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Chapter 147: Come To The Hotel Room To Look For Me

Ning Qing finished her words and stood up, turning to leave.

She had just turned around, and her entire body froze. Xu Junxi was standing behind her.

He was staring intently at her.

“Ning Qing, you…”

Ning Qing stood up slowly and smiled elegantly, “Ning Yao, I did not lie to you. You told me the truth, and I gave you the recording pen. This is a fair deal.”

Ning Yao collapsed as she sat on the sofa. She did not dare lift her head to look at Xu Junxi; she already knew she was dead.

She was really done. Xu Junxi had found out.

He knew everything now.

Ning Qing lifted her feet and walked towards the main doors of the cafe. She pa.s.sed by Xu Junxi’s side, and Xu Junxi said in a sinister tone, “Was what she said all true?”

Ning Qing nodded her head and replied, ” I think we can trust her.”

“I got it.” Xu Junxi’s eyes were dull as he looked at Ning Yao and answered her.

Ning Qing lowered her gaze as she saw that his large palm by his side had already formed into a fist, and even the green veins on his forehead were jumping. He probably did not feel too well inside his heart.

No matter whether he loved Ning Qing or not, he had been fooled by a woman for so many years, and got the line “he was too easy to fool” in the end. No man in this situation would be able to shoulder this.

Ning Yao was someone who has altered the course of his life.

Xu Junxi looked at Ning Qing. His red-rimmed eyes were gentle, and he said hoa.r.s.ely, “Ning Qing, you do not need to worry. She has me fooled for so long and bullied you so much. I will not allow her to live well, I…”

“Xu Junxi.” Ning Qing interrupted him and continued, “You have been mistaken. I do not care about what happened between you and Ning Yao. The things that happened in the past have had their impact on all 3 of us, and we are all responsible. I asked you to punish her because only by making her lose everything and leaving her no home to return to, only then would she show her true colours.”

Xu Junxi froze and said, “Didn’t you say that her words were believable?”

“Yes, they are indeed believable, but we cannot discount the fact that she might be hiding some facts from us, or that maybe she knew who sent that photo over, that she knew who was the mastermind behind this. You forced her down a road of no return. She will definitely contact that person. Order someone to keep surveillance on her, and you will have your answer very quickly.”

Xu Junxi’s gaze was full of admiration. The girl before him was all grown up, and she was getting more and more intelligent.

“Umm, I will give you a call when that time comes.”

“Okay, then I will be making a move.” Ning Qing turned and left.

“Qingqing.” Xu Junxi locked onto her slim wrist. He actually had many things to say to her, and now he felt horrible inside his heart. He wanted her to accompany him for a longer time.

“President Xu, what other matters do you have? If there’s anything else, please say so, and please let go of my wrist.” Ning Qing tried to take her wrist back.

She turned around to look, and she only saw Xu Junxi staring at her wrist. She was dressed in a white bell-bottom sleeve dress. The sleeves were broad, and her snowy white skin on her entire slim arm and wrist were full of blue and black hickies. Lu Shaoming took great effort to kiss her entire body.

Ning Qing’s small face was a little red. She exerted some strength to take her hand back, and she did not turn her head as she left.

Xu Junxi froze for a moment. He curled his lips up mockingly; what was he still wis.h.i.+ng for? She was already Lu Shaoming’s woman.

Just now, she did not even care about the reason he was punis.h.i.+ng Ning Yao. She had let go of it completely.

It was also good this way. He only wanted to look at her in the future and quietly protect her. It would be good as long as she was in bliss.

Xu Junxi lifted his heels to walk towards Ning Yao. Ning Yao stood from up the sofa quickly, and she explained frantically, “Junxi, all of this was sinisterly plotted by Ning Qing. She fooled me to say these words. I do love you, I love you sincerely.”

“Heh.” Xu Junxi laughed with no expression on his face. “Do you actually love my money, or did you want to replace Ning Qing as my fiancée? Or maybe you loved me for being too easy to fool?”

“Junxi, don’t be like this. Those words that I said just now were all nonsense. I beg you not to take it to heart…”

“Ning Yao, I actually planned to give you a large sum of money to make up for your lost youth. I still thought of raising the child in your belly. But you cannot gain anything now. Go to the hospital to abort the child. Get lost from T City, and disappear from my sight!”

The tears in Ning Yao’s eyes trickled down fervently. “Abort the child? Junxi, how can you say these words? This is your flesh and blood.”

“There are so many women who can give birth to children for me, Xu Junxi. I can produce other descendants in the future. Why would I want such an evil and cunning woman like you to be my child’s mother? Ning Yao, do you know that you ruined my entire life? It is also okay if you want to give birth to this child, but I would not admit my paternity. I would not give a single cent. If you still want to persist on giving birth to this child who will confer no advantage, then I will only gift with you with four words: Do as you wis.h.!.+”

Xu Junxi turned to leave as soon as he spoke.

Ning Yao used her hands to cup her face, did she already go on the path of no return?

No, it can’t be like this. She still has an ace up her sleeve.

