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Chapter 96: Second Uncle Has Returned

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Qiao Zhongbang knew that he was in the wrong and felt very embarra.s.sed. It took him a moment before he could say, “You… how could you let your sister cry the whole way back?”

By letting Xiao Lin’er wail the whole way back, everyone in the village now knew that his mother barred his young daughters from entering the Qiao Compound.

He was the one who sent his two daughters to give their regards to their grandmother. Who knew they would not be able to even walk through the doors? Qiao Zhongbang felt his face burning red.

Qiao Mu dryly glanced at him. “When Younger Sis cries, even Mother can’t stop her.”

In other words, I’m merely a child, so how should I calm my sister to make her stop crying? I truly don’t have that skill.

Our dear Qiao Mu donned on a “Do it yourself if you can” expression, stuffing Qiao Zhongbang’s chest full of sullen feelings. His lips trembled, wanting to speak but unable to squeeze out a single word. Hence, he could merely sigh and sit to the side, no plans to head out to visit his mother.

The village was only so big, so by evening, the gossip about how Elderly Lady Qiao was spiteful and barred her young granddaughters from entering drifted into her ears. This time, Elderly Lady Qiao was truly innocent. She had no idea Qiao Mu had come so early in the morning and then left, so another bout of anger sent her back into the arms of sickness.

After this happened, Qiao Zhongbang finally stopped and did not say things like “Go visit your grandmother” again. Qiao Mu pa.s.sed her days in bliss and relaxation, and she would concentrate on cultivating her mystic energy inside the house whenever she had time, except for when she was interrupted by a foodie knocking on her door on the clock.

Ever since Qiao Mu went through great effort to use her mystic conscious to transport a chubby meat bun from her inner world for the little foodie, the little foodie started pining after it and begged for it again and again.

She had no idea how the little foodie learned the art of thigh hugging, practically acting like unshakable baggage…

The present was one of those times. The little foodie had started craving the meat buns again and was latching onto her sister’s arms, not letting go no matter what. She harped on and on about her meat buns, a demonic chant piercing people’s ears.

Wei Ziqin was both amused and exasperated and went to pick her younger daughter up, pacifying, “How about Mother makes some meat buns for you?”

“Sister has meat buns! Sister has meat buns!”

It appears she looked down on her mother’s meat buns. Wei Ziqin was helpless.

Wei Ziqin merely thought that Qiao Mu had bought some meat buns for this almighty foodie to eat when she was not home. “Qiaoqiao, where did you buy your meat buns? It appears it’s very tasty. Look at how your sister longs for it every single day. How about we go buy a few more?”

Qiao Mu was speechless… In truth, she had not eaten the buns herself! How would she know whether it tasted good or not!

“Sister has it! Sister has it! Sister can pull it out in a flas.h.!.+” little foodie noisily protested while Wei Ziqin and Qiao Mu stared at each other blankly.

Qiao Mu wanted to cry. If she could take it out, she would have taken it out a long time ago to stuff this little foodie’s noisy mouth!

However, after she used her mystic conscious to dig out a meat bun with great effort last time, the door of her inner world tightly slammed shut and did not allow her mystic conscious to enter anymore. Who else had such a prideful inner world? She was the only one, okay!

As mother and daughters conversed, a peal of bright laughter came from outside the courtyard. “Eldest Brother, Eldest Sister-in-Law, Qiaoqiao.”

“Your second uncle is back!”

“Second Uncle.” Qiao Mu hopped down the chair with a swing of her legs. Seeing that the little foodie had a death grip on her arm, unwilling to let go, she simply ran out with a clinging foodie and negotiated with the little foodie, “Sister has peaches. If you behave, I will give you some tonight. If you don’t, you won’t get any.”

Hearing that there were peaches, the little foodie perked up and immediately stopped making a fuss, nodding furiously. “Sister, I’ll be good.”

“Then no talking allowed.”

The little foodie immediately extended her two chubby hands and covered her mouth.


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