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Chapter 490: The Pure Land in Her Heart

There were four people sitting there, a typical small adventuring team.

These four people were currently roasting simple food around a bonfire.

One person sighed and said, “It’s been harder to get by recently. I heard that City Lord Wu has already given the order to relocate the city starting today. All of Five Moon City’s citizens will migrate towards the large fortifications in the north.”

“Since we can’t grow anything, all the people in the city will starve to death if this continues.”

“Sigh!” Another person let out a long sigh, and he jabbed at the bonfire with the branch in his hand while poking the short fatty beside him.

“Lad, what are you daydreaming about?”

There was nothing growing on the short fatty’s smooth head. His figure was as round as a ball, his white face was beardless and incomparably clean, and he was even carrying a large iron pot on his back.

“What is it? You’ve been lost in thought the whole time.”

“It’s nothing.” The short fatty picked up a small piece of yam and fiddled with it for a bit. It was only after a long while had gone by that he raised his head and said, “Eldest Brother, I came here before when I was little.”

“You’ve been to the Holy Water Sect?” Eldest Brother was stunned. He then laughed, saying, “When was that.”

“Quite a few years ago.” The lad with the iron pot scratched his hairless head, then smiled candidly. “At that time, I was young and wasn’t sensible, even pretending to be a girl to partic.i.p.ate in the Holy Water Sect’s test.”

After being taken aback, the three brothers abruptly exploded into uproarious laughter.

“You punk, that truly was a novel approach!” Second Brother smacked the lad’s smooth head with his palm, remarking with a loud laugh.

“What are you laughing at?” The lad with the iron pot swatted their hands away and pursed his lips, saying, “With the environment at that time, you could at least eat your fill and be clothed warmly by joining the Holy Water Sect. Besides, the Three Sects were so amazing. Everyone yearned to go there, and I wanted to, as well.”

“And then? You? Even pa.s.sed the test?”

“Hah? What are you saying! Don’t say it like that! I indeed pa.s.sed the test!” The lad with the iron pot lifted his head, and his white dumpling-like face revealed a bright smile.

“Little Zhang, don’t shoot your mouth off! It’s not like I don’t understand the lowdown on the situation. I heard that at that time, although the Holy Water Sect opened the mountain gate to accept disciples every few days, there were only very few people who could pa.s.s the holy water’s test each year!”

“I didn’t shoot my mouth off; I did pa.s.s.” Zhang Yue huffed and continued speaking, “At that time, I had even been chosen by one of the three peak masters. Sigh, but in the end, First Peak’s Peak Master Murong still saw through me and booted me and my old man out.”

Zhang Yue jabbed at the flames and sighed. He said, “Now that I think about it, it’s quite an amusing memory. My old man, he’s already been gone for two years.”

Seeing that he was feeling somewhat sentimental as he spoke, everyone involuntarily reached out to pat his shoulder. “These years, it might be possible that it’ll be our turn sometime.”

“Second Brother, what kind of unlucky words are you spouting. Alright, alright. Hurry and finish eating, and then we’ll go up the mountain to take a look. Although the Holy Water Sect has been sealed off, we might be able to dig up something to eat on the snowy peaks.”

“That’s right. I remember in the past that the people in Xianghe Village often climbed the mountain to look for food. Apparently, the animals and plants on the mountain didn’t mutate much. You could even consume the wild mushrooms that you dug up without further preparation.”

“Mushrooms? Gosh, don’t say anymore. I’m about to start drooling!”

Just as the four people were bantering, they suddenly felt a gale sweeping over. It instantly sent them rolling, and even the bonfire extinguished completely.

“Don’t go up the mountain.” Like a jade bead falling onto a plate, an icy voice splintered in their ears.


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