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Chapter 152: All h.e.l.l Broke Loose

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

“It’s possible I will summon a giant animal like a wolf, tiger, or leopard later.”

When Qiao Mu walked downstairs, she ran into Shaoyao walking toward her with a smile, “Sir, Madam, Little Master, breakfast is ready.”

The eyes of the little foodie who was laying in her father’s arms brightened as soon as she heard this. “Sister, brakefast!”

Qiao Mu paused and looked back to tell Shaoyao, “Head over there first! I’ll come to the drawing room to eat in a moment.”

“No, no,” Qiao Zhongbang said while shaking his head. “How could Father not stay for the rare chance of seeing the legendary summoning talisman?”

Wei Ziqin also expressed her desire to survey it.

Shaoyao, however, was somewhat dumbfounded. She looked at her little master and asked in astonishment, “Summoning talisman?”

Did she hear something wrong? Why did she hear Sir mention the summoning talisman?

Based on her knowledge, this talisman was a nearly extinct talisman that was treasured generation after generation by the talisman patrician families in Guanlan City! A talisman patrician family might have just one mere summoning talisman, but they would wors.h.i.+p it in their ancestral hall like a holy artifact!

“Alright then.” Qiao Mu nodded. “Father, Mother, don’t be nervous, the summoned animal or plant should be obedient—probably.”

In truth, she was not confident in the slightest when she said that. She had never summoned an animal or plant before so who knew what in the world she would summon!

What if it was a ferocious beast? She hoped it would not frighten the loudmouthed Xiao Lin’er to tears…

“Cough, Father, Mother, walk further away with Xiao Lin’er,” Qiao Mu reminded them, the yellow talisman in her hand.

Realizing the possible danger, Wei Ziqin nodded before dragging Qiao Zhongbang and drawing back, cautiously ordering, “Qiaoqiao, be careful! Run quickly if something goes wrong!”

Qiao Mu looked down at the yellow summoning talisman in her hand.

She made these talismans, so the talisman energy inside was imbued with her spirit. Hence, it was way too easy for her to use the talisman. She did not even need to drip a drop of blood to imprint the talisman and directly swiped the surface of the talisman with two fingers.

The talisman ripped in half and a yellow light burst from it, and everyone watched the garden with their eyes as wide as possible, br.i.m.m.i.n.g with antic.i.p.ation and nervousness.

Qiao Mu, who had been looking forward to a ferocious beast appearing, had moved into a fighting posture, waiting for a legendary ferocious beast to pounce forward for her to beat up until it submitted…

However, a sharp shriek rung next to her ears, so piercing that she shuddered.

A few cyan-colored feathers floated toward her, sticking themselves onto her face.

Qiao Mu spat them out and reached out to wipe the feathers from her face, the shock in her eyes lingering.

Suddenly, a thing with an extremely slender neck and claws that wildly flapped its incomparably small wings like it had a stroke leaped toward her and started chasing her while shrieking at the top of its lungs.

F*ck me! This shape—wasn’t it a mutated weak chicken??? This was too d*mn different from the ferocious beast that she conjured in her mind!

“You! Don’t come over here!!! AH!!!” Qiao Mu’s eyes shot open when she saw the chicken springing toward her, and she spun around and ran toward the garden.

Qiao Zhongbang and Wei Ziqin looked at each other with bewilderedness, before laughter broke loose uncontrollably.

Their daughter’s appearance just now was simply too comical!

That was the energetic look that a little girl should have! The couple happily trailed after the girl and chicken with their younger daughter in tow.

“Qiaoqiao, don’t run blindly! The drawing room for meal-taking is over there.”

‘Who had the mood to eat at a time like this!’ Qiao Mu looked at the extremely clear sky sorrowfully, her heart full of helplessness.


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