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Chapter 99: A Very Pleasant Mood

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

“Second Uncle, bring these people away first.” Qiao Mu sent a look at her uncle, and Qiao Zhongxing immediately understood. He nodded and instructed the workers to leave with the 20 or so carriages.

Qiaoqiao must have her own reason for dismissing these people. Qiao Zhongxing did not inquire into it.

“Ao Ye,” Qiao Mu lightly called as she watched the carriages leave one after the other.

The youth in black appeared near her back like a shadow and cupped his hands in salute. “Little Lord.”

Qiao Mu nodded. “Scan the surroundings with your mystic conscious, see if there’s someone spying on us nearby.”

This time, she was cautious. She knew her senses as a level three mystic cultivator were not as good as Ao Ye’s. Otherwise, she would not have attracted people of the Ghost Sect last time.

Ao Ye nodded in response and silently released his mystic conscious to sense the surroundings. A while later, he stated, “Little Lord, store it without worry. There is no one present in a 5000-meter radius.”

Qiao Mu lightly nodded before turning her sight to her dantian. She saw that the sapling was still drooping down, sickly looking, and there were no changes. However, a few of its branches still had a death grip on the Heart of Paradise and barely moved.

Qiao Mu sighed. If the storage talismans could fit these things, she would be too lazy to s.n.a.t.c.h the Heart of Paradise.

A strand of mystic energy wrapped around the Heart of Paradise and pulled, but the sapling did not relax its tight hold at all. After several tries, Qiao Mu was helpless and had no choice but to speak to the sapling in a negotiating tone, “Hey, Qiuqiu.”

For some reason, she could clearly sense the sapling in her dantian quiver due to her call, two of its bare branches trembling.

“Qiuqiu, let me borrow your Heart of Paradise for a bit. 15 minutes! No, I will return it to you in 8 minutes, alright? Look at how many things are out here, I need to pack it away!” How frustrating! Qiao Mu wished for nothing more than to shed tears of sympathy for herself. She had never seen an owner living this frustrated! The Heart of Paradise was clearly a mystic domain condensed by her, okay? Yet, why did she have to gain this darn tree’s permission in order to use it every single time!

Her inner world was a pit, but so was this paradise! Qiao Mu quietly shed some tears for herself, thinking to herself, “When you rely on a tree, it topples over. When you rely on a human, they run off. No matter what, I can only rely on myself to draw talismans. Next time, if I can get some blank talisman paper, I must draw at least 80-100 storage talismans and use them unrestrictedly!”

In the center of the dantian, the originally drooping sapling appeared to have understood her words and truly relaxed its tight hold on the Heart of Paradise.

Qiao Mu sighed in relief and hastily took out the Heart of Paradise, storing all the items on the floor inside in their separate categories. She temporarily placed them in the large empty s.p.a.ce behind the peach forest. The s.p.a.ce was so s.p.a.cious that all the supplies barely even took up half of the s.p.a.ce after they were stored inside.

Qiao Mu then untied the reins of the horses from the carriages and put the two carriages br.i.m.m.i.n.g with fruit inside as well. Only then did she nearly fill up the s.p.a.ce behind the peach forest completely.

Qiao Mu relaxed. Her face remained stoic but inside, she was wild with joy, becoming more elated as she continued looking at the overflowing piles of supplies. Since she could not place living things inside the paradise, Qiao Mu could only tie the horse’s reins to a tree nearby to lead it away after Second Uncle returned.

Recalling how she promised to give some peaches to the little foodie, Qiao Mu concentrated and looked toward the half-transparent valley in the air.

She remembered that there was a flouris.h.i.+ng peach tree in the center of the peach forest that seemed to have bore fruit. She only took a cursory glance back then, but after a meticulous search today, she discovered it.

There were three peaches pettily dangling from the tip of the branches on the tree. However, each peach was twice the size of a human fist and had a fresh and delicious appearance, causing Qiao Mu herself to want to eat it as well.


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