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Chapter 584: Had Plans For Me. Why Didn’t You Consider Whether You Were Suited To Do So?

Yin Shuiling looked on as a couple walked out of the elevator. The man was tall and handsome, and the woman was probably 20 years old, looking small and pet.i.te…

The man was Yin Muchen. Yin Shuiling looked at the woman, but she did not recognize her. She did not know her and has never met her before.

The moment both of them walked out. Yin Shuiling quickly ducked behind a pillar in the main lobby.

The sound of steady steps rang out in the air. Yin Shuiling perched herself behind the pillar to have a peek at Yin Muchen and that woman. They had already walked over to the main doors, Yin Muchen’s steps were large, and the woman was chasing after him. That woman looked at Yin Muchen with admiration and love in her eyes. She coyly said, “Older Brother, wait for me…

Older Brother?

The two disappeared from her line of sight. Yin Shuiling was in a daze as she stood on the spot. Older Brother…

She found it very funny, at the same time. She curled the corners of her lips up as she laughed. Older Brother… In the past, her favourite thing to do was to follow behind him while she called him Older Brother…

She thought that she was his only younger sister.

How many women did he act as an Older Brother to?

Yin Shuiling stood there on the spot for two whole minutes. She took her phone out from the pocket of her winter coat before dialing Yin Muchen’s number.

At this moment, Yin Muchen was walking out of the main lobby. He walked towards the parking lot beside the flowerbed. He held the car keys in two fingers, and he pressed it in the direction of the Rolls Royce in front of him.

Ding! The door opened, and he walked towards the driver’s seat.

Xiao Qing chased over, and she walked over to the side of the front pa.s.senger seat.

At this moment, a melodious ringtone rang out in the air. The phone in his pocket started to ring. He took it out to have a look. When he had a clear look at the familiar number, there was a gentle expression on his face.

He pressed the key to answer the call. His voice was deep and charming. “h.e.l.lo, Shuiling…”

“h.e.l.lo, Yin Muchen, where are you right now?”

“I just came out of the company, I am preparing to drive the car over to meet that senior.”

“Oh, do you have someone by your side? For example, a woman…” As she spoke, the girl’s voice was a little lazy as she said, “If you secretly fetch a woman behind my back, what would happen if you went to sleep with someone else instead of visiting that senior?”

Yin Muchen lifted his gaze to have a look at Xiao Qing, who was standing opposite him. He was afraid that she would misunderstand, so he denied it, “I don’t have any. There are no women by my side…” As he spoke, he curled the corners of his lips up as he lowered his voice down, “It is enough for me as long as I have you. If you don’t believe it, I will go back home tonight to hand in my homework.”

The other end was silent for a few seconds before the woman lazily replied, “Okay. Bye bye.”

She hung up.

Yin Muchen put the phone in his pocket before he opened the door of the car to sit inside.

Xiao Qing saw him get into the car, so she opened the door and lifted one leg up to get in.

At this moment, the man in the driver’s seat pursed his thin lips. He said two words. He was cruel and cold as he said, “Get out!”

Xiao Qing froze directly. She looked at the handsome and perfect man in the car and felt a little wronged. “Older Brother, aren’t we going back to G.o.dma’s place right now? I will go back together with you.”

“I will drive back; you take a cab on your own.”

“Older Brother, you…”

“You want to get in my car?” Yin Muchen said while he moved his head. He squinted his dark eyes and raised his eyebrows up to glance at Xiao Qing briefly. The gaze was full of the mocking of a matured man. “Or do you want to get on my body?”

Or do you want to get on my body…

Xiao Qing’s small face was crimson red. She did not expect Yin Muchen to say these direct and frank words.

Especially when his gaze scanned her body. He was dressed simply in a s.h.i.+rt and trousers. He still looked as elegant as he did on a regular basis, but his elegance was together with the rogueness and evilness of a man, a 32 year old man that had been through so many things. He scanned her with a mocking gaze, and in front of him, it was just as if she were nude.

A handsome and exquisite man like him, any woman would seem not to fitting for.

Xiao Qing was at a loss for words. Yin Muchen pressed his left hand on the steering wheel. His right hand that had a wrist watch on it touched his firm chin before he lazily said, “I am a fussy person. You are someone that is not considered to be pretty. Your figure is not considered good. I am totally uninterested in you. Would I not know your intentions? If not for the fact that my mother likes you, you wouldn’t have lasted till today.”

As he spoke, Yin Muchen lazily placed his right arm on the seat. The material of his s.h.i.+rt on his shoulders was more crumpled as he leaned towards the back. He was mesmerizing and elegant as he said, “Next time, don’t use my mother as a s.h.i.+eld to come over to the company to look for me. That little show that you are putting on is not enough for me to watch. As a person, it is fine to be a little less outstanding. The most important thing would be to know what you are actually worth. You have feelings for me, so why don’t you have a look at yourself to see if you are actually worthy?”

The crimson shade on Xiao Qing’s face faded away. Her face was pale. The words that the man said could not be considered insults, but just because of that, it was even more insulting.

It was as if two brushes were scrubbing the skin on her face, and the man had already stepped onto her as she sunk down into the mud.

At this moment, Yin Muchen handed two tissues to her. He used his gaze to have a look at the car rim that she touched. “I am a person with OCD. The place that you touched, I would trouble you to wipe it clean.”

Xiao Qing looked at the expression on his face. The corners of his lips were still curled up into a smile, but the bottom of his gaze was full of the sharp edge of a hawk along with a strong sinister warning.

Xiao Qing s.h.i.+vered from head to toe. This feeling was just as if she had dropped into a cold valley, and her hands were shaking as she took the tissues and wiped the places that she touched before.

She closed the door, and the Rolls Royce flew away, leaving her face full of dust.

