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Chapter 1134: Mo Lian Has Come

She couldn’t wait any longer. After all, it seemed that she could already hear the sound of those beasts chasing over here.

The Raksha Princess’s gaze flickered.

One Qingluan was taxing enough, not to mention a fat squirrel whose level she couldn’t even a.s.sess. She was definitely not their match.

That’s why she needed to properly grasp this fleeting opportunity.

The Raksha Princess was about to open the box of medicinal powder and blow a puff onto Qiao Mu’s small face.

Suddenly, however, a hand shot out from the side and gripped her wrist firmly.

The Raksha Princess’s eyes opened wide. “It’s you?”

Meanwhile, back where the rat pack was, the pack had not withdrawn ever since Qingluan departed with the other beasts. Instead, the rat pack swarmed over even more fearlessly to tear at the humans.

Siming Manor’s high priest had a foul-looking expression, and he balled his fist against his robe.

Before the dozen rats he hoisted up with his iron dagger-axe could close in, he activated his defensive barrier to fortify his defenses as he called out, “Everyone, let us retreat as we fight and see if we can leave this area…”

By this time, the many disciples from the Dou Clan and the Mu Clan were already in a slight panic. They had seen a good few companions getting dragged into the rat pack before being shredded into skeletons.

The terror in their hearts had already ignited.

On what basis! Why was it that in their last moments, they, the common disciples, had to circle around those people at the center and use their lives to protect them?

They also wanted to live too!

In their panic and wrath, many Dou Clan and Mu Clan disciples completely lost their rationality. They no longer listened to Family Head Mu and Family Head Dou’s commands, directly making a break for it away from the rat pack.

However, the moment their figures left the team, they got swallowed up by the madly surging rat pack.

Just as everyone had sunk into despair—

A gorgeous and incomparably bewitching golden-red light suddenly appeared above their heads like a flaming red sun.

A burning strike then directly shot down from above the forest. It not only tore open the heavy gray fog hanging over the forest, but it tore through the pitch-black ma.s.s of mangled dead trees and branches, as well.

A light as dazzling as the red sun stormed into the middle of the zombie rat pack and blasted out a wheel-sized shallow pit in the muddy ground covered with decaying leaves.

This strike blasted dead more than half of the zombie rat pack, while the remaining little rats that numbered fewer than 500 scurried hastily towards the depths of the forests in confusion like stray dogs.

“Don’t pursue them.” Mu Boming grabbed Mu Zijun, shaking his head while panting. “These should be mutated zombie rats. There is no need to fear the remaining several hundred rats.”

After all, these zombie rats’ individual combat prowess were very weak, dying from just a single palm strike.

The thing to fear was if thousands and ten thousand of them gathered together.

After all, even an elephant could die if enough rats bit at it, let alone so many mutated zombie rats.

Dou Heping also breathed a sigh of relief, and only after that did he turn to look at the newcomer.

Yet he involuntarily turned dumbstruck with this look.

“Your-Your Highness the Crown Prince??” Everyone watched in stupefaction as the crown prince descended from the skies.

When they looked up dumbly at the large gaping hole up above, they saw a patch of gray fog once again flowing into the cavity.

As the fog in the sky above the Mystic Beast Forest was poisonous, no flying beast was able to persist flying in this fog for more than half an hour.

Yet the crown prince just directly flew over from the periphery of the forest and blasted open the overgrown branches from up above to descend here!

This kind of strength was truly a bit savage!

“Have you seen the crown prince consort.” Mo Lian questioned as he swept a cold gaze over everyone.


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