Ning Qing received a call from her mother in the afternoon.

Her mother was extremely furious on the other end. “Qingqing, what exactly happened between you and Yun Fan? You are not kids anymore. Why would you two get into a disagreement? Now Yunfan says that he wants to move out, and he said that it was you who asked him to do so. Grandma heard of this matter, and she was furious, Grandma wants to speak to you…”

Grandma s.n.a.t.c.hed the phone over and said, “Qingqing, what is wrong with you and Yunfan? Yunfan does not have any more relatives in T City. He came back this time to visit you! How did you bear to chase him away?”

Ning Qing heard her words and supported her forehead, she explained saying, “Grandma, I…”

Before she could speak her next words, she heard, “Grandma, forget it.” Mu Yunfan’s sounded maligned as his voice carried over from the other end. “Don’t make Qing Qing feel bad. Qingqing misunderstood me. It is all my fault. Grandma, Aunt Wanqing, you two take care of your health. I will still come to visit you when I have time.”

Ning Qing heard her grandmother’s anxious tone and the sound of tugging. ” Yunfan, don’t leave. How would I answer to your grandmother if you leave? We have been friends for generations and have so many years of friends.h.i.+p…”

“Mum, mum!” Grandma’s voice suddenly stopped, and Yue Wanqing loudly called out, “Things are bad, Yunfan. Grandma is going to faint. Quick help her up.”

Ning Qing was taken aback, and held onto the phone tightly, “Mum, mum, what is wrong with Grandma?”

“Qingqing, the doctor has already said that Grandma does not have many days left. She cannot withstand more setbacks. What is wrong with you? This house is in a mess! Why don’t you say a word?”

Ning Qing knitted her eyebrows. Was Mu Yunfan making use of Grandma?

He knew that Grandma was not in the pink of health; the doctor had said that grandma could not make it past 2 months, and the end was coming soon. He did not want to be phased out, so he turned this into a huge commotion and made Grandma feel uncomfortable. Was he really using this to control her?

It was only today that she really understood how shameless Mu Yunfan truly is.

She sighed in her heart and said, “Mum, ask him to continue living at home.”

After confirming that Grandma was fine, Ning Qing ended the call, and she took out her phone to send a text to Lu Shaoming –

[Shaoming, I already knew what I did wrong. I will protect myself well in the future and maintain distance with Mu Yunfan. But he is still the relative of the Ning family. We will still have interactions. I hope that you can give me more time and trust. I will settle everything well. Shaoming, you are my husband. We will band together in the future and face obstacles as a team. Is that okay?]

This time Lu Shaoming replied quickly. [Okay]

It was a short word, and Ning Qing cracked a smile as she read it.

This was the best encouragement that he has given her.

The next day, Ning Qing went to school. When it was time for gym cla.s.s, her cla.s.smate asked her to go to cla.s.s together. “Ning Qing, let’s go together.”

Ning Qing held onto that cla.s.smate and said, “Xiao Mei, I will not attend gym lessons in the future. Can you help me inform the gym instructor.”

“Ning Qing, why? That is your Older Brother Yunfan. Did you guys get into a quarrel?”

“No. I have recently took on a stage production. This is the first time transitioning to a backstage position. I don’t have time for gym cla.s.s in the future, so I will not be attending cla.s.s.”

“Okay then, Ning Qing. Bye bye.” The cla.s.smate left.

Ning Qing waved towards her, and she said inside her heart, if Mu Yunfan knows how to regret, then he would notice her distancing herself away from him. She hoped that he would sense the situation and stop his antics.

Leave T City to live his own life.

There were many matters, and she did not want to be calculative.

She turned and went backwards. She walked down a corridor, and two bodyguards blocked her. “Sorry, you can’t walk here.”

“I can’t walk here? Why? This is the only way back to my cla.s.sroom. I wasn’t told that it could not be used.” Ning Qing felt something was weird.

At this moment, she heard the soft mewling of a girl. She stretched her small head to look, she turned into a corridor and there was a boy using one hand to support himself on the wall, and he was kissing a girl who had her back against the wall.

They were kissing, unaware of their surroundings.

Ning Qing was flabbergasted as her jaw dropped to the ground. It was as if her pressure points had been struck. This person wearing a coat. The boy had a handsome look. If it wasn’t Mu Yunfan, who else could it be?

And the girl that was against the wall turned out to be, “Xuemei.” Ning Qing could not control herself as she called out to her.

Mu Yunfan and Lin Xuemei?

Her voice interrupted their kiss, Lin Xuemei looked sideways to glance at her. “Ning Qing.” Lin Xuemei looked shy, and she was embarra.s.sed as she ducked into Mu Yunfan’s embrace.

“Qingqing, its you?” Mu Yunfan locked onto Lin Xuemei shoulders and half closed his eyes, casually greeting Ning Qing.

Ning Qing was still shocked as she said, “Xue Mei, what are you…two doing?”

“Qingqing, didn’t you see it? We were kissing. Oh right, I forgot to tell you, Older Brother is dating Xuemei now.”