Yin Shuiling returned to the villa. She went into the kitchen. Aunty saw her return and quickly asked, “Miss Yin, you are back from buying the soy sauce?”

“Yeah.” Yin Shuiling pa.s.sed the bottle of soy sauce over to her before turning around to leave.

“Ay, Miss Yin, why are you leaving? It is already seven o clock now. It is almost time to start cooking; didn’t Miss Yin want to cook personally?”

Yin Shuiling headed towards the living room. She did not turn back and said, “I am a little tired, I don’t want to cook anymore. I will leave it to Aunty then.”

She sat down on the sofa in the living room. There was a pillow in her embrace as she switched on the television to watch it seriously.

Aunty noticed her behaviour and found it weird. Before buying soy sauce, Miss Yin was still very happy. She’d prepared the vegetables and also small desserts. It was all what Sir liked to eat, but after buying the soy sauce, Miss Yin seemed to have changed.

Aunty could only cook on her own.

After half an hour, Aunty was done cooking. She said, “Miss Yin, the dishes are all done. Do you want to give Sir a call to ask him when he is returning?”

Yin Shuiling stood up, and walked towards the dining area. “Oh, serve the dishes then. We will start dinner.”

“But Sir…”

“He went to visit an elder and will probably have his dinner over there.”

Aunty did not continue to speak. She was not in the position to be commenting about the matters between her masters, so she could only start serving the food.

This dinner was very silent. Aunty occasionally lifted her head up to look at Yin Shuiling, who was seated opposite her. She served her some food. Yin Shuiling drooped her small head down as she ate very quietly, and she did not say anything for the entire time.

After eating a simple dinner, it was already eight o’ clock. Aunty cleaned the table, and Yin Shuiling was in the living room as she started to watch the Spring Festival Gala that was showing on the television.

The hosts were joyous as they wished one another a good year ahead, and they said that this was a good day to reunite as a whole family.


Yin Shuiling’s mind could not stop ringing with this word.


She let out a laugh.

At this moment, she heard the sound of firecrackers outside the French windows. The sky was full of colourful fireworks as they bloomed in the air. The night was full of the sound of New Year’s celebrations and merrymaking.

She walked out the main doors of the villa. She stood on the lawn, and all she heard was the sound of boisterous merrymaking that rang out from the other villas. She turned her gaze over to have a look, and what entered her vision waere the warm and bright sources of light…

Aunty was done putting the dishes away and walked out. She did not see Yin Shuiling around in the living room. The main doors of the villa were open. She walked out quickly to look for her. She was afraid that Yin Shuiling would go missing.

She’d just stepped out of the main doors, and Aunty was in a daze as she stood on the spot along the retro corridor in the villa. The girl was not lost. She was squatting down on the front lawn, and her back was facing Aunty as if she were picking something up.

Aunty instantly felt bad for her. The other neighbouring villas were all lit up brightly. Even the lanterns in the corridor were all hung up. That girl was standing by the side of the villa. The position was far off, and her small, soft figure was just a tiny bundle. Not a single ray of light shone down on her body. Her entire being was hidden in a lonely darkness.

She was still wearing a traditional Chinese red dress. The multiple folds of the skirt were by the side of her legs, and she looked attractive and outstanding. Aunty knew that she wore this dress for Sir to see.

22 years old, and she had not graduated from university yet. Actually, she was just a small girl.

She was a small pitiful girl who did not have a home.

Aunty controlled her pity as she stepped forward. “Miss Yin, what are you doing here? It is cold; let’s go back inside,” she said with a smile on her face.

Yin Shuiling stood up slowly. She stretched one small hand out towards Aunty. She opened her palm up, and there was a gentle smile on the corners of her lips. “Aunty, this is for you.”


Aunty lowered her gaze down to have a look. The moment she saw it, she froze, and she held a few beads of firecrackers that were already burnt.

It was only then that Aunty knew what was she stooping down on the ground to pick up. She was picking up the firecrackers, and the neighbouring villa released firecrackers and fireworks, and it landed on the gra.s.s patch here, so she stooped down by the side of the railing to pick them up.

Aunty raised her gaze up to look at the girl’s palm-sized face. There was a small smile on her face, and her defined eyes were extremely pure. At this moment, her eyes were lonely and soft.

Her eyes were reflecting the festivities that were going on nearby, and together with the bright red dress, she was looking lonely and depressed.

The tip of Aunty’s nose was very sour as she said, “Aunty, Sir might have something that he is delayed with. He might be a little late to return home. Don’t consider anything else. If you like to release fireworks, after Sir comes back later, I…”

She had yet to complete her sentence when Yin Shuiling threw all of the firecrackers dust in her hands onto the floor as she simply stated, “Aunty, I am tired now. I’m going back to the room to sleep.”

She turned around and returned to the villa.

Aunty looked at the back profile of the girl. Her eyes were red, and she let out a heavy sigh before taking her phone out and dialing Yin Muchen’s number.

Why has Sir not returned?

In the Pure River Bend Villa

Yin Muchen accompanied Liu Wanxin at the reunion dinner. The helpers started to clear the table. Yin Muchen pushed her wheelchair into the living room, and at this moment, Liu Wanxin ordered Xiao Qing, “Xiao Qing, go and tidy the room upstairs. Ah Chen will stay over tonight.”

After experiencing the matter in SK, Xiao Qing was extremely afraid of Yin Muchen. She stood on the spot, and used her gaze to look at Yin Muchen as she waited for him to say something.

Liu Wanxin was intentionally asking him to stay behind, and she did not know how he would answer.

It was a reunion dinner tonight. Liu Wanxin’s request was very normal — a son accompanying his mother, but he had a Yin Shuiling at home. It was probably not possible for him not to go back.

Two women — how was he going to choose between them?


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