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Chapter 912: As You Wish

“That Ding Tingding said that he would be coming at 9 o’clock in the evening. According to Shaoyao’s calculations, that’s the time when you are headed for the Lantern Festival’s lantern fair. How about cancelling the lantern fair festivities,” Shaoyao hastily suggested.

“No. That guy isn’t qualified enough for me to change my itinerary.” Qiao Mu curved her small mouth with a harrumph.

“Sister, what are you both talking about.” On the side, Qiao Lin had closed in and asked quietly with clever eyes.

“It’s nothing,” Qiao Mu responded as she reached out to stroke her younger sister’s head.

Qiao Lin also clung to her arm. “Sister, it’s still early now, so let’s go over there to sit for a while.”

The moment Qiao Mu moved, Shaoyao followed behind her closely as the two sisters walked over to the side.

However, Wei Ziqin still sensed that something was odd. “Shaoyao, is something happening these few days? I also felt that Xiao Mo’s expression was a bit off when he looked at our Qiaoqiao today. He looked quite nervous.”

How would Shaoyao dare say anything more to Wei Ziqin? She hurriedly shook her head. “No, there isn’t. Madam, you don’t need to worry. With His Highness’s great capabilities, you can rest a.s.sured. He won’t let anything happen to Miss.”

Afterward, the mother and daughter trio walked toward a waterside pavilion in Clearwater Fine Park.

It was only when they got near that they saw another party walking alongside the waterside pavilion from the twisting and turning white jade corridor on the other side.

The person in the lead was a young lady who had put on high airs.

Wei Ziqin recognized her with a glance. Afterall, this young lady was the Zheng Family’s third miss, Her Highness Consort Zheng’s biological niece.

And the two people trailing behind her were also familiar faces.

They were the third miss Xu Mingzhu and fourth miss Xu Mingxin from the Marquis of Placation’s Estate.

Wei Ziqin paused her footsteps, hesitating over whether they should walk over to greet them. When she looked at her two daughters,however, she discovered that they had already calmly walked over while holding hands.

Now, whenever she saw that they had to attend a banquet, her head would hurt. If meeting less people could lessen the amount of trouble, then Wei Ziqin would only be too glad to avoid these banquets and stay at home.

The two parties finally met up in the center of the jade pavilion.

“Crown Prince Consort.” Third Miss Zheng wasn’t a fool, and she curtsied with a nod upon seeing Qiao Mu.

Xu Mingzhu gritted her teeth and clenched her handkerchief as she, together with her fourth sister Xu Mingxin, curtsied toward Qiao Mu, even though she was cursing at Qiao Mu on the inside.

She had suffered serious injuries from their encounter at Spring Dawn Theater. If it were not for the fact that her family took out a pill to heal her injuries, it would have been impossible for her to leave her bed in just a mere few days.

At present, Xu Mingzhu hated Qiao Mu so much that she was gnas.h.i.+ng her teeth with anger. However, she had learned her lesson from being impulsive last time, so this time, she just stifled her anger and stood to the side, gazing coldly at Qiao Mu without uttering a word.

Third Miss Zheng smiled at Qiao Mu and suggested, “The scenery from this jade pavilion is beautiful and refined. If the crown prince consort doesn’t mind, how about sitting down and having a drink together?”

Qiao Mu gazed at her deeply before shaking her head and replying, “No need.”

As soon as she said this, she pulled her younger sister’s hand and turned around to leave, while Third Miss Zheng bit her lip quite aggrievedly behind her.

Wei Ziqin was also unsettled on the inside. Seeing that her daughter didn’t plan to entangle with these young ladies, she involuntarily breathed a sigh of relief. She then nodded repeatedly as she followed her daughters outside the pavilion.

Yet before Qiao Mu could walk too far after turning around, a maidservant b.u.mped into her head-on, and her clean skirt was immediately stained with some tea dregs, which made it look very unelegant.

Qiao Mu gazed at that maidservant icily. “You did it on purpose.”

That maidservant trembled in fright, and her knees gave in as she kowtowed repeatedly to beg for mercy. “Crown Prince Consort, please spare this servant’s life, please spare this servant’s life.”

“Very good.” A cold sneer tugged at Qiao Mu’s lips. “I will fulfill your wish.”


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