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Chapter 1463: Chapter 1463

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

When Lin Yuan heard Butler Zhong’s words, he was shocked. Butler Zhong actually cursed?!

And it was such rude words?!

Was this really Butler Zhong?

And why was Butler Zhong so sure that these two people were not enemies of Ghost City.

Chu Wuyou could not help but laugh. This Butler Zhong was quite cute and kind.

“Don’t be afraid, young lady. No one can hurt you in this ghost city.” Ah Zhong said this without any joking or perfunctory intentions.

“Butler Zhong? Why are you so protective of her?” Lin Yuan was completely shocked. He dared to believe that Butler Zhong would say such a thing.

Chu Wuyou was also very curious. She was very curious as to why he was so protective of her.

“I like it! Why? Do you have a problem with it?” Butler Zhong glanced at Lin Yuan, his reply was arrogant and domineering. There were some things that he could not be sure of, so he naturally would not say anything more.

“No, I don’t dare.” Lin Yuan did not dare to have any problems in front of Butler Zhong.

“Whoever dares to hurt her in the slightest will become the enemy of the entire Ghost City.” Butler Zhong glanced at Bai Yijing and then slowly added.

When he said this, everyone was stunned. They did not understand why he had to protect Chu Wuyou to this extent.

However, Butler Zhong’s words were equivalent to the words of the city lord. Since Butler Zhong had said this, it was absolutely effective.

Bai Yijing’s body clearly trembled. She knew that in Jin City, Lin Yuan had the final say. However, the appearance of this Butler Zhong changed everything.

She knew that it was impossible for her to kill Chu Wuyou again today.

Furthermore, judging from Butler Zhong’s words, it was obvious that he did not intend to let her off!!!

“Tell me, what exactly is going on?” Butler Zhong was a smart person. He did not ask Lin Yuan or Bai Yijing. Instead, he asked the people in the hall who had pointed their guns at Chu Wuyou earlier. These people were all present at the time, they were all the people who knew the situation the best.

“Butler Zhong, Madam Bai wants to kill Miss Chu because her brother misses Miss Chu.” The person who went to get Lin Yuan gave a simple explanation. His words were very simple, but his meaning was very obvious.

“Madam Bai?” Butler Zhong turned to look at Bai Yijing, then looked at Lin Yuan.

“She, she used to be my woman, but she is not my madam. She has nothing to do with me now.” Lin Yuan saw the situation and naturally tried to distance himself from her.

“Lin Yuan, I’ve been with you for so many years. How could you treat me like this?” Bai Yijing looked at Lin Yuan in disbelief. She could not believe that Lin Yuan would say something like this at this moment.

Chu Wuyou finally understood Bai Yijing’s ident.i.ty in Ghost City. It seemed that Bai Yijing was not from the city of ghosts at all. She was just a nameless woman of Lin Yuan’s.

“I will report this matter to the city lord and he will handle it.” Butler Zhong did not immediately handle it. There was an unfathomable smile on his face.

“Butler Zhong, there is no need to trouble the city lord with this matter, right? The city lord has not cared about the matters in the city for so many years…” Lin Yuan was completely shocked. He actually had to report it to the city lord?

“The city lord doesn’t care about other matters, but the city lord will definitely take care of this matter.” The corners of Butler Zhong’s lips curled up slightly. His pair of eyes looked at Chu Wuyou once again, and his expression seemed somewhat strange.

Chu Wuyou frowned slightly. This Butler Zhong was really very strange!!!


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