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Chapter 1148: I’m Going Crazy

Gong Yi didn’t show any mercy and hit Leng Hao’s vital point with every punch.

“Leng Hao, what right do you have to treat her like this? She used to love you and chased you with all her heart. Even if she was wronged, she would only hide in a corner and cry. When you were entangled with Bai Lingyun, she didn’t dare to question you. She could only stab her own heart with a knife. Do you think she couldn’t feel the pain?”

“Little Xiaotao used to be her one and only. She loved Little Xiaotao so much and she really wanted to be a good mommy. However, there is nothing left. You brought her a world full of scars. Do you think she was comfortable and calm when she went to France? Wrong, she was running away. She couldn’t face her wounds and couldn’t forget them. Thus, she could only hide.”

“Leng Hao, if you still have a little conscience, if you ever treated her with half of your love, you shouldn’t have said those words just now. To love you, she once prostrated herself at your feet. Now, are you still going to step on her?”

“Leng Hao, do you even have a heart?”

Gong Yi had shouted enough and was tired from the beating. He sat down on the carpet. Leng Hao laid on the carpet. His face was covered with bruises from the beating.

The panting of the two men could be heard in the large living room.

A minute later. “Young master, Miss Ye, what happened?”A maid ran in.

Gong Yi stood up and looked down at Leng Hao. “Send Boss Leng to the hospital. I will pay for his medical expenses.”

“Yes.” The maid nodded.

“Xiaotao, let me send you home.” Gong Yi walked over and held Ye Xiaotao’s hand.

Ye Xiaotao’s hand was cold. She didn’t look at Leng Hao again. She nodded. “Okay, let’s go home.”

Gong Yi brought her away.

Leng Hao stared at the ceiling. He could not feel the pain in his body. He was in a daze. He did not even know what he had said or done just now.

His mind was filled with Ye Xiaotao’s stubborn little face. She gave him a slap and then glared at him with red eyes.


He knew that he had hurt her again.

She would never forgive him again.

The Gong family’s maids sent him to the hospital. He had a lot of injuries on his body and it was a terrible sight. The most serious one was his right arm. It was dislocated and he needed to reattach it immediately.

“Sir, you can’t drag it any longer. If you drag it longer, your arm will be crippled…” The doctor tried to persuade him as he wiped his sweat.

Leng Hao sat on the long bench in the corridor. The bangs on his forehead drooped messily and dispiritedly, covering his eyes. He was absent-minded.

He looked up at the doctor and asked hoa.r.s.ely, “Do you have a cell phone?”

The Doctor was stunned. “Yes… I do…”

“Lend me to make a call.”

“Oh, okay.” The Doctor took out the cell phone in his pocket and handed it to Leng Hao.

Leng Hao dialed the number.

The melodious ringtone rang once and the phone was picked up. Ye Xiaotao’s gentle and pleasant voice sounded. “h.e.l.lo, who is this?”

Leng Hao moved his dry lips, unable to speak.

The other end remained silent for two seconds. Ye Xiaotao roughly guessed that it was him and she wanted to hang up the phone.

“Don’t hang up…” Leng Hao’s voice was hoa.r.s.e. It was dry and unpleasant to hear. “Xiaotao, don’t hang up, please…”

The other end continued to be quiet, as if wanting to hear what he wanted to do.

“Xiaotao, I’m sorry. Just now, I didn’t want to say things that were… unpleasant to hear. But, I’m crazy. Xiaotao, I’m going crazy! Can you… please don’t be with Gong Yi. Is it so… difficult to give me a chance?”


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