevent this calamity.

And Lin Jin was needed in this mission because he had a few Heaven’s Foundation Stone fragments in his possession. He could also help in the search for the other missing fragments.

“Ever since I discovered signs of the world’s end, I’ve been searching around for the Heaven’s Foundation Stone fragments and found only two pieces up until now,” Tianzun made another major declaration. As he spoke, he flipped his palm over to reveal two tiny stones the sizes of nails.

At first glance, Lin Jin immediately recognized them to indded be the Heaven’s Foundation Stone’s fragments.

“You’ve been working hard, Tianzun,” Lin Jin said sincerely. As this concerned all life on earth, and more importantly, his own life, Lin Jin had to put in the effort instead of standing by and watching.

Tianzun chuckled. “It’s nothing. I’m doing this for myself.”

After a pause, he lowered his voice to say, “Lin Jin, there is something I have to tell you.”

Lin Jin got curious after seeing how mysterious Tianzun was being.

“This calamity may have been destined from the start so there is something we have to be clear with. Even if we succeed in mending the broken pieces, we might not be able to stop this tragedy,” Tianzun said. Lin Jin nodded because Tianzun had mentioned earlier that mending the Heaven’s Foundation Stone to stop the tragedy was just a speculation of his. Perhaps nothing would change even after they mended the pieces.

In that case, was waiting for the apocalypse all they could do?

Lin Jin was panicking. He wasn’t ready for the end of the world yet. And this concerned not only him but his many friends and disciples as well.

After he started counting them, Lin Jin realized that he had too many preoccupations he refused to leave behind in this world.

And that further added to his anxiety.

But so what? It was the end of the world so what could he do?

For now, they could only try out Tianzun’s speculation and mend the Heaven’s Foundation Stone.

Then, Tianzun asked in a whisper, “Lin Jin, if we really can’t avoid this calamity, what do you plan to do?”


Lin Jin was stunned.

What else could he plan? He would just perish with the world. Lin Jin thought Tianzun’s question sounded funny, but on second thought, he must have a reason for asking such a question.

“Tianzun, is there anything else you’re keeping from me?” Lin Jin asked. Tianzun said, “What do you mean by that? I plan on telling you now so listen up. If the end of this world can’t be avoided, I have a method that might just help us both survive and wait until the next chaos begins!”

Lin Jin was dumbstruck.

Then, as Tianzun explained, he gradually calmed down.

Tianzun’s idea was to use a unique spell to hide in a secret place and wait until the apocalypse happened. If they were lucky enough to survive, they would fall into deep slumber and wait for the next chaos to arrive and establish a new world.

“This is a very risky attempt and only you and I can perform such a spell in today’s world. Even profound immortals can’t do it,” Tianzun revealed, voicing out Lin Jin’s thoughts.

Lin Jin was definitely thinking about bringing family along, and that included his friends and disciples.

Tianzun told him it was impossible so Lin Jin would stop trying to consider it.

“This will be the last resort. And let me say this now. There is no guarantee that we can survive even if we use the spell so it’s better to just try and stop the world from ending.” Tianzun then sighed. He may have lived for a hundred thousand years and experienced many things, but this was his first time encountering the end of the world.

Lin Jin composed himself. Obviously, no one could relax after learning about the end of the world. It was a good thing that Tianzun didn’t mention when it would be.

Perhaps it would only happen thousands of years later.

Subsequently, he and Tianzun entered the Nine-Heaven Realm together and arrived at the first sky.

Previously, Lin Jin had viewed the immortal mountain from afar, but this time, he was to enter it.

“Lin Jin, ever since the Heaven’s Foundation Stone was damaged by the immortal emperor two thousand years ago, no one had ever stepped foot inside the immortal mountain’s range. We won’t be able to predict what will happen, so be careful!” Tianzun said as he cast a spell that concealed his and Lin Jin’s aura.

With an expert spellcaster like Tianzun around, Lin Jin decided not to embarra.s.s himself. Once the spell was complete, they flew over on clouds.

The immortal mountain was ma.s.sive.

It was said that the immortal mountain was the only thing that pa.s.sed through all nine skies. The lower skies could only see the foot and side of the mountain while this sky could see its peak.

