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Chapter 1449: Chapter 1449 Who was More Important in a Father-Son Conversation (III)

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Although Tang Zhimo was still a child, he knew that Tang Zhimo could understand.

Of course, there were not many people who could say that their wife was more important than their son.

“I understand.” At this moment, Tang Zhimo had completely regained his senses. At this moment, there was no trace of unhappiness on his face. “Don’t worry, I will take care of and protect my mother and sister with you.”

This was something that Tang Zhimo had always done well in the past.

“Yes, I believe.” Third Young Master Ye lightly nodded. “I am very proud to have a son like you.”

Tang Zhimo’s eyes immediately lit up. His originally cool expression instantly collapsed. His expression was clearly filled with excitement and joy.

Proud? Proud of him?!

Originally, he had thought that as long as Ye Lanchen could accept him and like him, it would be a very, very good ending. He did not expect Ye Lanchen to actually say that he was proud of him?!

How could Tang Zhimo not be excited to receive such recognition?

“I’m also very proud to have a father like you.” At this moment, Tang Zhimo’s words were even more sincere. Actually, from the time he found out some things about Ye Lanchen, he had been very impressed with Ye Lanchen, later on, the more he learned about Ye Lanchen, the more he admired Ye Lanchen.

Third Young Master Ye smiled, then stretched out his hand and reached out in front of Tang Zhimo.

Tang Zhimo was stunned for a moment, then stretched out his small hand and placed it in Ye Lanchen’s palm.

The smile on Third Young Master Ye’s face looked exceptionally satisfied at this moment. He held Tang Zhimo’s hand and walked forward.

Tang Zhimo allowed Ye Lanchen to hold his hand. He followed Ye Lanchen’s footsteps and looked at Ye Lanchen’s side profile. He suddenly felt that he was now a carefree child.

Chu Wuyou saw the father and son walking over hand in hand. Her face was obviously dyed with a smile. It seemed that they were very indifferent.

“Brother, Father.” Tang Zhixi saw the two of them and ran over quickly. Tang Zhixi saw the hand that ye Lanchen held on Tang Zhimo’s hand, her small face immediately beamed with joy. “Brother, Brother, have you already acknowledged our father?”

Tang Zhixi knew that her brother had always refused to acknowledge her father. Looking at the situation now, her brother should be willing.

“He was our father to begin with. This can not be changed.” Tang Zhimo’s eyes flashed. When he heard these words, he seemed to have a sense of helplessness.

Tang Zhixi’s pair of bright eyes looked at her brother. “Then is Brother willing? Ornot?”

Her brother’s words sounded unwilling, but she saw that her brother seemed to be quite happy. He did not seem to be the least bit unwilling.

“Brother is the same as you.” Tang Zhimo looked at Tang Zhixi. His eyes flashed quickly before he added, “Like you, I like Father… I love Father.”

“That’s great! Then our family can be happy together in the future.” Tang Zhixi jumped up and could not help but cheer.

Daddy and Mommy were already together. Now that Big Brother had accepted Daddy, their family could be together.

“Yes, our family can be together in the future.” Ye Lanchen reached out and hugged Tang Zhixi. He kissed her on the cheek.

When Tang Zhimo saw this scene, he was no longer the slightest bit displeased. There was a clear smile on his small face, a happy smile!!!


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