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Chapter 783: Where are the Crown Prince Consort’s Royal Guards?

It was only until Qiao Mu returned to the present that she realized her behavior was a bit abnormal. Little Sixth must have felt that she was quite strange too.

Subsequently, she recollected herself and switched to a wooden poker face again, nodding as she said, “Going to sleep now.”

Huifeng: “…”

Crown Prince Consort, you’ve become more skilled at forcefully changing the topic!

What kind of time is it right now that you’re still thinking about sleeping? Would you even be able to fall asleep?

“Your Highness!” City Lord Lin ran over with his subordinates in restless anxiety, and he hastily bowed before reporting, “Just as Second Young Master Dou said, there is a large horde of zombies one kilometer away. There are upwards of ten thousand of them!”

“Huifeng, bring a team up to the city gate tower to hold them off.” The crown prince decisively ordered.

“Lightning, accompany the crown prince consort back and protect her well.”

“Lin Yongyi, pa.s.s down the order to summon all the mystic cultivators, body cultivators, superhumans, and everyone else who can fight in the city to a.s.semble near the city gate tower!” The crown prince pa.s.sed down several orders in a row. Afterwards, he turned to Qiao Mu and said tenderly, “Qiaoqiao, go sleep first if you’re sleepy.”

Everyone: “…”

Your Highness, don’t you find this scene strange?

Yet, waving her small paw, Qiao Mu really did turn around and go back to her room. Lightning, along with several hidden guards, naturally followed after her like shadows.

This made Lin Yongyi and the rest tongue-tied. However, they also didn’t know what to say.

“Lin Yongyi, you need to send more people to keep watch over the small plaza. Continue with the examinations. People without problems can enter the inner city, and transfer those who can fight up onto the city gate tower.” The crown prince was referring to those thousand people from the tent district who had just entered the city.

Among these were many operation squads that could be counted on in the upcoming battle.

However, Wenren Ningjing was the first to be unable to tolerate it anymore. She bit her lower lip in displeasure and interrupted, “Your Highness is instructing everyone to go up the city gate tower, but could it be that your crown prince consort has a special privilege?”

“That’s right, everyone has to partic.i.p.ate in the battle, yet your crown prince consort can still go back to her room and sleep soundly?” This was too peculiar! It was simply eye-opening how this crown prince so brazenly s.h.i.+elded her without care for the consequences.

The name of the female next to Wenren Ningjing was Kong Roumiao. As one of Celestial Medicine Valley’s top 50 disciples, she originally had no qualification to stand beside Second Young Master Dou. However, it was only because she was close with the old valley master’s granddaughter Wenren Ningjing that she had this kind of privilege.

Kong Roumiao was completely docile and obedient towards Wenren Ningjing and s.h.i.+elded her considerably. As long as Wenren Ningjing opened her mouth, Kong Roumiao, this brainless fan, would pop out too.

At this time, Kong Roumiao had crossed her arms and was glancing provokingly at Qiao Mu, and she gave a snort when she walked past her.

The crown prince consort turned to eye Kong Roumiao and the rest before asking with knitted brows, “Where are the crown prince consort’s royal guards? Why hasn’t anyone subdued this person for provoking the crown prince consort?”

Huifeng: “…”

Crown Prince Mo silently facepalmed.

By the time the crown prince consort finished speaking, Lightning and the others had already appeared on the spot. Two youths in black cut to the chase and twisted Kong Roumiao’s arms behind her back, forcing her to kneel on the ground.

“Ah!” Kong Roumiao shrieked.

Wenren Ningjing also jolted in fright, subconsciously retreating backwards.

“What should the punishment be for offending the crown prince consort?” Qiao Mu asked impatiently.


The expressions of the group of people from the Celestial Medicine Valley promptly changed. Second Young Master Dou hurried forward and bowed, pleading, “Will the crown prince consort please quell your anger. As this humble one’s junior sister hails from Celestial Medicine Valley, she hasn’t been subjected to secular constraints since young, so will the crown prince consort please pardon her.”


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