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Chapter 436: The Darling’s Small Wish

She really wanted to kill this fraud! But… she also really wanted to test out other talisman pract.i.tioners’ might! Having drawn talismans for so many years, she had never competed with other talisman pract.i.tioners. It was such a novel experience that she really wanted to give a try!

Countless talismans shot out from her sleeves with a whoosh. They floated orderly in an array before the stupefied Mu Liangde.

F*ck, f*ck, f*ck… What the h.e.l.l was all this? Where did this girl obtain all these talismans from? Mu Liangde’s eyes were confounded and his brain fell into chaos.

These talismans that were floating before him were inscribed with runes that he totally could not comprehend.

No, there were several among them that he could comprehend; he could comprehend the beginner-level speed talisman, the beginner-level strength talisman, and that beginner-level protective talisman.

However, he completely couldn’t comprehend any of the mysterious runes on the remaining 200 or so talismans!

Heavens, although he was only from a branch family of the talisman patrician family, he had also studied at the main clan for a period of time after all, so he knew his general level as a talisman pract.i.tioner.

Even though there were plenty of people who were more gifted and intelligent than him, but he definitely couldn’t be considered the worst.

Now, however, he felt that compared to the little girl’s talismans, the talismans that he drew were just pieces of sh*t…

The spectators were simply speechless. Why was this scene just so comical?

Wasn’t it supposed to be a fierce battle? Why did they only see a ring of floating talismans confining Mu Liangde? As much as Mu Liangde collided here and there against the ring of talismans like a clown, he was still unable to send the ring of talismans flying no matter what.

The most amusing part was that the little fellow was so impatient standing outside the ring of talismans that she repeatedly urged the other person to quickly come out.

Weren’t you the one who flung this talisman matrix at the other person? Why are you being anxious now? The peanut gallery could only gaze at the sky speechlessly.

Honestly, if any one of them were to be in Mu Liangde’s situation, they would certainly not feel too good and would definitely be frantic.

“Take out your talismans, quickly!” With a taut face, the little girl glared impatiently at Mu Liangde, who was still stuck in the binding talisman matrix.

“You!!” Mu Liangde was almost about to be driven insane from anger! Was it in this girl’s nature to anger people?

Being trapped inside this talisman matrix right now, he couldn’t do anything at all. Even if he took out his talismans, he couldn’t throw them outside this talisman matrix. He was completely bound on the spot!

Mu Liangde felt that this girl was saying all this on purpose so as to trample his pride into the ground.

Qiao Mu glared at him with her pair of dark round eyes, and she was also hopping mad.

Was this person a fool? Why did she keep feeling that that fool was in a completely different world when she was trying to communicate with him?

Why didn’t he pull out his talismans when she had already told him to? She really wanted to see what other talisman pract.i.tioners were like!

She was dying to know how she, as an intermediate-level talisman pract.i.tioner, fared against other talisman pract.i.tioners!

She really was aggravated to death that Mu Liangde, this foolish fellow, wasn’t even going to fulfill this tiny wish of hers.

A Violet Firmament Faction disciple who sat nearest to the arena reminded extremely kindly, “Little Junior Sister, I feel that Mu Liangde can’t walk out of your talisman matrix by himself. If you want him to come out, then you should retract your talisman matrix.”

The battle between the two even made the peanut gallery anxious.

“You’re so dumb! How can you not even break out of such a basic binding talisman matrix? You must not be a talisman pract.i.tioner! You big fraud! You hoodwinked the entire Daybreak Sect!” Our dear Qiao Mu berated in a huff.


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