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Chapter 478: The f.u.xi Greatsword

The hatred in her chest was practically about to trans.m.u.te into a tangible evil intent and spill forth.

The waves of throbbing pain in her brain caused her to curl up her small figure in the snow, yet suddenly, her gaze landed on her left hand.

She was unaware when a small section of a pointy sword tip sprung out of her left hand.

“f.u.xi[1]… Sword?” She inexplicably murmured its name. She forced herself to stretch out her right hand and caress this small section of its sword tip.

This sword? Had always been hiding within her body? And her, from beginning to end, had not sensed anything at all in all these years?

She could readily disclose the sword’s name and even sensed a bizarre familiarity a.s.saulting her.

You must be my old friend, right!

But I don’t even remember you right now…

Qiao Mu squeezed out her remaining conscious and mustered up her just about exhausted mystic conscious with all her might in order to pull out this sword from her body.

She could sense a boundless and formidable power contained in this sword.

She hoped to use her two hands to wield this… f.u.xi Greatsword.

Right now, she really wanted to kill people!

But Hong Jinchuan and the others weren’t fools. They had already sniffed a trace of danger and squinted their eyes as they watched Qiao Mu, who was curled up on the ground.

“What is she doing?”

“It couldn’t be that this d*mn girl still has hidden trump cards?” The middle-aged mystic cultivator remarked frigidly.

Hong Jinchuan promptly creased his brows and hollered furiously, “The d*mn girl is probably not going to divulge the sacred water’s whereabouts. Let’s butcher her then search again!”

“Look quickly! A sword is springing out of the little la.s.s’s palm?”

Hong Jinchuan jolted in fright from the mystic cultivator’s yell. When his gaze landed on Qiao Mu, he felt a chill surfacing in his heart.

He absolutely couldn’t allow this d*mn girl to live on any longer.

She was so young, yet she had so many trump cards and had such strong combat prowess. Who knew if he and the rest would still be her match after a year or two?

This kind of prodigy had an indissoluble enmity towards their Anyi Prefecture and was already prepared to fight them to the bitter end.

He absolutely couldn’t allow such a latent yet powerful enemy to continue living!

After this battle, Anyi Prefecture’s forces on Sikong Planet were practically wiped out. Their vitality really was severely injured.

After expending so much manpower, if they were unable to bring back some treasures, they wouldn’t be able to answer to their Prefecture Lord.

It was all because of this d*mn girl, who had slaughtered so many of their Anyi Prefecture’s men after taking out the Tianji Treasure Blueprint.

But it was no matter. He had already secretly planned to claim the Tianji Treasure Blueprint as his own contribution and pander to the Prefecture Lord by offering it as tribute.

As for the sacred water, that was what he truly wanted. No matter what, even if he had to dig three feet below the ground, he would ferret it out.

“This sword is about to emerge completely!” The middle-aged mystic cultivator roared. “We can’t let her continue on.”

When he finished speaking, that middle-aged mystic cultivator promptly shot out a wave of mystic energy towards Qiao Mu’s body.

“Chirp!!” The little white squirrel’s fur exploded, and it abruptly leaped out from the nook of Qiao Mu’s neck, darting towards the incoming mystic energy with a leap.


After this sound, its tiny body flew out from the jolt of mystic energy and crashed heavily to the snowy ground.

“You’re overestimating your own capabilities!!” The middle-aged mystic cultivator humphed angrily. He suddenly had a wicked urge and flew to Qiao Mu’s side. He lifted up a leg and stomped towards her tiny head without a second word.

“Audacious!!!” A severe censure that was charged with boundless fury abruptly hammered the depths of everyone’s souls.

[1] f.u.xi was a legendary Chinese emperor.


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