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Chapter 1170: Chapter 1170 DNA Test Results. Daddy Saw Us (VIII)

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He had always known that it would be extremely difficult to get information from this woman.

But if he was going to leave, he had to ask for a kiss. He would leave when he was satisfied.

Chu Wuyou was stunned. Then, she stood on her tiptoes and quickly kissed him on the cheek.

“Chu Wuyou, do you think I’m a three-year-old child? This is called a kiss? Can you be more perfunctory?” Ye Lanchen was both angry and amused. A kiss on his cheek was called a kiss? His hand was already holding her, and at this moment, he tightened it even more, not letting her back down, and not letting her leave.

“Then what do you want?” Chu Wuyou also knew that her kiss just now was a little too conventional, but at this moment, she felt pressure in her heart, so she did not kiss his lips.

“Here….” Ye Lanchen tapped his lips. His eyes stared straight at her, and the hand that was holding her tightened even more.

His meaning was very clear. If she did not kiss him as he said, he would not let go of her.

Chu Wuyou secretly heaved a sigh of relief. She raised her small face and looked at his lips. His lips were lightly pursed. There was an extreme seduction in his s.e.xiness. It was very seductive.

She had never been the type of woman who was infatuated with men, but she was still seduced.

In fact, kissing him was really not a difficult thing. With his pleasing looks, many women would be tempted to pounce on him.

She felt that she was about to become that kind of woman.

Chu Wuyou was in a trance and tiptoed to give him a quick kiss on the lips. Of course, it was only a quick kiss.

However, Ye Lanchen was clearly not satisfied. His hand suddenly pressed down on the back of her head and kissed her fiercely.

His kiss went deep, lingering and pa.s.sionate.

This time, Chu Wuyou did not repel him too much, nor did she have the time to repel him. As he went deeper, her body slowly softened, and her hand instinctively wrapped around him.

At this moment, she had long forgotten everything else and was completely immersed in his wild kiss.

The corners of Ye Lanchen’s lips curled up in satisfaction. Yes, he was finally back to normal.

When Ye Lanchen let go, Chu Wuyou leaned softly into his ear. She was getting more and more sensitive to his kiss, and the feeling was getting stronger. If they were really brother and sister, would they have this kind of feeling?

Chu Wuyou leaned into his embrace and felt that the pressure in her heart was significantly reduced.

“Brother, Brother, Mommy and Daddy are playing kissing downstairs.” Tang Zhixi just happened to walk to the window. When she saw the two people hugging and kissing outside the door, she called out excitedly for her dear brother.

Tang Zhimo quickly walked over and took a look. The corners of his lips twitched slightly.

“Big Brother, are Mommy and Daddy going to get married? Great-grandmother said that only married people can kiss together.” Tang Zhixi had just entered the Tang family not long ago. It was obvious that she had been greatly influenced by Madam Tang.

In the old woman’s mind, this point was definitely more conservative.

“Hmph.” Tang Zhimo glanced at ye Lanchen again, and then snorted lightly.

Yes, Ye Lanchen was good to his mother. It could be said that he was already impeccable. He had heard from his uncle that Ye Lanchen was the one who had settled everything for his mother today. Moreover, it did not take long for Ye Lanchen to save his mother from the police station, he was really powerful enough.

However, up until now, Ye Lanchen had yet to discover him and his sister. He had not discovered anything at all.


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