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Chapter 74: Legal Cohabitation

Ye Lanchen focused his attention on one particular agreement, which declared that their marriage had a validity of a year and that it could be brought to an end in advance when Ye Lanchen succeeded in acquiring the stock owners.h.i.+p of Ye family business.

A solemn look appeared on his face. They were not even married yet but Chu Wuyou had already planned out the details for a divorce.

Chu Wuyou witnessed the obvious change of expression on his face hence she remained quiet and waited for him to break the silence.

Ye Lanchen lifted his gaze to meet hers. His lips were pursed and did not say anything either.

Chu Wuyou’s eyes sank because she thought he might ruin her plans. She would never agree to the marriage if he refused to sign this contract.

The contract would ensure her escape when the time comes and these conditions were her bottom line for this negotiation.

Ye Lanchen narrowed his eyes as if he could see through her mind.

“It’s well-written.” Ye Lanchen retrieved a pen and signed at the bottom of the page in a matter of seconds without further hesitation. During that split second when he lowered his head to mark down his initials, the corners of his lips turned upward into a mysterious arc.

What was playing on his mind?

Thanks to the nature of her profession, Chu Wuyou could not help but become suspicious upon seeing him readily accept the conditions.

By then, Ye Lanchen was already handing over the signed contract to her.

Chu Wuyou was slightly stunned when she stared blankly at the agreement. She had written the agreement personally so there should not be any problems. Perhaps she was thinking too much into this. She heaved a sigh of relief and proceeded to sign it herself.

Both of them entered the Ministry of Civil Affairs after that. Ye Lanchen had already made all the arrangements, therefore, the whole procedure went smoothly and quickly. The officials did not even request Chu Wuyou to show her Hukou 1.

Another red book 1 appeared in Chu Wuyou’s hands about ten minutes later. In the span of ten minutes, her marital status changed from single to married.

Everything happened so fast that Chu Wuyou felt it was rather surreal.

“You will move in with me.” Ye Lanchen’s primary motive for marrying her was to get closer to her. Naturally, they would cohabitate after securing the marriage certification.

However, considering her initial outright rejection, he was thinking that it could be quite an ordeal for her to agree on the aforementioned.

“Sure, husband.” Chu Wuyou’s straightforward reply came to him as a surprise.

She even started addressing him by that endearment. It sounded natural and sweet.

Their marriage was only valid for a year. She wished that nothing unexpected would happen during that time and most importantly, she could not allow him to foster any romantic interest in her.

No matter the reason that made him decide to marry her.

A man’s inherent weakness was that they always liked a challenge. Therefore, starting from this second, she must behave like an obedient wife that would accept all of his requests.

Ye Lanchen was caught in surprise. It was definitely out of his expectation that she would agree effortlessly without making a scene. Besides, she had taken the initiative to address him by an exclusive endearment.

Husband?! Ye Lanchen looked at her differently from before.

Nonetheless, he could not help but feel that something was fishy. This woman’s unusual submissiveness caused him to be deeply suspicious of her.

What was she up to?

Anyway, it had become easier for him to investigate that incident that happened years ago now that they were finally married and would be moving in together. She would reveal her sly fox tail sooner or later.

It was only a matter of time!


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