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Chapter 601: Wu Qian, Call Her Over To Have Her Serve

“The CTCI tender project has taken up 80% of our liquidity. These funds have all been locked, and we can only wait two months until CTCI announces their tender to the public for the funds to be unlocked. These funds are way too influential, and very few banks want to loan us money. It is very hard for us to bridge the gap for this lack of funds.

“Furthermore, that accounting record has really grabbed us by the throat. Mu Hai has managed to mess up all of our plans. We are stuck in a rut now. If we want to repair the situation, it will take quite a long time.

“The key thing that over the past ten years, SK has been a firm pillar in the financial world. We have made so much profit. This has long made others unhappy and jealous of us. With this stumble, they will all take advantage of this opportunity to add on to your predicament. They will definitely use this chance to kick you while you’re dow. We are surrounded on all sides.”

Yin Muchen’s face was expressionless. He did not even raise his eyebrows. He was silent for a few seconds before he curled the corners of his lips up to laugh as he said, “During these past 10 years, didn’t I manage to weather the battles and wars? Until we’re at the final hour, who knows who will truly be the winner?”

Everyone in the office stopped and turned their heads to look at Yin Muchen. There was a firm and confident glow sparkling in their eyes. If they were to be asked why they would follow this man so loyally, they would respond that they had believed in the dominance and determination that this man possessed.

Liu Caizhe took a few steps towards the desk. He smiled and said, “Muchen, you don’t have to be afraid. None of us are scared, even if the kingdom that we have built over these past ten years has collapsed, what is wrong with that? With you around, and with us around, even if the worst comes, we can give up on this piece of dominance and go back to Silicon Valley. We will stand where we were ten years ago to start over once again!”

“That’s right, Big Boss, we will follow after you for the rest of our life, as long as you don’t collapse, there will be a day that we will return once again!”

All of the men in the office had a bright smile on their face. This man was the only leader they would follow. As long as Yin Muchen was still around, they would unite as a strong team to gather all of their strength together, and they were confident that they would not fall.

Yin Muchen lifted his gaze towards the group of people. Whoos.h.!.+ He took the doc.u.ment from the table and threw it towards the group of people. He squinted his narrow eyes as he briefly glanced at them. “Who said that they were going to leave? Useless! Would we just give up on the kingdom that we build up to give it to others just like that? I, Yin Muchen, am not so kind!”

The men who’d been attacked by the doc.u.ments all broke out into laughter. They bent over and picked up the doc.u.ments that were all scattered on the ground piece by piece. Yes, let someone get all of it?

Stop dreaming!

The people who wanted to swallow SK, they wanted to see if they really had the appet.i.te to do so.

The tense atmosphere became much more relaxed.

Nick picked up all of the scattered doc.u.ments and placed them back onto the table. “Big Boss…” He called out to Yin Muchen, and he hesitated to continue speaking.

Yin Muchen did not look at him and asked, “What’s wrong?”

Nick touched his own head and said, “Big Boss, I don’t know if I should be saying this or not, but I saw Miss Yin when I was downstairs just now…”

The moment he spoke, the entire office turned silent. Everyone channelled their gazes at Yin Muchen. “Miss Yin” had already become a forbidden phrase.

Yin Muchen took a fountain pen in his hand and signed a doc.u.ment. Upon hearing what Nick said, the tip of his pen paused for a moment, but it was only for a second, and his expressions were calm as he continued.

At this moment, Liu Caizhe came forward to kick Nick’s b.u.t.t as he chided him, “Nick, if you do not know what to say, in the future, don’t report it. Go back to work, quickly now!”

Nick felt extremely wronged, and he went off to work obediently.

Actually, he still liked Miss Yin very much because Big Boss was really very happy when he was together with Miss Yin.

That day in the chess room, he asked Big Boss when he was going to get married. Big Boss did not reply to him immediately, but after they were done with a round of cards, Big Boss started to speak as he stood up. Big Boss said that he would strive to get end his bachelor status before his 33th birthday.

At that time, Big Boss smiled. He had worked for Big Boss for ten whole years and had never seen Big Boss smile like that, and the smile that Big Boss had on his face was — bliss.

After rus.h.i.+ng the proposal for three days and three nights, everyone started to stream out of the room. They followed what they were given to work on. Yin Muchen stood up from the chair, and he walked over to the French windows before lowering his head down to light his cigarette.

The grey s.h.i.+rt on his body had been worn for three days straight. It was already extremely crumpled now. He did not sleep. The stubble on his jaw was unshaven, and that spa.r.s.e mustache had already become a thin layer. He placed one hand into his pocket as he used another hand to hold onto the cigarette to take a puff. There were three deep lines running across his forehead as he had a frown on his handsome face, and he opened his mouth to spit out a mouthful of smoke.

His tall and lanky body was handsome as he stood up straight. He did not change much over these three days, but the warmth on his body had disappeared entirely, and what remained behind was a pure, dark coldness.

But he was still exquisite and mesmerizing as usual, and his fatigue made him look like a mature 33 year old man that had gone through much adversity.

He spat out a mouthful of smoke before he lowered his gaze down to look downstairs from the French windows. There was a lonely figure by the steps of SK. Yin Shuiling had yet to leave, and she was still standing there.

Yin Muchen was not alarmed. He continued to smoke, and the smoke surrounded him as he silently looked at the girl downstairs.

After he was about to finish a cigarette, the girl turned around and left. She crossed the road. He did not know what precious thing was on her feet. She did not raise her head up when she crossed the road. She started to walk when the light was red. A sedan suddenly hit its emergency brake in front of her. Yin Muchen saw the driver of the car roll down the window before he pointed at Yin Shuiling and shouted at her loudly.

