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Chapter 618: Aunty, I Am Begging You Not To Hit Older Brother

Xiao Qing’s eyes were about to fall out of their sockets. She forgot to breathe, and she could only go into shock as she felt the knife slowly penetrating her skin. The beads of blood landed onto her sleeve like dew, and it tainted the cloth red.

After a while, she did not want to scream anymore. The pain was numb. She did not know how many times her face was stabbed when the man dressed in black let go of her.

She was about to slide down onto the floor, but the man dressed in black dumped her to another man in black waiting downstairs as he said, “Boss ordered us. Ensure that her skin would be damaged, and don’t leave her alive.”

“Yes, sir.” The bodyguard carried her away.

She unintentionally looked at the mirror on the wall as she was carried up onto the bodyguard’s shoulders. Her face was reflected in the mirror, and her entire face was covered in stab wounds.

Xiao Qing’s entire body went soft, and she immediately fainted in shock.

Xiao Qing knew that her death sentence was here. Yin Muchen has returned, and not only did he ask someone to ruin her face, he still wanted…all of her skin to be damaged, and what was awaiting her was long and slow torture.

Xiao Qing fainted. She had Liu Wanxin as support, so why did Yin Muchen still attack her?

What would happen when Liu Wanxin realized that she had disappeared?

Inside the hospital ward

Liu Wanxin woke up and opened her eyes. She moved her body and wanted to sit up. “Xiao Qing, Xiao…”

“Mum, are you awake?” Yin Muchen’s deep and charming voice rang out in the air. He stretched his hand out to help Liu Wanxin sit up, before placing a soft pillow behind her back. He went to hold Liu Wanxin’s hand and said, “Mum, if you have any orders, let me know directly. I came back from America this morning. Don’t worry about the matters in the company. We are almost done settling them. In the future, I will take a lot of time to come over to the hospital to accompany you.”

“Go away!” Liu Wanxin shook Yin Muchen’s hand away. Her face was icy cold as she said, “I don’t need you to take care of me. You should go and take care of that Yin Shuiling. Do you still care about this mother of yours? Xiao Qing, Xiao Qing, come over…”

Liu Wanxin’s empty eyes scanned the room; she was searching for Xiao Qing.

But no matter how she called out, Xiao Qing did not come.

“Mum, don’t call for her anymore. Xiao Qing has an emergency at home. She has already submitted her resignation to me. I have found two even more professional nurses for you, and they would be better than Xiao Qing.”

Liu Wanxin froze for a few seconds before looking in Yin Muchen’s direction. “Xiao Qing resigned? Who are you bluffing? Be honest and tell me: where did Xiao Qing go?”


“You made Xiao Qing go away. Is she dead or alive? Tell me right now, where did she offend you? Don’t you know that I am indebted to her parents? Xiao Qing has taken care of me for six to seven years now. Ah Chen ah, I am already in this state right now. I am only left with Xiao Qing by my side. I have gotten used to her. She is my eyes and my legs. How could you be so cruel and take it out on her?”

“Mum, this Xiao Qing does not have good intentions. With her by your side, it is not something good…”

“Ah Chen, if you still treat me as your mother, then you should not lie. Don’t treat me as a dead person, Mummy would ask you the last time. How did Xiao Qing offend you, where did you bring her to?”

Yin Muchen raised his eyebrows said, “Mum, Xiao Qing has collaborated with her older male cousin from the village to harm Yin Shuiling’s life…”

He had yet to complete his sentence, and slap! Liu Wanxin stretched her hand out to give him a tight slap.


Liu Wanxin was angered as her entire body was shaking. She stretched her finger out to point at Yin Muchen. “Yin Shuiling, Yin Shuiling. It is Yin Shuiling again. Because of her, you are unwilling to leave a person by your mother’s side? You are forcing me to die like this.”

Liu Wanxin stretched her hand out to remove the IV drip before throwing the gla.s.s bottle, the blanket, and everything else at Yin Muchen. She screamed out, “You’d better get lost. From today onwards, I don’t have a son like you. I will treat it as if I have not given birth to a son like you!”

“Mum, don’t be agitated. If there’s anything you want to say, say it slowly…” Yin Muchen knelt down on the floor slowly, and he knelt down in front of Liu Wanxin, “Mum, I was wrong, can you forgive me this once?”

“Forgive you? I have forgiven you time after time, and you get more and more brazen after each time. Would there be a day where you get married with Yin Shuiling and you would still want me to attend the wedding ceremony? Ah Chen, how did I give birth to a son like you?” As she spoke, Liu Wanxin’s was agitated as she stretched her hand out to fumble for something. There was a feather duster by the side of her hand that the nurse left behind. She took the feather duster in her hand as she hit Yin Muchen’s back. Her tears were flowing as she said, “You get lost, you are not my son!” The feather duster hit Yin Muchen’s back time and time again. He did not say a word as he endured the pain. He only begged her, “Mum, I will let you it me, as long as you have taken out your anger and you are happy now. No matter how you hit me, it’s all fine, but Mum, I am your son, and will forever be!”

Liu Caizhe and Hu Ya were standing outside the hospital ward, Hu Ya listened to the sound of the beatings happening inside the room. He was nervous and worried as he said, “Secretary Liu, what are we going to do? Do we have to go in and give some advice?”

Liu Caizhe shook his head, “If we go in and advise them, we are only adding oil to the fire. When Muchen made the decision, he would have considered the result.”

At this moment, Xiao Li walked along the corridor, and she held onto a meal tray that contained lunch that had been made by Yin Shuiling. She took two steps forward and heard the sound of Liu Wanxin screaming loudly and the sound of the beatings. Her facial expression changed, and she turned around, running away in shock.

