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Chapter 748: Chapter 748 Third Young Master Ye Was Interrupted At A Critical Moment (III)

Upon hearing Third Young Master Ye’s words, Gu Nan’s expression instantly changed several times. The fury in her eyes continued to rise, but she still suppressed it in the end.

She knew that offending Third Young Master Ye would definitely not end well.

Third Young Master Ye, whether it was in the light or in the dark, could kill her.

“Commander Gong said that Miss Tang can go to the information room, but the relevant personnel from the army must be present. Commander Gong finally decided to let me accompany Miss Tang. If Miss Tang wants to go to the information room, then please go ahead. It just so happens that I’m in the army today. I might have a mission tomorrow and have no choice but to leave the army. When that time comes, it’ll be troublesome if Miss Tang wants to check the information.” Gu Nan held back her anger towards Third Young Master Ye, when she looked at Chu Wuyou, there was a hint of viciousness in her eyes, but there was also a hint of pride.

Chu Wuyou naturally had a reason for doing this. Although Commander Gong had no choice but to allow her to enter the data room, it was not difficult for Commander Gong to find a reasonable excuse for Gu Nan to keep an eye on her.

Chu Wuyou knew that this was not just for surveillance, but also to create trouble and hinder her.

Gu Nan’s words just now were already obvious enough. If she had the time today, she might not be able to do it tomorrow.

What Gu Nan implied was that if she missed this opportunity, it would be difficult for Chu Wuyou to get her to accompany her into the reference room.

“Alright, then I’ll have to trouble Miss Gu.” Chu Wuyou did not want to argue with the Gu family at this time because the most important thing now was to solve the case, and everything the Gu family did was to prevent her from solving the case.

She absolutely could not let the Gu family have a chance to take advantage of this.

Ye Lanchen’s slightly narrowed eyes were filled with a dangerous coldness. It was not easy for him to meet his woman, and he had not kissed enough of her yet, but he was actually disturbed just like that, and it was at the most critical moment?

Alright, since this enmity was already big, there was nothing to be done about it.

However, Third Young Master Ye also knew that the current situation was special, so he did not say anything and did not stop Chu Wuyou.

“Then let’s go. Miss Tang should know that I’m a member of the army. Time isn’t something I can decide on my own. Who knows when there might be an urgent mission.” Gu Nan’s face was even more smug at this moment. Commander Gong had asked her to accompany him, it was to prevent this woman from finding any useful information.

She promised that with her around, this woman would definitely not be able to find anything.

Chu Wuyou did not say anything. She could see through Gu Nan’s thoughts with a single glance. There was a faint sneer at the corner of her lips,

“Third Young Master Ye, we should go back first. At this moment, we must not cause any more trouble. If the Gu family finds out that she is Chu Wuyou, the Gu family will definitely make a big fuss about this matter. At that time, not only will she not have time to investigate the case, she might even be in trouble and be in danger.” At this moment, there was a faint hint of solemnity on Mr. Lei He’s face.

“You think I would put my woman in danger?” The corners of Third Young Master Ye’s lips curled up slightly, and his eyes were obviously filled with killing intent.

“Of course, I know that with Third Young Master Ye’s ability, he wouldn’t put her in danger. But now that she has accepted this case, her fate is linked to the Tang family. Therefore, before the case is solved, she must not act rashly. Once the case is solved, the initiative will be completely in her hands. It will be completely in the hands of the Tang family. When that time comes, it will be the most exciting time.” Lei He was a smart person, some things can be seen at a glance, “So, let the Gu family become complacent for a few days?”

The more complacent the Gu family was now, the more uncomfortable it would be in the future.


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