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Chapter 1225: His First Woman

It was finally time to get off work. The male employees working at the Gong Group building exited the building one after another. Upon seeing Bai Beibei, their eyes filled with astonishment. One male employee even gave a friendly whistle, smiled and said, “Young lady, are you here to look for someone from the Gong Group? Who are you looking for? I can help you find him.”

Bai Beibei tugged uneasily on the strap of her backpack. She felt her face turn red the more the men looked at her. She lowered her small head and stared at her toes.

“Mr Gong!”

Gong Yi walked out of the building, car keys in hand.

The male employees respectfully parted and stood on both sides.

“Mr Gong.”

Gong Yi noticed Bai Beibei the moment he stepped out of the elevator. She was always the most eye-catching one in the crowd and this attracted the attention of many men. His employees looked at her and teased her playfully. She was so fl.u.s.tered by this that her small face turned red.

Gong Yi was even more reluctant to leave her in this state. While he wasn’t sure why anger began to brew within him, Gong Yi glanced sharply around and snapped at his employees, “Are you trying to get paid for working overtime by simply hanging around outside the office?”

“Yes, Mr Gong!” his employees scurried away quickly.

After they left, Gong Yi stood on the steps and looked down at the young lady by the flowerbeds.

Bai Beibei looked up. Gong Yi was wearing a white s.h.i.+rt and black trousers. She scanned his face and noticed how exquisite his facial features were. His silhouette was extremely handsome – she had never seen such a good-looking man till now.

With one hand in his trouser pocket and another holding his car keys, Gong Yi looked at her coldly.

Bai Beibei felt her heart sink. It seemed like he really hated her.

Gong Yi’s expression turned even more gloomy at Bai Beibei’s silence. He walked to his Lamborghini quickly.

“Brother-in-law!” Bai Beibei chased after him quickly.

Gong Yi glanced down at the shadow following his on the ground. His steps were wide and hers were small. She had to run to catch up with him.

He raised his sharp eyebrows and could not deny that he was a little delighted by this turn of events.

He stopped sharply and turned around. Bai Beibei crashed into his arms. Their difference in height had never been more apparent – she was 1.6 meters and he was 1.86 meters. Her forehead hit the silver b.u.t.ton on his white s.h.i.+rt.

“Ah!” Bai Beibei let out a soft cry in pain.

A soft fragrance tickled the tip of Gong Yi’s nose. The scent was natural, free of artificial aromas and could only belong to a young lady. He liked this smell very much. He dug his large hands in his trouser pockets and felt his body go numb. He started to lose control over his bodily senses.

Bai Beibei stepped back quickly like a frightened rabbit, “Brother-in-law, I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to do it.”

Gong Yi pursed his thin lips, “You were looking for me?”

“Yes,” Bai Beibei nodded, “Brother-in-law, did you pay the medical fees for me? Thank you.”

He had indeed paid for the medical bills. He didn’t know what had gotten over him last night exactly but for some strange reason, he had walked right up and settled the bills for her. He might have felt some sort of pity for her.

“Are you here to thank me?”

“Yes. There’s also another thing that I’d like to talk to you about,” Bai Beibei took a piece of paper out from her school bag and handed it to him, “Brother-in-law, this is for you.”

Gong Yi held the note in his hand and looked at it. It was a debit note.

The somewhat cheery feeling he had felt earlier instantly vanished. He glanced at her, “What’s the meaning of this?”

Bai Beibei stood up straight. Her skin was milky white and a few strands of her hair fluttered in the wind, caressing her cheeks. The image was so soft and heart warming that one would have faced great difficulty taking his eyes off it.

“Brother-in-law, I can’t simply take your money for free. You lent me 75,690 yuan. I don’t have enough to pay you back now but I will work hard and slowly return the full sum to you in the future.”

The ball anger that had just subsided within him flared up suddenly once more. He didn’t care about this small sum of money. The fact that she had given him the note so seriously, which showed how much she had thought through the division of money between them, was what irked him.

She was going to earn money?

How was she going to earn it?

Gong Yi thought back to the male cla.s.smates who had flirted with her, the wretched middle-aged driver, and his employees who had teased her earlier. He had to admit that she had the ability to earn money just by selling her body.

Hadn’t she sold it to him once?

If she ever found herself in such a desperate situation again, maybe she would sell her body once more.

Gong Yi felt himself grow uncomfortable at the thought of her bending down to please another man just as she had done to him.

“You want to return me the money?” Gong Yi stepped towards her, “If you really wish to pay me back, you have to know that there are some rules. When are you going to pay me back? How long will you take? Will there be extra interest payable? If you want to pay me back with interest, I’d be more than happy to increase the amount of money I can lend you. How does six figures sound?”

Bai Beibei was taken aback. She stepped back instinctively as he approached her and treaded backwards until she b.u.mped into a tree trunk.

Gong Yi rushed over to her side. His right hand, which had been holding his car keys, now held the side of her head. He held her firmly in his arms, making it impossible for her to leave.

An unfamiliar and strong masculine scent swept over, instantly drowning her senses. This was not a masculine scent that she could possibly withstand. Her face turned red immediately. She stared up at him with her big eyes, both confused and fl.u.s.tered at the same time.

Gong Yi had been so angry earlier. He felt that she had taken steps to divide their relations.h.i.+p so clearly and maybe he should have done the same. However, right in this moment as the two of them stood close to each other, he breathed in the soft fragrance lingering on her body and looked into her timid eyes. This sent his brain into overdrive and all his blood rushed down his body. He felt a stiffening in his pants.


Gong Yi cursed softly at himself. What kind of spell was he under? The first time they’d met, his body heated up at the sight of her. He refused to lie to himself any longer.

Whoever said that a woman would remember her first s.e.xual experience with a man clearly didn’t think about whether a man would remember his first experience with a woman in the same way.

Gong Yi’s expression darkened, “Go home and use the computer to calculate how much money you owe me. If you really can’t pay, don’t you still have something else in your repertoire?”

Gong Yi glanced at her delicate figure. He let go of her and turned to get into the car.

Bai Beibei knew instantly what he had referred to. The terrifying memories of that night rushed over her. The blood in her body turned cold and her hands and feet started trembling.

She hadn’t wanted to do so, but she had no choice. She only had her body. To save her mother-in-law, she had been willing to do anything.

However, things were not as simple as she had thought. The events that took place in the bathroom that night was almost like a nightmare. She had no idea that a man and a woman commit an act so shameful together.

She did not have the courage to relive her experiences. She had buried the events of that night deep in her heart. It made her feel dark and filthy.

Gong Yi opened the car door and was about to enter when a soft voice came from behind him, “I’ll calculate it according to the bank’s six points. I will pay you three thousand per month, for six years and 21 days. I would have successfully cleared my debt by then.”

Gong Yi turned around and looked at the girl in surprise, “What are you talking about?”

Bai Beibei clenched her little fists and glared at him. Her voice was soft despite her anger, as if she’d never raised her voice before.

“Go back and get the computer to calculate for yourself!”

She turned around abruptly and left.


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