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Chapter 559: I Will Pamper You Extremely Well

Yin Shuiling widened her large eyes. She had spoken so harshly, and he actually still came to kiss her?

She opened her eyes and looked at his handsome face that was enlarged in front of her eyes. He closed his eyes as he kissed her. He was not rough and did not make her feel pain, but he was gentle as he pressed down on her small fragrant lips before he sucked on them for a moment.

He was captivated.

Yin Muchen kissed her for a while before opening his eyes. His voice was hoa.r.s.e, and he intentionally lowered his volume to beg her slightly. “I am not short changing you. After you sleep with me this time, I will allow you to meet Yin De. Don’t say those things again to anger me once more, okay? You obviously know that I cannot take it. If I am able to withstand it, three years ago, I wouldn’t have done those things to you…”

Three years ago, when he saw her coming-out of the hotel with Fan Chengsi, and after he found out that she was pregnant, he lost control of himself immediately, and that was the reason why he made a mistake that could not be forgiven.

And now, history was repeating itself, but he tried his best to control the temper inside his heart. He did not bear to hurt her, and he would not harm her again in the future.

Yin Shuiling froze for a few seconds. She was not used to his temper that became soft suddenly. All of her actions froze. Sleeping with him this time could get her an opportunity to see Yin De, and this trade off… She wanted to do it.

He knew that she was willing, so he used this opportunity to bring it up.

Yin Shuiling pushed him away. “I don’t want to do it here…”

“I won’t allow it.” Yin Muchen shook his head. “I know you don’t want to do it here, so I picked this place. I want you to learn your lesson. In the future, you are not allowed to seduce other men. You are not allowed to let them touch you again. If there is a next time, I will still bring you back here to punish you. I want you to sleep with you…in front of your parents.”

It turned out that this was his motive.

He always knew what she was afraid of, and the more afraid she was of something, the more he used it against her to coerce her. This man’s heart was always so cruel.

“Yin Muchen, aren’t you going way overboard? This trade off is just a trade off. I allow you to sleep with me, and you will allow me to see my father. As for the things between me and other men, are you able to care so much?”

Yin Muchen stretched his left hand out to touch her small, exquisite face. He curled the corners of his lips up to smile. His smile was so cold, and it hid away so many troubles that n.o.body knew about. Yin Shuiling still did not understand the grievances that he had because she still did not know anything.

“If I want to care about it, I can. This trade off is not fair. The rules of this trade off will be up to me to decide. You can only comply. Otherwise, not only would you be unable to meet Yin De, but Yin De will also suffer.”


“Shuiling, sleeping one time with one another to change for a chance to meet once is way too troublesome. What about this: you move in with me, and in the future, I will allow you to see Yin De periodically… In the past, the number of men that you’ve had, I will not be fussy about it, but in the future, you can only have me alone. This is my bottom line. If you direspect it, I will definitely punish you.”

Yin Shuiling was angry, but she broke out into laughter instead. “Yin Muchen, you’ve been trying to make use of my father to gain control over me for my entire life. You’d better be careful. I will curse you inside my heart. I will curse you and hope that you have an early death!”

“Haha.” Yin Muchen laughed softly and lowered his head down to kiss her red lips once again. “You don’t have to curse me. I have been in the corporate world for such a long period of time. There are so many people who wish for my death. If you bear to do so, then you should go and collaborate with them. I guarantee that I will die.”

“Yin Muchen, don’t think that I won’t do that. There might be a day in the future that I really will…”

Yin Shuiling’s voice came to a sudden stop because the man used his large palm to come into corner of the suit jacket. Her entire body was frozen up like a rock, and the man was not satisfied as he took his hand out to undo the b.u.t.tons of the suit jacket.

Yin Shuiling pressed down on his large hand. Her voice was shaking as she lowered her volume down to negotiate with him. “Yin Muchen, I am begging you right now. I really do not want to do it here, my mother is watching…”

Yin Muchen did not bother with her. She made a mistake and should receive punishment. Otherwise, she would still make more mistakes in the future.

And now, she was already grown up. She was way too beautiful. There were too many men around her. He had already felt that she was about to escape his control, and he was afraid.

There was a sudden salty flavour in his mouth. He tasted the flavour of tears. He lifted his eyebrows up as he opened his eyes unhappily. He only saw the girl’s small face turned pale white like a piece of paper. She was s.h.i.+vering and used her small hand to block her eyes.

She was really afraid of this place.

Yin Muchen’s dark eyes were full of pain and love. He held onto the back of her head as he coaxed her gently. “Shuiling, come and kiss me, just like in the past… If you kiss me and make me happy, I will bring you somewhere else…”

Somewhere else?

Yin Shuiling really wanted to change locations. In the past, when her mother was still around, she really could not accept her being together with Yin Muchen, and now, for her father, she was unable to reject him. Upon hearing what he said, she did not hesitate at all as she lifted both of her small hands up and curled up onto his neck before presenting her red lips.

She did not have much experience with kissing. She did not kiss Yin Muchen many times back then. All of her experience was learned from him. She was inexperienced as she pressed down on his soft, thin lips before looking at him expectantly with ehr wet eyes. She had just teared up. Her voice was soft and coy like a young girl’s. “Is that okay?”

Yin Muchen lifted his eyebrows up. He was already in a good mood. “Shuiling, didn’t anyone teach you how to kiss these past few years? Why are you still so inexperienced? Don’t you know how to open your mouth?”

Yin Shuiling did not want to use her words to provoke him right now. She turned her head to have a look at the photos on the coffee table before closing in with her red lips. She followed him as she opened her small mouth up and sucked on his lips.

