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Chapter 959: Chapter 959 His Deepest Secret (V)

When Ye Lanchen heard his words, his eyes flashed. In fact, this family also made him feel depressed.

Therefore, being born in the Ye family was not a blessing, but a tragedy.

Ye Lanchen would not persuade him to stay in the Ye family.

“I’m getting married. I’ll go back after drinking my wedding wine.” Ye Lanchen looked at his dark eyes and suddenly said this.

He had held a press conference today, so he would definitely think of a way to get Chu Wuyou to marry him. He thought that it would not be too long.

Ye Bowen’s eyes brightened when he heard his words.

“Congratulations.” However, Ye Bowen did not ask much and only said congratulations. In the past twenty years, he had never cared about his son’s matters. Ye Bowen felt that he did not have the right to care too much at this moment.

Therefore, the only thing he could say was congratulations.

“Thank you.” Ye Lanchen also slowly replied. This kind of conversation did not seem like a father and son conversation, but it was the first normal conversation between them in the past twenty years.

Following that, the father and son were once again speechless. After all, twenty years of estrangement was not something that could be approached immediately if one wanted to.

“Lanchen, you’re back? Dinner will be ready soon. You guys eat some fruit first.” Granny Ye walked out with a plate of fruit in her hand.

Ye Lanchen raised his eyes and looked at Granny Ye for a moment. His expression darkened slightly. “I still have something to do. I’ll be leaving first.”

Ye Lanchen’s words should have been spoken to Ye Bowen.

The things that Granny Ye had done previously had thoroughly chilled his heart. Moreover, he was now even more wary of Granny Ye.

He was very clear that this was a banquet. He had come because he wanted to see his father. Now that he had seen his father, there was no need for him to stay.

When Ye Lanchen said this, he immediately stood up. However, in the next moment, he felt a little dizzy and almost fell to the ground. His hand subconsciously supported the table in front of him.

Ye Lanchen stabilized his body, but he felt even more dizzy. His body was also a little weak. For a moment, he did not even have the strength to stand up.

“Is this water drugged?” Ye Lanchen’s eyes narrowed rapidly. He looked at Ye Bowen, and there was even more disappointment in his icy cold eyes.

His father, the father who had ignored him for twenty years, suddenly showed concern just to drug him?

“You’ve been under a lot of pressure at work recently, and you often suffer from insomnia. These are just some drugs to calm your nerves, so you can have a good sleep.” Ye Bowen believed Granny Ye’s words, so he thought that Ye Lanchen’s current condition would be fine after a good sleep.

In fact, Ye Bowen did not expect the effects of the drug to be so strong.

Ye Lanchen was stunned for a moment, then suddenly smiled. Yes, he had been suffering from insomnia recently, but it was not because of the pressure at work, but because he missed his woman.

Drugging him and letting him sleep? Did they treat him like a three-year-old child?

Moreover, could he sleep soundly in the Ye family?

Ye Lanchen glanced at Ye Bowen once again, and there was an obvious coldness in his eyes. However, Ye Lanchen did not say anything. Instead, he quickly turned around, wanting to leave.

Ye Lanchen knew that in this situation, he had to leave as soon as possible.

However, just as he took a step forward, his body suddenly slanted, and his feet went soft, almost falling to the ground.

Ye Lanchen’s eyes narrowed rapidly, and his face instantly turned gloomy.


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