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Chapter 1576: Please Stop, This Great Aunt

This time, not only did Hua Qingyu’s eyelid jerk nonstop, his heart also thumped furiously.

I-It couldn’t… be?

He watched as these fifty fire spirit talismans simultaneously took to the air and circled the city gate once before flying toward him.

Hua Qingyu had creased his brows so deeply that it could practically squeeze a fly to death. He roared uncontrollably, “No, don’t!!”

Please stop, this great aunt!


Everyone was stupefied, and the violent explosions rapidly attracted all the cultivators inside the city.

They all darted toward the city gate, each with a bad premonition in their heart!

Zombies have attacked the city!

Zombies have attacked the city!!

“Cough, cough, cough. Cough!” Hua Qingyu waved away the thick smoke in front of him. Meanwhile, his expression had gone from shocked to numb to his current… calm.

A little lady from a Lower Star Domain who looked no more than 15 years old was just this extravagant, recklessly throwing about a wad of fire spirit talismans. Her a.s.sets easily surpa.s.sed his as a city lord. What was one to do!

The little stoic gave City Lord Hua a chilly look. City Lord Hua’s eyelid started jerking the moment she suddenly raised her hand again. Sure enough, she pulled out another wad of fire spirit talismans.

City Lord Hua was basically unable to count how many talismans there were!

“No, don’t!! Don’t move!” City Lord abruptly yelled with a darkened expression, “Calm down, calm down, this great aunt, calm down! I won’t move. I won’t move so you don’t move either!”

City Lord Hua’s originally handsome face had turned black from the smoke that came from the fire spirit explosions…

At the same time, without City Lord Hua’s interference, the white snakelet’s tail wrapped around Fairy Liren.

It then slapped her face down without room for objection!

Hua Qingyu felt his teeth ache. When the serpent coiled Fairy Liren up from the shallow pit, he quickly looked her over before silently giving her his condolences.

Her face was too tragic. It had practically flattened out from the serpent’s strike.

Blood streaked down from her forehead, nose, and mouth, but that was nothing. The main thing was that Fairy Liren’s nose had probably gotten struck askew. Her nose bridge had gotten crooked.

Her mouth had also gotten smashed, with many teeth fragments sputtering out from within.

On the side, Bai Xia had also been scared witless!

She watched the entire scene in stupefaction before silently gulping down her saliva. Afterwards, she gulped a second and then a third time.

She peeked at Miss Qiao before directing her gaze at the incomparably miserable Fairy Liren again with a small frown.

This Fairy Liren who had just arrogantly ordered someone to gouge out her eyes earlier because she didn’t like what she saw was now gasping like a dying fish.

The short mentor Zhou Danjin slapped his thigh and cheered, “Amazing! This student, what is your name.”

“Our Apex Academy boundlessly welcomes your enrollment.”

This mentor gave off the feeling of some kind of heretical cult trying to convert people…

“I said I’m not interested,” Qiao Mu stated indifferently.

“That’s fine, that’s fine. We can cultivate your interest even if you’re not interested now. Whether it be a person, a matter, or an academy, having no interest in the beginning does not mean that you won’t be interested later on…”

Qiao Mu completely ignored this person’s jabbering and directly turned to walk toward the city gate.

There were fires burning everywhere at the city gate due to the fire spirit talismans, so one needed to be especially careful when walking.


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