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Chapter 366: Third Young Master Ye: It Feels Good To Be Supported By Wife

A precise and accurate plan was mandatory to defeat Elder Ye, and this was only the first part of Chu Wuyou’s scheme.

She had to thank Jin Mingzhen for creating such a great opportunity for her.

Ye Lanchen shuffled down the stairs way faster than she expected. The man must have jogged his way down.

Granny Ye raised her eyebrows curiously. The man rushed to the scene as fast as lightning upon being informed that his wife got into trouble. He must really care about his wife.

She understood her grandson better than anyone else. There were not many people that he cared greatly about.

The old woman thought to herself that he would not have rushed downstairs as quickly if the butler had told him it was granny who had an accident.

“What’s the matter?” Ye Lanchen darted to Chu Wuyou with a look of concern over his face. He finally relaxed visibly after ensuring she was alright.

“I broke Elder Ye’s porcelain vase!” She raised her head to meet the man’s eyes before pointing toward the shattered pieces on the ground.

This shocked Granny Ye. The young girl admitted just like that? What was that supposed to mean?

“How?” Ye Lanchen raised his eyebrows slightly. He tagged along albeit being unsure of the woman’s intention.

“It was too slippery!” She met his gaze again with an innocent look.

What a reason! She should have just said that she broke it on intention!

Everyone else present was also taken aback. The woman had kept quiet the whole evening but the first thing that she said surprised everyone.

She had the cheek to say the porcelain vase was too slippery!

“So you’re blaming my porcelain vase?” Elder Ye who just came downstairs twitched his lips upon listening to the woman’s excuse.

He was already infuriated to begin with. How dare that stupid girl behave like that after breaking his porcelain vase! This exasperated him.

“Yup, it’s too slippery. Besides, this is not a good location to position a vase. It’s in the way.” Chu Wuyou nodded as she explained matter-of-factly.


Elder Ye was so furious that he became speechless.

“You, you still think you’re right for breaking my porcelain vase.” Elder Ye thought his lungs could explode out of anger at that very moment. However, the innocent and naïve expression on the woman’s face made him unsure how to deal with the situation. He turned to face Ye Lanchen. “Look at this! Look at what your stupid wife has done. She broke my porcelain vase! How do you think I should handle this situation?”

“You should be glad that your useless vase didn’t hurt my wife.” Ye Lanchen held Chu Wuyou’s hands as he examined them carefully. He appeared as if ready to fight Elder Ye if he found even a tiny scratch on the woman’s hands.

“I spent 500 million on this!” Elder Ye shook visibly upon witnessing the man’s reaction.

“She’s my wife. A member of the Ye family!” Ye Lanchen raised his eyes to meet the older man’s gaze.

This one sentence carried so much weight!

“Who says she’s a part of the Ye family? You don’t have my permission.” Elder Ye who had always been dissatisfied with Chu Wuyou shouted ugly words out of rage.

Ye Lanchen’s eyes darkened as an indifferent expression overtook his face. “I don’t need your permission.”

Not acknowledging his wife?

Ye Lanchen was not like his father. He would not be ordered about by the old man.


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