Yin Muchen’s face was expressionless. He squinted his narrow eyes as he took the last breath of the cigarette.

He did not look downstairs anymore, and he turned around to go look for an ashtray by the side of the office table.

He had just turned around, and the ashtray was in front of him. Liu Caizhe stood behind him, holding an ashtray in his hands.

Yin Muchen briefly looked at Liu Caizhe before stubbing the cigarette out in the ashtray.

His hands were in his pockets. He stood up straight as he lifted his head up to look at the blue azure skies above him.

Liu Caizhe smiled and said, “Muchen, if you are worried, I will send someone to have a look…”

Yin Muchen curled his thin lips up. “If she were to die in a car crash… It would be best,” he coldly replied.

Hu Ya was organizing doc.u.ments. Upon hearing what Yin Muchen said, he lifted his head up to look at the man standing by the French windows. Although the man’s clothes were all crumpled, his proportions were really extremely perfect.

Liu Caizhe smiled, and he did not say anything.

Yin Muchen was silent for a few seconds before he said, “Keep a close eye on my mother. I do not wish the rumours to reach her ears.”

“Okay.” Liu Caizhe nodded his head and said, “I have already arranged a new batch of people in the villa. I will work hard to limit the time that Madam goes out to walk around, and I’ll try my best to ensure everything goes well.”


“Muchen, you have been too exhausted these past few days. Take some time to go back to the relaxation room and have a nap. There are still a whole load of matters for you to handle after this,” Liu Caizhe said.

“Okay.” Yin Muchen walked into the relaxation room. He took two steps before he turned his head back to say, “That something…something…” He tried hard to recall, as if he really did not remember the name, so he used something to replace it. “Call her to ask her to serve us.”

Liu Caizhe expressionlessly nodded his head.

Yin Muchen went into the relaxation room.

Hu Ya did not understand, and he asked Liu Caizhe, “Manager Liu, who is this something something?”

Liu Caizhe cast his gaze to the side and said, “Wu Qian; call her over.”

Hu Ya understood everything immediately, but he hesitated for a moment. “Manager Liu, this…is not too good, right?”

Liu Caizhe shrugged his shoulders and said, “Secretary Hu, then go and do what you think will be good.”

Hu Ya immediately disagreed. The decisions that President made, he definitely did not dare to question them, and just now, he was just merely making a small joke.

“Then I will go and make the call.” He walked towards the side of the wall.

Liu Caizhe looked downstairs. That sedan had yet to leave, and he was still scolding her. That girl was silly, standing in a daze as she stood there looking at her feet. She did not move. He did not know what she was thinking about, and all of the cars in the vicinity were stuck in traffic.

Liu Caizhe was frustrated. “Secretary Hu, give the driver of the car downstairs a call. If he doesn’t want to leave, then don’t leave.”

“But, didn’t President say just now…. That it would be best if Miss Yin were to die in a car accident?”

Liu Caizhe rolled his eyes as he said, “Do you think he was speaking the truth?”

Hu Ya: “…”

He could not tell when President was speaking the truth or not!

He was already so stumped that he could not differentiate them anymore.

Liu Caizhe went back to his own office. He had a few urgent doc.u.ments in his care that needed Yin Muchen’s signature, so he could only turn back to the President’s office. He wanted to put the doc.u.ments on the desk and wait for Yin Muchen to wake up to sign them.

He had just pushed open the doors of the office, and Hu Ya hurriedly ran in. “Manager Liu, there is a project downstairs that has an issue. I need to go and handle it right now. I will hand this over to you.”

Hu Ya handed something to Liu Caizhe.

Liu Caizhe took it. They were two pills folded into a white piece of paper.

Morning after pills.

Liu Caizhe took it into his hands. As a subordinate he was extremely careful when he handled this matter. Yin Muchen never wanted children, and the women who had been together with him had never had an issue where they would look for him to be the father of their children.

Actually, in America, the chances of them preparing the pill was very little, because although Yin Muchen was playing around, he would not leave his seed behind. After Yin Shuiling was together with him when she was 15 years old, he started to use them.

Liu Caizhe had a look at the interior of the office as he asked, “Has Wu Qian arrived?”

“She came a long time ago. I gave her a call, and she rushed over within a few minutes. She probably flew over. She is inside the relaxation room with President.” As he spoke, Hu Ya had a look at his watch before he said, “She has only been in for a few minutes. President normally uses a lot of time. I will go and get busy.”

“Yeah, go on then.” Liu Caizhe nodded his head.

Hu Ya left.

Liu Caizhe went inside the office before he shut the door behind him. He walked towards the office desk and noticed that the door of the relaxation room was not shut tight. There was a gap in the door, and from the angle where he was standing, he could see the sink, and Wu Qian was was.h.i.+ng her hands there.

Liu Caizhe stopped in his tracks, and at this moment, the door of the relaxation room was open. Wu Qian walked out of the room.

Wu Qian saw Liu Caizhe and was very polite. It was obvious that she was trying to portray a good image of herself. “Manager Liu.”

Liu Caizhe had a calm expression on his face as he nodded his head. He used his gaze to point towards the door as he said, “Go.”

“Okay.” Wu Qian left.

Liu Caizhe threw the medicine in his hands into the rubbish bin before going into the relaxation room.

Yin Muchen took a shower. He wore a white s.h.i.+rt as he lay down on the bed. He had already fallen asleep. There were a few bundled up tissues by the side of the bed. Liu Caizhe bent his down to pick the tissues up and threw it into the rubbish bin before going to the windows to pull the curtains open slightly, trying to get rid of the musty smell inside the room.

Looking at the man on the bed, Liu Caizhe could not help but shake his head before going out of the room helplessly.


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