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Chapter 313: Darling Zhimo Strikes: My Father Is The President (I)

“My father is the President.” The smile on darling Zhixi’s face became wider. She appeared smug when she announced that.

Elder Brother told her that mommy’s new husband, also known as her new father, was the president of the Ye Company. He was an incredible man!

This was why she was so proud at this moment.

The receptionist was entirely stunned by the little girl’s reply. Her eyes widened to stare at Tang Zhixi. She remained like that for a few seconds, unable to react.

What did this little child say?

She said that her father was the President?

These adorable children belonged to the President?

But the President was not even married?! What about these two children?

Secretary Ruan, who worked on the same floor as the President, was coincidentally present to retrieve some things. She paused in her tracks right away upon hearing Tang Zhixi’s comment and turned to stare at the girl in disbelief.

After all, she worked on the same floor as the President thus she would know more about him compared to the average staff member. As far as she knew, the President had not been in a relations.h.i.+p with any women in the past years. It seemed unconvincing that he would suddenly father two children.

“Little one, who did you say your father is again?” Secretary Ruan exhaled deeply before posing the question at Tang Zhixi. Perhaps she had heard wrongly earlier.

“The President,” Tang Zhixi replied matter-of-factly. She even raised her chin high to show her pride.

Secretary Ruan was shocked by the little girl’s definite answer. It seemed that her ears did not fail her earlier. She studied the little girl for several moments before s.h.i.+fting her gaze to the little boy. She was trying to figure out if these two children actually resembled the President.

Ye Lanchen had unusually defined features, whereas Tang Zhimo still had some baby fat hanging on his cheeks. They did not resemble each other at first glance.

In actuality, the little boy had his father’s eyes, but he had on a pair of today.

Tang Zhimo was only a little child after all. No matter how smart he was, he still possessed the innocence and tenderness of a boy his age. He had always been an obedient baby boy, especially in front of Chu Wuyou. On the other hand, Ye Lanchen’s eyes were always filled with a hint of coldness, sharpness, a profound depth. Therefore, they gave out very different impressions even if they had the same eyes.

“Little one, is it possible that you’ve made a mistake?” Secretary Ruan studied the tiny faces for several moments but still could not find the resemblance between them and the President. Perhaps these young children had made a mistake.

It was normal for children their age to make mistakes.

“That’s right. Are you sure about what you say?” The receptionist thought that was possible too. The President was not even married, as far as they were aware.

“My Elder Brother never makes any mistakes.” Annoyed, Tang Zhixi pouted her tiny lips. Her elder brother was never wrong. How could these people doubt him?

Both Secretary Ruan and the receptionist were stunned into silence but they agreed with one another. It turned out that it was the little boy who made that a.s.sumption. It seemed even more likely that the children had made a mistake now.

“What about your mother? Who’s your mother?” Secretary Ruan grew more sceptical. Why was there no one to accompany the little ones anyway?

These children claimed that the President was their father, but what about their mother?

She had not heard of any rumors about the President’s romantic life, apart from…


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