Although it was called a mountain, it was actually just a hilltop the size of an average capital. The immortal mountain also had tons of other hilltops with the tallest one stretching up to ninety thousand feet tall where one could reach up and touch the moon and stars above.

It wasn’t an exaggeration but a fact.

The immortal mountain wasn’t the sort of mountain known in common knowledge.

Half a day later, Lin Jin and Tianzun arrived at the center of the mountain.

“There is a unique restriction on this mountain where clouds can’t travel through. We can’t fly any further so we’ll be walking up from here,” Tianzun said gravely.

The immortal mountain was eerily quiet with no sounds of beasts or birds around. As he stepped on the rocks below, Lin Jin felt his body become heavier.

Tianzun said this was one of the mountain’s restrictions but Lin Jin figured it was the doing of the immoral mountain’s gravity. In other words, the gravity here was much stronger than in other places.

The immortal mountain was huge. Not just the mountain, but everything here was just as large, including the rocks and trees.

Lin Jin kept gasping in fascination as he climbed up. To think there was such an incredible place in the Nine-Heaven Realm.

Just then, Lin Jin sensed something and he stopped in his tracks. Tianzun sensed it too.

“What is it?” Tianzun asked after realizing there was nothing.

Yet, Lin Jin’s forehead was covered in sweat and he kept sending Tianzun eye signals. He then conveyed a mental message, ‘Tianzun, we’re stepping on a Rank 8 beast!’


Confused, Tianzun looked down to see only ordinary rocks around them. There was no sign of a beast anywhere.

There was no aura either.

However, Tianzun knew about Lin Jin’s beast appraisal skills, so if Lin Jin said so, it must be true.

Tianzun performed a spell to verify and the results made him break out in cold sweat.

The rock below their feet was at least a thousand feet long and wide. Its surface looked exactly like a rock’s but upon closer observation, one would realize that it was actually a giant toad.

Because it looked too much like a rock and exuded no aura, it had been overlooked.

‘What do we do now?’ Tianzun asked telepathically. Just then, the rock below their feet quivered. Not too far away, two protruding rocks suddenly opened up to reveal two large eyes.


A thunderous sound called out. Both Lin Jin and Tianzun were suddenly stunned.

“Run!” Lin Jin immediately dashed ahead. Tianzun followed closely behind but felt aggrieved. He used to be such a distinguished immortal but now, he was being frightened by a giant toad.

Speaking of which, if this rock toad was Rank 8, it should possess the strength of an unfettered immortal. That would make it a powerful foe even in the era of immortals.

“It’s only a toad, so why are we running?” Tianzun asked out of confusion when he saw that Lin Jin had no intention of looking back. Then, Lin Jin answered without even turning his head, “Who said there was only one?”

Tianzun was dumbfounded.

He turned to look and his scalp immediately p.r.i.c.kled.

The ground was shaking behind them as dozens of the same rock toads pursued them both. These mountain-sized toads looked horrifying and only idiots wouldn’t run when a knot was chasing after them.

Tianzun frowned. He might not win even if he was at the peak of his strength, much less now. Although he had the green fish, it was only one Rank 8. It couldn’t win against an army of Rank 8s.

“There’s a cave up ahead. Let’s go in!” With his keen eyes, Lin Jin found a narrow cave entrance and ran inside. Tianzun followed after him.

The toads wouldn’t be able to enter thanks to their gigantic sizes, so they would be safe if they hid inside.

After they entered the cave, Lin Jin and Tianzun continued going deeper in. They could hear loud collisions in the back as the toads kept trying to knock their way inside. However, since the rocks on this immortal mountain were st.u.r.dy, the toads couldn’t break their way in despite their large sizes.

With sweat covering his forehead, Lin Jin asked, “Tianzun, has the immortal mountain always been this dangerous?”

Tianzun smiled bitterly. “I’m not sure either.”

With dozens of giant toads outside, Lin Jin and Tianzun dared not leave. They waited for a while until the commotion outside seemed to have changed. It now sounded more like tragic cries, which was starkly different from what they heard earlier. It sounded as if there was a fight happening out there.

Shortly after, everything fell silent.


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