“What? Dating?” Ning Qing looked at Lin Xuemei. “Xuemei, when did you two start dating? How come I didn’t hear you mention anything about it? Entering a relations.h.i.+p is a big deal; don’t be too rash.”

Mu Yunfan’s actions were too obvious. She just wanted to distance herself from him, and he actually started to date her good friend Lin Xuemei.

What did Mu Yunfan mean by this?

Lin Xuemei was a good girl. She defended her many times, and she was especially naïve. How could he take advantage of the feelings of such a good girl?

Lin Xuemei saw that Ning Qing had a bad expression on her face and she asked,” Ning Qing, aren’t you happy that I am dating Yunfan now? I know that Yunfan has always treated you as a little sister to pamper you, but I am dating him now. It doesn’t affect you two being siblings. Ning Qing, do you have any feelings against me?”

“I…” Gosh, Lin Xuemei had misunderstood her.

“Xuemei, you have misunderstood Qingqing. She is merely unable to accept us being in a relations.h.i.+p for the time being,” Mu Yunfan explained.

Lin Xuemei walked forward and held Ning Qing’s small hand, “Ning Qing, actually I have fallen for Yun Fan a long time ago, but I had a low self esteem last time, he was so competent, I did not dare confess to him, I never thought that he also liked me, all of this feels like a dream. Ning Qing, do you wish us well?”

Ning Qing looked at Lin Xuemei’s excited behavior and lifted her gaze to look at Mu Yunfan. Mu Yunfan had both of his hands inside his pockets, he had a frivolous smile as he looked at her. There was a slight taunting quality to her smile.

Ning Qing curled her lips into a smile forcefully and said, “Xuemei, I wish both of you well.”

In the afternoon, Ning Qing wanted to look for a chance to talk to Xue Mei one on one. Coincidentally, Lin Xuemei sent her a text message to her, [Ning Qing, could you bring a set of clothes to Cla.s.sroom 302.]

Bring her a set of new clothes?

What was going on exactly?

Ning Qing took a set of clothes as she hurried towards room 302. There were two bodyguards standing outside cla.s.sroom 302. Ning Qing had one glance and knew it was Mu Yunfan.

She opened the cla.s.sroom door and stepped inside. The floor was full of torn clothes, and there was a stench in the air. Ning Qing felt her small face go red, and she knew that a pa.s.sionate act had just occurred in the room.

Mu Yunfan had a wool sweater on his body. His hair was in a mess, he was unrestrained and dissolute. He was hugging Lin Xuemei in his arms. Lin Xuemei had blood flowing through her face. The only thing covering her snow white body was Mu Yunfan’s windbreaker.

“Ning Qing, you are here. Pa.s.s the clothes over to me.” Lin Xuemei avoided her gaze shyly. She took the clothes from Ning Qing and hid in a small corner to put on the clothes.

“Mu Yunfan, what do you mean by this? You must be doing this on purpose. Xuemei is an innocent party. How could you ruin her like this?” Ning Qing was furious and chided him while trying to lower her volume.

Mu Yunfan curled his lips and neared her. “Qingqing, why are so angry? You don’t want Older Brother. Can’t I have other women?”

As he spoke, Mu Yunfan used his hand to graze the soft skin on Ning Qing’s small face lightly.

Ning Qing slapped his large palm away and used her small hand to push him away in disgust. “Mu Yunfan, you get lost. Don’t you know that you being like this makes me hate you?”

Mu Yunfan’s gaze darkened. He took two steps backwards as he directly shoved Ning Qing onto the wall of the cla.s.sroom. He used two fingers to cup Ning Qing’s small chin. He laughed coldly, and said, “Qingqing, try saying that you hate me one more time. Do you think that Older Brother wouldn’t tell Lin Xuemei that you tried to seduce me because you didn’t want her to be with me?”

“You, are shameless!” Ning Qing took out her small hand, ready to slap him.

But her small hand was held back by Mu Yunfan. His lips neared hers, and Ning Qing ducked sideways to avoid him. He sniffed Ning Qing’s tender neck and laughed, saying, “Qingqing, you are so fragrant.”

Ning Qing’s moist eyes had ultimate disappointment, “Mu Yunfan, how you have become so shameless? You were born into a wealthy family, handsome and bright; how did you allowed yourself to turn into such a person? You really have disappointed me.”

“Disappointed?” Mu Yunfan laughed nonchalantly and said, “Qingqing, what are you disappointed about? You are disappointed that I did these things with Lin Xuemei? Boys and girls who are dating enter this stage quickly. Could it be that you and Lu Shaoming have yet to do so?”

“I don’t want to talk about this with you. I will only ask you: What do you want exactly? Xuemei is an innocent party!”

“What do I want to do? What does Older Brother want to do… Could it really be that you, Qingqing, don’t know? Aren’t you already distancing yourself from me, not attending my gym cla.s.s? You want to escape from me?”

“Mu Yunfan, I am already Lu Shaoming’s wife. It would not possible for us to be together.”

“Heh, is that right? We will only know once we give it a try. Come to the hotel room to look for me tonight.”


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