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Chapter 183: Early Divorce (II)

For a split second, Ye Lanchen thought he was hallucinating.

What did Chu Wuyou just say? Have an early divorce?

He was just about to…

Ye Lanchen would be consuming her entirely by now if they were not interrupted by Elder Ye’s phone call. Just several minutes ago, she did not show the slightest bit of resistance to his touch.

However, she was now suggesting to end their marriage?!

He was trying to detect any emotion from her face that might explain she was only pulling his leg.

To his dismay, she appeared dead serious and her eyes were filled with expectation.

What was she expecting? To end this marriage with him as quickly as possible?!

This woman was truly heartless.

“Our contract marriage was built on the basis of your wish to acquire the Ye Company. This marriage becomes unnecessary since you’re now giving up that inheritance.” Chu Wuyou was stunned for a couple of seconds when she met his murderous gaze, yet she mustered the courage to explain her thoughts again.

In fact, she respected him greatly for prioritizing being with Meng Ruoting rather than acquiring the Ye Company. Not many people in this world were willing to give up on the wealth in their hands for love.

Ye Lanchen was at a loss for words. Even the anger surging in him could not find an appropriate reason to erupt.

Indeed, he had forced her into marrying him using this excuse. It was only a mere excuse to keep her by his side but she believed his words nonetheless.

Otherwise, Chu Wuyou would not have agreed to marry him in the first place.

Therefore, her suggestion to end their marriage now was completely reasonable.

She was evidently lost in his pa.s.sionate kiss just a moment before, however, at that moment she was talking about divorce like it was the most natural thing to do.

Chu Wuyou’s actions confused Ye Lanchen and made him gloomy.

He felt as if some impostor had replaced his wife.

Of course, he would never admit the woman that turned submissive under his touch and kisses was the impostor.

Meng Ruoting was also completely shocked. She widened her eyes at Chu Wuyou and blinked back blankly. What had her Sister-in-law just said? She wished to divorce Elder Brother because he was letting go of the Ye Company?!

She finally understood that the marriage between the two was only a contract. However, she could not help but feel that her Elder Brother had forced the woman into this union?

In other words, her Sister-in-law truly, truly did not have feelings for her Elder Brother. That explained why the former had been trying to play matchmaker.

Therefore, the marriage between them was only a transaction and there were no true feelings involved. Well, at least her Sister-in-law insisted on that.

Meng Ruoting decided to stay longer with the intention to encourage her Elder Brother to confess his love to this woman. However, given the circ.u.mstances, her Sister-in-law would probably run away out of fear if he did confess to her.

Who would have expected that there would be a problem too difficult even for her Elder Brother?

A bubble of laughter escaped Meng Ruoting before she realized it.

Chu Wuyou thought Meng Ruoting was delighted at her decision to divorce Ye Lanchen.

If so, the former figured she might as well fulfill Meng Ruoting’s wish since she had already come this far. “What about we go sort out the divorce today?”

Naturally, it would be best for everyone if they could sort out the divorce procedure as soon as possible.

Once they were officially divorced, she could then leave this country with both her darlings and finally quit having to live in fear every day.

Chu Wuyou did not try to conceal the joy in her eyes.

Ye Lanchen felt a tightening feeling in his chest upon noticing the light that sparked in her eyes. Why was he feeling like strangling her again?

No, that was not right. He felt like pinning her down to the bed and devouring her body aggressively at that instant.


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