Yin Muchen tasted the sweet flavour in her mouth. He took the opportunity to lead as he held onto her small tongue.

Yin Shuiling firmly held his sleeves with both hands. She stared at him with her large eyes. As she glared at him, she did not dare to close her eyes. Electricity coursed through all of the vessels in her body. She was together with him for three years in the past; she knew that there was a reaction in his body.

This kind of reaction made her feel even more embarra.s.sed.

There were pictures of her mother placed on the coffee table, the painful past three years ago were still fresh in her memories, she did not forget about them at all, but she could not control her own body, and she still had feelings for her.

This kind of feeling came so strongly.

Her face was both red and pale. There was a bout of hot air that crashed with a gust of cold air inside her body. She forgot how to breathe, and her small face turned crimson red immediately.

Yin Muchen let go of her when she was about to stop breathing. He only noticed that the small woman’s beautiful eyes were both pure and solitary. She was a little muddled, but she still resisted him greatly.

He could not bear to let her suffer after all, so he stood up as he took her up in his arms.


Yin Shuiling let out a sigh of relief. She thought that he was about to bring her to leave this villa, but the direction he was heading in was not correct. She was fearful as the man carried her upstairs before kicking the door of her childhood room open.

“Yin Muchen, you said that you were going to bring me somewhere else.”

“I did: from the sofa in the living room to the bed in your room.”

“Shameless! Liar!” Yin Shuiling was extremely furious. She balanced herself as she gave him a painful bite on his shoulders.

Yin Muchen pressed her onto the large soft bed. Everything inside the room was pink in colour. The room still had the childish scent that she had on her when she was young.

His entire body was emitting heat. His long fingers were moving. He removed his suit and bit her small earlobes lightly. He lowered his volume to say, “Shuiling, I will tell you a secret. Do you know when I wanted to have you? The night before I left for America when I was 18 years old, you slept together with me, and my pants were wet.”

Yin Shuiling’s small face was crimson red. She took in a breath of cold air as she looked at him. She kneaded her small fist to hit his broad shoulders. “Yin Muchen, are you not ashamed?”

At that time, she was so young.

Yin Muchen held her small fist in the centre of his palm as he kissed it. He stretched his hand out to tug the pink curtains. He used one hand to undo the b.u.t.tons on his own s.h.i.+rt and made use of another hand to press her face into the pillows. “Shuiling, be good. Listen to me, be together with me properly. The taste that I will make you feel, at least on your body, you will definitely like me.”

Forty minutes later

The room was like a steamy sauna. There was a bout of hot air that could not dissipate, and there was a musty scent in the air.

The pink curtains were pulled apart by a large hand. Yin Muchen got off the bed and bent over to pick the clothes on the ground, and he put each piece back on.

The injury on his right hand was b.l.o.o.d.y and messy. He did not care about it. He stood up straight and lifted his eyebrows up. He turned around and wrapped the girl in his suit jacket before picking her up.

Yin Shuiling was curled up in his embrace. She was obedient and cute like a small kitten, and she was beyond exhausted as she did not have the energy to even open her eyes.

Her small face was steamed red. There was a layer of fragrant sweat on her forehead. Her maroon lips were broken, and her entire face was lazy and attractive. She looked extremely soft.

“It has been a long time since someone has lived here. It is not convenient for you to take a shower here. I will bring you back. Close your eyes and take a rest first. I will tell you when we are there.” Yin Muchen dropped his gaze, and his voice was extremely gentle as he spoke to her.

“Oh…” Yin Shuiling was lazy as she replied before closing her eyes to sleep.

When she opened her eyes again, she had already returned to Yin Muchen’s bedroom inside his villa. Yin Shuiling’s body felt warm and comfortable. She opened her eyes to have a look. She was already inside an extremely large bathtub, and the warm water had bubble of milk bubbles together with rose petals floating on top.

Yin Muchen stood at the side of the tub and used his left hand to cup some water as he drizzled it onto her shoulders.

Yin Shuiling turned her gaze sideways to look at him. He was also looking at her. The man’s dark gaze was bright and deep. His handsome features had a layer of gentleness that could not melt away. He said, “I will help you to wash up first.”

“I don’t want to!” Yin Shuiling patted his large palm. She looked at the bloodstains by the side of the bathtub and raised her eyebrows. “Your hand is bleeding. You made my water dirty now.”

Yin Muchen looked at his right hand. The bloodstains on top were all dried up, but just now, when he prepared the warm water for her, he exposed the wound to water, and the blood clot dissolved, so some blood started to flow.

He curled the corners of his lips as he smiled. “You finally care about my injury.”

Yin Shuiling was at a loss for words. If he thought that she was worried about him, then she would allow him to think that way.

She curled her small body in the tub of warm water and did not allow him to look at her beauty.

Yin Muchen stood up and said, “I will go and bandage it up right now.”

He turned around to leave.

Downstairs, Hu Ya and the doctor were waiting for a long period of time. Yin Muchen sat down on the sofa, and the doctor opened the first aid box to help him manage his wound.

“President Yin, bear with the pain for a moment. There is a gla.s.s shard stuck inside the wound. I will help you get it out.”

“Okay.” Yin Muchen nodded his head.

Because the wound was not treated for a long period of time, the gla.s.s shard was deeply embedded inside the wound, so when the doctor came to pinch the gla.s.s shard out, Yin Muchen grunted out in pain, and a bout of cold sweat appeared on his forehead.

Hu Ya looked at the two deep red gashes on the hand of his own President. He felt his legs go soft. The old injury was overlapped with new injuries, and it was all because of the girl. How could President allow himself to be ruined because of her?

Bu when President was suffering, that girl…

Hu Ya had a look at that closely shut room door before shaking his head.


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