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Chapter 476: He Liked Women Who Were Composed And Intelligent

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After a glance at the little girl’s big, pure eyes, Yin Muchen looked away quietly. He held her small fragrant shoulder with his right hand and turned her around, half embracing and half pus.h.i.+ng her towards the restaurant. “Your parents told me last night.”

“Oh.” Yin Shuiling nodded to show that she understood.

At this time, the gate of the villa opened, and Liu Caizhe came in. “Muchen, Miss Yin, breakfast is here.” He placed the meal box in his hand on the table.

Yin Muchen stood beside the girl and rubbed her little head. “Shuiling, Older Brother is going to the office. You play at home yourself. There is a cinema upstairs. If you are bored again, I’ve a.s.signed you a personal driver to take you shopping. Because Older Brother seldom eats at home, just have some take out this morning. The helper will arrive later. You can tell her what you like to eat. ”

Yin Shuiling was sitting on the dining chair. She looked up at the handsome face of the man as she softly and timidly asked, “Do you eat out for all your meals, Older Brother? My mother says that there is no nutrition in takeout.”

Her small pink lips pouted as she said that. Her bright big eyes overflowed with a soft, gentle kind of heartache. “How did Older Brother survive in the United States for the past seven years? You don’t even know how to take care of yourself! ”

Yin Muchen’s big hands there were caressing her little head paused. His heart felt as if a feather had tickled it — it felt soft and ticklish.

“Let’s eat. Older Brother will bring you chopsticks and a little spoon.” Yin Muchen went to the kitchen.

Liu Caizhe had brought a very plentiful breakfast. Yin Muchen had ordered everything the girl likes to eat. He handed a bowl of glutinous rice porridge to the girl. At that time, Yin Muchen walked over.

The tall, upright man stood beside the girl. He bent down, scooped a mouthful of porridge with a small spoon, then brought it near his mouth to blow the heat away.

Liu Caizhe was standing as he looked at the brother and sister at that end. The two slender arms of the girl were propped on the tabletop as she daintily asked, “Is it hot, Older Brother?”

The man handed the spoon to her and shook his head gently. “It’s not hot. Taste it.”

“Ok.” The girl grabbed the spoon. She opened her cherry mouth and took a sip due to her usual daintiness. Then she nodded. “Older Brother, it’s delicious.”

She scooped out a spoonful of porridge and handed it to the man. “Older Brother, have a taste too.”

The man opened his mouth and took a bite.

Liu Caizhe smiled. He was 100% sure that if he didn’t hurry the man, he would be late for the meeting this morning again.

To be honest, he felt that it was strange. Has the man’s head been struck by the door? Does he have a little sister or…was he doting on his daughter?

He said, “Muchen, it’s about time. It’s time to leave.”

Yin Muchen stood straight. “Shuiling, Older Brother is leaving.” He went to the living room in long strides. He took a windbreaker and was about to go.

At this time, Yin Shuiling, who was eating porridge, thought of something and curiously asked, “Older Brother, last night, that bad uncle said that he would show me a real plane. What is a real plane?”

Liu Caizhe was stunned after he heard that. He looked back at the girl at the table. He just wanted to laugh. At the age of 15, she really doesn’t understand anything. She would ask whether she should ask or not.

Who could stand someone with the beauty of flowers and jade yet so innocent and tender?

At this time, Liu Caizhe felt that there were two lines of vision staring at him. He looked sideways, and Yin Muchen, who was in the living room, was staring at him with deep displeasure.

Liu Caizhe shrugged and raised his hands in surrender. “I’ll go now.”

He walked out the villa door.

Yin Muchen then swept a pair of ink-black eyes over the girl. The girl was looking at him, simple and curious, innocent as a blank piece of paper.

He cleared his throat slightly, took his windbreaker, and walked to the door. “The real plane is at the airport. When you grow up, you’ll know when you’ve taken the real plane.”

In the limousine, Liu Caizhe looked at Yin Muchen in the back seat through the rearview mirror. The man was answering the phone. He could hear it clearly because it was on speaker-phone.

It was the phone call from the Yin family’s servant, telling the whole process of yesterday’s plane crash in clear detail.

“I see,” Yin Muchen said, without many expressions. He hung up.

Liu Caizhe looked at the deep and handsome face of the man and asked, “Why, did Miss Yin lie to you that she broke it? Look at you like that, heart aching…”

Yin Muchen didn’t speak.

Emotionally, Liu Caizhe said, “Girls Miss Yin’s age begin to become delicate and sensitive. In the past seven years, although she wasn’t clear about the secret things and fights between you and her parents, she must have felt that her parents are on the left, while her older brother is on her right. Miss Yin is stuck in the middle, and it mustn’t feel good”

Yin Muchen looked out of the window. He knew; he knew all about it.

Yin Shuiling stayed in the apartment and didn’t go out. After breakfast, the helper arrived. She looked kind-hearted and cleaned the apartment after was.h.i.+ng some fruits for her. She went into the kitchen and was busy.

Yin Shuiling looked at the helper who was cutting potato shreds neatly. She was envious. “Auntie, your cooking skills look so impressive. Where did you learn it?”

The more the helper looked at the dainty and tender little girl, the more she liked her. She smiled and said, “I learned it in culinary school, of course.”

