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Chapter 1619: You Are Not Welcomed Here!

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The middle-aged man frowned as he reprimanded the trio, “If you want to throw your weight around as young ladies and young masters of patrician families, then you have come to the wrong place! You should go to the four great Sun, Moon, Star, and Celestial academies instead!”

“That is truly where the distinguished personages congregate,” the middle-aged man stated coldly.

However, Qiao Mu was getting irritated. Why did they just encounter these self-opinionated people everywhere?

They might as well find a naturally-formed cave abode and cultivate on their own. How was it worth wasting so much time on these baffling people and matters?

Having made up her mind, the little fellow promptly turned around to leave without a word. She directly waved at Qi Xuanxuan and the little fatty behind her.

The middle-aged man was momentarily stunned.

He really didn’t expect this student before him to have such a huge temper. She immediately turned around to leave without even bothering to give an explanation?

“Qiaoqiao.” Qi Xuanxuan hastily caught up to her.

If even Qiaoqiao wasn’t staying here, then what was the use of her doing so?

The little fatty looked back at the middle-aged man before chasing after the two girls too. “Wait for me, let’s descend the mountain together.”

“You people!” The middle-aged man clenched his fists and gave a sneer. He shouted after the trio’s backs, “You simply aren’t suited to studying at Apex Academy with such supercilious and uncooperative att.i.tudes.”

“Right, you’re not welcomed here!”

“Leave quickly!”

The group of students also started shouting at once.

Qiao Mu turned around and swept them over with a look of disdain. She snapped, “You good-for-nothings don’t deserve to be my schoolmates.”

She could sense a feeling of extreme aversion from these people.

For some reason, these people rejected her, Qi Xuanxuan, and the little fatty very much even though it was their first time meeting.

Since this was the case, why should she treat them with a tolerant att.i.tude?

The little fellow had always returned kindness tenfold and wickedness a hundredfold.

That’s why she really did not like these students at all.

So what if they didn’t welcome her. She didn’t have to stay here at this lousy academy.

Qiao Mu walked forward and was just about to summon the bloodfire phoenix again to depart.

Yet suddenly, she saw one step after another descending from mid-air, forming a transparent staircase.

That staircase looked transparent at first sight, but she was astonished when she studied it closer.

It turned out that these steps were erected using the water spirit. As if descending from the highest heavens, these steps went on without end.

Holy cow! Such powerful control over spiritual water.

Qiao Mu and the other two blinked their eyes as they arched their necks together to look at this sight.

Not only did they act this way, in reality all the students at the summit of the Lava Mountain Range were showing looks of astonishment.

They had never seen such a stunning sight.

The staircase formed from the water spirit unfurled to the ground with gleaming steps. It was as if that person had spiritual energy so boundless that he could use it wantonly.

When the middle-aged man glimpsed the staircase formed from the water spirit, he hastily bowed in its direction. “Wei Xu greets Dean Yun.”

The students were not fools. Seeing Mentor Wei Xu bowing so respectfully toward the southeast, they hastily mimicked him too.

A plainly-dressed man with a chilly expression and long, loose hair walked down from the steps.. He didn’t look to be going that quickly, but he had practically arrived before Qiao Mu’s group of three in a single breath.


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