Yin Shuiling was organizing the dishes inside the kitchen, and at this moment, Xiao Li ran over. “Shuiling, things are bad. You should quickly go over to the hospital ward to have a look. Madam Yin seems to be hitting President Yin.”

“What?” Yin Shuiling froze, then she got a move on.

She ran over to the door of the ward. Yin Shuiling dashed into the ward immediately, and both Liu Caizhe and Hu Ya quickly stopped her. “Miss Yin, Madam does not want to see you. If you go inside, you would only be adding to the mess.”

Yin Shuiling did not bother with then, and she pushed the door open.

Liu Caizhe and Hu Ya froze by the side of the door.

Yin Shuiling looked at the mess inside the room. Everything was on the floor. The tall and handsome man was kneeling in the ward at this moment. Liu Wanxin did not feel any pain at all as she hit him.

Yin Shuiling’s irises contracted. “Don’t hit him anymore!” She ran towards Yin Muchen and wanted to protect him.

Yin Muchen’s speed was very quick. He knew it from the moment she came over, so when Liu Wanxin used the feather duster to hit him, he stretched his arm out to protect the girl in his embrace while hugging her firmly.

The feather duster landed on Yin Muchen’s back again.

“Aunty, don’t hit him anymore, I am begging you..” Yin Shuiling used force to struggle out of Yin Muchen’s embrace. She stretched her small hand out to tug Liu Wanxin’s clothes. “Aunty, Older Brother did not do anything wrong. My father’s the one who is wrong. It was me. We owe you… I am begging you not to hit him anymore. If you want to hit him, then just hit me instead…”

“Yin Shuiling, get lost!” The girl in his embrace could not stop struggling. Yin Muchen forcefully held her waist tightly to secure her in his embrace, and his gaze was extremely frightful as he looked at the two people standing by the side of the door.

Liu Caizhe and Hu Ya s.h.i.+vered, and both of them quickly stepped forward.

At this moment, Yin Shuiling used some sort of hidden strength to struggle out of Yin Muchen’s embrace before perching herself to hug Liu Wanxin’s waist. The tears in her eyes flowed out. She lifted her small face up as she looked at Liu Wanxin. “Aunty, I am begging you not to hit him. You would hit Older Brother to his death… He did not do anything wrong. He is also in a lot of pain… Aunty, the person that is wrong is me. You should hit me then…”

Liu Wanxin snorted coldly, as she said, “Did you think that I would not dare to hit you?”

As she spoke Liu Wanxin was about to strike in Yin Shuilin’s direction.

“Mum!” Yin Muchen growled out loud.

Yin Shuiling firmly hugged Liu Wanxin’s waist. She did not curl back, and she was only sobbing sadly, “Aunty, do you still remember that aeroplane? Older Brother said that it was what his father used his entire month of pay to buy it for Older Brother as a present. Older Brother always cherished that aeroplane very much, and that was the only toy that he had in his entire life.”

Upon bringing that aeroplane up, the feather duster in Liu Wanxin’s hands stopped, and she started to reminisce about the times that they had as a family of three.

“Woo woo, Aunty, you should not hit Older Brother. Actually, when Older Brother came over to my house when he was 18 years old, he was very pitiful. At that time, he did not have any relatives or friends. My mother even gave Older Brother a slap. Older Brother returned to his room, and his eyes turned red. Older Brother said that his parents never hit him before. His parents pampered him very much…

“At that time, I was still young. I remember a time where Older Brother brought me over to a residential block to look for a family member. Older Brother called him Uncle, and that Uncle did not allow Older Brother to go inside. He only gave Older Brother a gap in the door, Uncle even said that Older Brother’s father made use of public funds and was a thief. Uncle said that Older Brother’s mother did not want him as a burden and ran away with a rich man… That day, Older Brother sat down on the steps as he cried for a long time. Older Brother told me that his father was innocent, and his mother would definitely not give him up because his mother was the best mother on earth…”

Liu Wanxin’s face was covered in tears at that moment, and her hand that held the feather duster was shaking.

“Aunty, don’t think that Older Brother is grown up now and would not feel pain anymore. He is a masculine man. He would not tell you how hard it was for him in those years in front of you. You hit him and he would only bite down on his teeth and control it all in without saying that it hurts. You blame him and are not happy with him, and he has troubles that he is unable to voice out… Aunty, I am begging you not to be so cruel towards him, okay? You are his mother. He lost his father a long time ago. You were absent from his life for ten whole years. Couldn’t you pity him and treat him a little better?”

The feather duster in Liu Wanxin’s hands fell onto the floor, and she used both of her hands to cup her face, crying painfully.

The entire hospital ward was silent now. Liu Caizhe and Hu Ya were standing silently. Yin Muchen knelt down on the ground and looked in front of him. That small, soft woman was still hugging his mother’s waist, and both women were crying uncontrollably.

At this moment, Yin Muchen’s heart became extremely soft. His eyes were red, and he wanted to step forward to hug both women very much. He loved both of them.

He really wanted to have both of them at the same time very much.

Liu Wanxin slowly stopped crying, and her eyes were red as she looked in front of her. “Both of you should go.”

Liu Caizhe and Hu Ya stepped forward quickly They wanted to help Yin Muchen up. Yin Muchen’s black s.h.i.+rt did not show any blood stains, but there were a few spots on his back that were wet, and he was probably beaten till he bled.

Yin Muchen waved his hand and did not allow them to support him. He stood up slowly and was about to hug Yin Shuiling.

“All of you should go. She can stay behind.” Liu Wanxin said once again.

Yin Muchen froze, and he hesitated for a moment.

“Why, are you worried? Could I actually eat her up?” Liu Wanxin was in a bad mood as she spoke.

Liu Caizhe stepped forward. He held onto Yin Muchen’s arms and lowered his volume down to say, “Muchen, don’t make Madam angry again.”


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