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Chapter 28: A Misunderstanding

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Chu Ninger eyed the brutish man knowingly. She originally planned to lead Chu Wuyou into making false remarks. At least Grandpa would not be so h.e.l.l-bent on maintaining the family’s reputation if that happened.

The matter would eventually be left aside and Chu Wuyou’s dignity would forever be tarnished.

However, Chu Ninger never expected her grandfather to call the police.

“Don’t… Don’t call the police! I made a mistake earlier. I have nothing to do with First Young Lady Chu and I don’t know her. My mistake, my mistake.” The man immediately understood Chu Ninger’s look and laughed while he attempted to flee.

The whole incident was arranged by Chu Ninger. She wanted to exploit Chu Wuyou’s stupidity and incapability of defending herself.

She also wanted to make up a piece of evidence but Chu Wuyou escaped in the end.

The brutish man took two steps back before being blocked by the hotel’s security guard.

“It was a misunderstanding, I mean it! I mistook her for someone else. The woman I was talking about isn’t this First Young Lady Chu but she shares the same name with her. I saw the banner hanging outside the hotel just now and I thought she’s the Chu Wuyou I know. Hence, it’s really a misunderstanding. Besides, First Young Lady Chu did say that she didn’t know me.” The man forced a smile on his face which made him look uglier.

“Who instructed you to do this?” Elder Chu was no fool. He was sharp-witted and able to grasp everything.

“No, no one instructed me. Indeed, I’ve mistaken her for someone else. It was truly a misunderstanding.” The man was stunned and kept denying.

“Today is the day my sister gets engaged to Young Master Shao and you dare to come here to stir up a ruckus! You’re repulsive!” Chu Ninger scolded the brutish man angrily.

She was incredibly smart when it came to choosing her words. Firstly, she labeled the incident as a ruckus. This changed the nature of the entire situation. Secondly, she misled people by purposefully emphasizing on the engagement between Chu Wuyou and He Yufei.

Madam He s.h.i.+fted her expression slightly. Chu Ninger’s words sounded so strange and were as if the He family had something to do with the whole situation.

He Yunan froze. He looked at Chu Wuyou thoughtfully.

He Yufei did not seem to feel that something was amiss. He still gazed at Chu Ninger affectionately.

When the brutish man heard Chu Ninger’s words, he instinctively displayed a look of nervousness on his face. He even pretended to be in fear as he stole a glance at He Yufei.

“What sort of reaction is this? Tell us properly…” Madam He was agitated. The brutish man’s behavior could cause the others in the hall to a.s.sume that he was instructed by Fei’er.

“Hand him over to the police and let them investigate this matter,” said Elder Chu with a commanding voice.

“Wuyou, let’s head home.” Elder Chu’s face was filled with rage when he regarded Chu Wuyou.

“From today onwards, the Chu family will cease all dealings with the He family,” announced Elder Chu coldly without turning around.

The He family would surely suffer a ma.s.sive loss when all dealings are seized between the two families. The Chu family would suffer too and they would have a lot to lose as well.

Everyone understood something at that moment —— Elder Chu loved Chu Wuyou with all his heart!

His words sent everyone into a state of shock. He had already left with Chu Wuyou when the He family regained their senses.

“This whole issue has been settled but it wasn’t settled by First Young Lady Chu. What do you make of this, Third Elder Brother?” On the third floor, Fifth Young Master Shen laughed cunningly. “First Young Lady Chu obviously isn’t the person you’re looking for.”

“Find out about Chu Wuyou and don’t ignore the slightest detail. I want every single piece of info about her.” Ye Lanchen narrowed his eyes slowly. He was now even more suspicious of this woman.


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