Culinary School?

Yin Shuiling thought about it. She also wanted to apply to one and learn cooking skills well. After that, she could prepare meals for her older brother.

Yin Shuiling thought about it and felt very happy. Suddenly, her stomach hurt. When she covered her stomach with her little hand, she felt hot liquid rus.h.i.+ng out.

She turned pale with fear.

She pulled out her thin, fair legs as she ran up. When she entered the bedroom bathing room and took off her pants to take a look, she nearly fell from the shock.

There was blood on her panties!

The 15-year-old girl hadn’t gotten her period yet. She doesn’t suffer any injuries normally, let alone see blood. Her legs trembled as tears of fear appeared in her eyes.

The helper was still busy in the kitchen, when suddenly, she heard the sound of fl.u.s.tered footsteps. She came out hurriedly to see that the door of the apartment had been opened and the little girl was changing her shoes to go out.

“Miss, where are you going?” the helper asked.

“To find my older brother.”

“Mr. Yin? I’ll call first… ”

“No need, the driver uncle is waiting downstairs. I’ll go directly to my brother’s company. Goodbye Auntie.”

At Global Finance

In the CEO’s office, Hu Ya brought in a cup of coffee he had brewed. Liu Caizhe stood at the desk and pointed to the business laptop on the desk. He kept a low voice and excitedly said, “Muchen, we’ve followed them for a week. In this half a month, the currency has devalued, and oil prices fell sharply. Everyone was cautious and selling their shares. But we boldly put in our chips a week ago, and now the value has increased by 13 times!”

Hu Ya respectfully handed the coffee to Yin Muchen. In the past four years, he had fought countless beautiful turnaround battles with Boss, and his heart was already trained and used to these situations. However, Hu Ya also laughed and said, “Boss, we’ve made a little more money from this. Those financial predecessors might be jealous again.”

Yin Muchen’s long fingers held up the coffee cup as his right hand took a spoon and stirred it a few times, then he took a light sip. He raised his lips, and there was a light l.u.s.ter in his eyes. “Those jealous ones will surely chase after the stocks at high prices. We’ll find a high point in the afternoon and sell them all away. ”

Liu Caizhe had no objections. “Ok,” he said as he looked at Yin Muchen. “You’re bad indeed. Those red-eyed ones are going to bleed in the morning.”

“Hah.” Yin Muchen chuckled with a raised sharp brow and put the coffee cup on the table. He leaned his handsome body back in the chair. “The financial game is playing with heartbeats. Those predecessors are a little too old to play, so it’s better for them to retire early.”

Liu Caizhe and Hu Ya looked at each other. Why had they followed Yin Muchen so wholeheartedly in the past four years? That was because they took a fancy to the sharp, arrogant, and domineering spirit of this man!

The 25-year-old man was in his prime. He could afford to play and wait.

Yin Muchen gently closed his ink-black eyes, the thumb of his right hand came to the temple and pressed twice. He felt tired after days of digital reports.

Seeing this, Liu Caizhe began to laugh. “Muchen, you’ve been back in T City for two or three months. You haven’t relaxed for a long time, have you? Shall I call Lidy in to give you a ma.s.sage?”

Everyone could understand the meaning of “relaxed.” Yin Muchen propped one hand on the chair and did not answer.

Liu Caizhe gave Hu Ya a look. Hu Ya nodded, and they went out one after another.

The office door opened again and Lidy came in.

The man still kept the posture of rubbing his temples. Lidy stepped forward lightly and came to him. Her fair little hand reached out and touched his big hand. The man did not refuse. He closed his eyes and adjusted his posture. His whole body leaned back. He then rested his head on the back of the chair.

Lidy stood behind the leather chair, two soft fair hands pressed on his temples, giving him a ma.s.sage.

After a while, the man’s tired brows slowly relaxed.

Lidy’s hands slid down his from temples. Her fair fingers slid across his delicate and perfect lines, then came to his strong, broad chest.

The man didn’t speak, but his silent att.i.tude was acquiescence.

Lidy’s gaze was hot. She went around him and squatted down beside the man’s legs. She reached out her little hand and came to the metal belt at the man’s waist.

At this time, Yin Muchen opened his eyes. The man’s ink-black eyes were extremely deep and did not show any emotions. His handsome body buried in the seat was lazy and languid as well. His left fingers slowly squeezed her jaw and his gaze swept across her face as if bored.

Lidy was very confident in her face and figure. She was the winner of a beauty contest. Later, she went to work and became a strong career woman. She also had a distinguished family background. Many men wanted to marry her.

But when she saw this man in the United States, she was fascinated by him. She had been fascinated by his young and handsome appearance, his sharp financial talent, and his devilish and strong demeanor in bed.

She had been with him for more than four years. All these years, she saw the women around him coming and going, without any definition.

He was not enthusiastic about women and could be regarded as aloof, but he changes them frequently. The bad nature of men means that he always liked to taste fresh things.

But he also took a special view on her. Otherwise, he would not have brought her home instead of the many other women in the United States.

She knew what he saw in her and why he liked her. He saw and liked her tenderness and quietness.

When he needed her, she would come and serve him wholeheartedly. When he didn’t need her, she would stand far away, taking care of his work and admiring him silently.

He liked women who were composed and intelligent.

Like her.


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