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Chapter 1269: Brother-in-Law Has Come

Numerous guests had come today, so the people manning the door had been busy accepting gifts and announcing the guests’ arrival.

“The Madam of the Marquis of Su’an’s Estate is here.”

“The Old Madam of the State Duke of Qing’s Estate is here—”

The boy and girl servants ran to and fro in waves, with another group of people arriving just after they would bring away one group. The courtyard truly was as crowded as a marketplace as guests kept pouring in.

Wei Ziqin and Qiao Zhongbang were each receiving guests at the forecourt and rear garden respectively.

Meanwhile, Crown Prince Mo made a circle about the marquis’s estate before he found his pretty young wife. That little fellow was leisurely sitting on a swing as she chatted with her young sister and older cousin while cracking melon seeds.

When Pu Ruolan looked up, she saw a tall young sir walking in their direction.

She quickly stood up and walked over to the swing, cueing, “Younger Cousin, there is someone here.”

“Brother-in-Law has come.” Qiao Lin hopped off the swing at once. She chuckled as she held Pu Ruolan’s hand, “Older Cousin, that is His Highness the Crown Prince.”

Pu Ruolan frantically gave a curtsy.

Yet Qiao Mu was still swaying to and fro on the swing as she looked up at the approaching man. “Why have you run back here to the rear court.”

“I came to see if my Qiaoqiao was s.h.i.+rking her duties in laziness again.” Mo Lian walked over with a smile. Afterwards, he gestured for Pu Ruolan to rise and dispense with the formalities.

Qiao Mu directed a harrumph at him. “There are so many damsels outside that I have no time to welcome them one by one.”

Mom had already given her an earful two to three days in advance about how she must not get into a temper by all means today during Second Uncle’s wedding. Everyone who came was a guest, so she shouldn’t beat them up just because she didn’t like what they said…

How baffling, did she need Mom to remind her? It wasn’t like she was sick in the head. If other people didn’t provoke her, how was it possible for her to go mad and beat other people up.

The most despicable thing was that whatever fourth princess who neurotically ran to lodge a complaint against her with the king.

That fourth princess said that the beating had made her look unpresentable. But she was simply nuts. When had she beaten this fourth princess before?

She simply didn’t know that whatever fourth princess, alright?

When she recalled this, she cast Mo Lian a disapproving gaze as she declared in her mind: ‘His home is the place with the most women in the world, so freaking annoying!’

Crown Prince Mo quickly huddled over when he saw his wife’s disgruntled gaze, giving her a grin. “What is wrong for you to use this kind of gaze to look at your hubby. What has Hubby done badly, do tell.”

Qiao Lin, who had long gotten used to the crown prince constantly getting all lovey-dovey with her sister, chuckled while covering her small mouth with her hand.

Instead, it was rather Pu Ruolan who was a bit shocked.

She had not expected His Highness, who looked so unapproachable on the surface, was actually this kind of person…

Qiao Mu glared at him before pus.h.i.+ng away his large palms. “Older Cousin is here.”

“She’s one of us.” Crown Prince Mo grabbed Qiao Mu’s pet.i.te hands while smirking. “You won’t be able to take an afternoon nap today. What to do, you’ll be sleepy in the afternoon.”

During this period of time, Idler Mu would take an afternoon nap every day, while in the rest of her free time she would be drawing talismans. She was simply too carefree.

Phooey! Qiao Mu glared at him in chagrin. This guy only knew how to make fun of her.

With it being Second Uncle’s wedding today, was it possible for her to abandon all the guests in the estate and hide away in her room to take an afternoon nap?

Crown Prince Mo kneaded the little fellow’s face with a smile. “I’m not making fun of you. Aren’t I feeling bad that you won’t be able to take a nap?”

“You’re not allowed to say it.” Qiao Mu pounded his chest as she turned her stoic face aside with a pout.

“Qiaoqiao.” Mo Lian cupped her small face and turned it back to him.


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