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Chapter 1526: All Men Like to Kiss the Woman They Like

Through the thin fabric, she could feel his strong muscles and healthy heartbeat. On top of that, the clean, pine-like scent he had on him had quickly invaded her senses. It did not smell bad. She even thought that it smelled good.

She felt uncomfortable, so she moved her body backward.

When she moved, Lu fan quickly stretched out his strong arm to grab her tiny waist, pressing her against himself. He looked at her unhappily, his gaze telling her not to move.

But, this was too close…

Ou Xuyan raised her eyes and looked at him.

Only then did Lu Fan realize that something was off. Her delicate little face was flushed red and extremely soft. She was looking at him as if she was both embarra.s.sed and angry.

He could feel the softness of her body. The body of a 24-year-old girl was fully soft and supple, and the tactile sensation he felt made him unconsciously swallow.

Ou Xuyan could feel that his gaze had become hotter, which even made the narrow s.p.a.ce a few degrees hotter. Feeling embarra.s.sed and awkward, she attempted to push his arm away.

However, Little Jack suddenly pushed her from behind. Caught off guard, she tripped forward, and her red lips covered Lu Fan’s lips.

Little Jack quickly covered his face. Big brother and big sister were kissing!

Ou Xuyan was so shocked that her eyes were wide open. This was her first kiss. She and big brother Ading treated each other courteously, as such, they had only held hands. No man had ever kissed her lips. Now, Lu Fan was the first.

She quickly pushed Lu Fan away and then lowered her eyes to glare at Little Jack.

Little Jack mischievously stuck out his little tongue.

At this time, the people outside had all left, and three walked out from their hiding place.

“Jack, you’re really a little rascal!” Ou Xuyan quickly grabbed Jack’s ear.

“Big sister, it hurts!” Jack pitifully cried out in pain, “I didn’t do anything wrong!”

“You still won’t admit that you did something wrong?”

“Big sister, then what is it that you’re saying I did wrong?”

“You!” Ou Xuyan’s ears were red. She let go of Little Jack’s ears, then turned around and glared at Lu Fan, before turning around and leaving.

Lu Fan looked at her charming figure and then smiled gently.

“Big brother, are you going to thank me?” Little Jack came to ask for credit proudly.

Lu Fan reached out and patted Little Jack’s head. “You’re still so little, and what’s all these ideas in your head?”

“I know big brother likes big sister. Don’t all men want to kiss the woman they like? For example, I like Xiao Hua who lives next door. I’ve secretly kissed her, her lips are so soft.”

So soft…

Lu Fan raised his eyebrows. This was a good adjective. Her lips were really soft, like jelly, and they smelled so good.

He tried to recollect the pleasure carefully, unfortunately, the kiss just now was too short as she had pushed him away in an instant.

At this time, Little Jack sighed, “It’s a pity that Xiao Hua was also abducted by these human traffickers. I must save Xiao Hua!”

Lu Fan smiled. He was genuinely amused by this little boy.


The three of them quickly found the place where all the children were. There were two of the men in black inside who were there to deliver the food, and Lu Fan knocked them unconscious.

“Children, don’t be afraid. We are here to save you. Now, you have to leave with us. Remember to be quiet and be brave. If I tell you to run, you must run forward without looking back. As long as you run out, you will see your parents,” Ou Xuyan encouraged them.

The children were wearing tattered clothes. At first, they were afraid, but when they heard the mention of their parents, their eyes lit up.


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