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Chapter 820: I Like A Black Knight

As she kissed and comforted him, Zhou Yao, who was in slumber, slowly quietened down. He used strength in his arms, and he locked her tight in his embrace.

Leng Zhiyuan dragged the blankets over both of them, then buried her head into his embrace as she gently closed her eyes.

The next morning

Leng Zhiyuan went downstairs. Ah Chen had already arrived at the Zhou home and was waiting for her.

“Young Miss.”

“Yeah?” Leng Zhiyuan nodded her head, then she brought Ah Chen over to a secluded balcony.

Ah Chen handed some doc.u.ments over to her and said, “Young Miss, this is the person you wanted me to investigate. We have investigated thoroughly.”

Leng Zhiyuan did not say anything, and she lowered her gaze to flip through the doc.u.ments by her hand.

“Young Miss, this is a record of everything Ye Ziyi has done in his entire life. His background is a little complicated. He is the third Young Master of the Ye family and was not favoured. He lived among the commoners ever since he was young, but he used his skills to climb up to the top step by step, and right now, everyone he has been bullied by has already been crushed under his feet. He is not a simple person.”

Leng Zhiyuan could guess it. Ye Ziyi’s elegance was not something that could be faked on the outside. He had a calm aura to him, and he was extremely brilliant.

“Has he studied martial arts?” Leng Zhiyuan asked directly.

“Ye Ziyi has a personal trainer and cares a lot about working out normally. He probably knows a little martial arts. As for Gongfu, this is very hard to say. After all, these people are all very clever. When you teach him a move, he can learn ten moves on his own.”

Leng Zhiyuan thought about it carefully. That night when Zhou Yao rushed over to punch Ye Ziyi, Ye Ziyi seemed not to have any reaction at all, but that day in the café, he dodged the service staff and was extremely nimble. Actually, this was not enough to warrant suspicion. After all, being nimble and having Gongfu skills were two separate matters.

His details were very clean; was she thinking too much?

Leng Zhiyuan closed the doc.u.ments up and handed them back to Ah Chen. Maybe it was a habit of her career.

She liked to guess.

At this moment, a melodious ringtone rang out in the air, and she got a call.

She took her phone out to have a look. Speak of the devil; it was Ye Ziyi.

Over the past few days, she had been together with Zhou Yao. Yi Ziyi texted her to check on her, but she did not reply to him. She pondered for a moment, and he seemed to be still waiting for her reply.

That night on Valentine’s Day, he’d confessed to her.

She totally had not expected that in the short span of a week, she would receive confessions from two men.

She took the call and said, “h.e.l.lo…”

“h.e.l.lo, Zhiyuan, what have you been busy with for the past few days? I was unable to contact you, so I was a little worried about you.”

“I am fine.”

“Do you have time today? Let’s go out and spend some time together, maybe at the café that we went to that time?”

“Okay.” Leng Zhiyuan hung up.

“Young Miss, are you going to go out? I also want to leave, so I can drive you there,” Ah Chen suggested.

Leng Zhiyuan put her phone back into her pocket and said, “Okay. Let’s leave together.”

Zhou Yao parted his long legs as he went downstairs. He woke up late. He was normally a light sleeper, and he would normally wake up very early in the morning before he went out to have a run. This was a habit he’d formed over the years.

But today, he slept till 7 in the morning, and this was really the first time.

There was a smile on the corners of his lips, and he saw the helpers and asked, “Where is Young Mistress?”

“Young Master, Young Mistress just went out.” The helper pointed at the black car on the lawn, and the car quickly left.

Zhou Yao’s eyes lit up. Where was she going so early in the morning and without saying a single word?

“Young Master, where are you going? You have not eaten your breakfast yet!” the helper called out from behind.

“I am not eating anymore.” Zhou Yao already took his car keys and walked out quickly. He opened the Bugatti’s door and trailed behind the black car.

Leng Zhiyuan stepped out of the car and entered the café. Ye Ziyi was once again seated by the windows. Upon seeing her, he stood up, smiled, and said, “Zhiyuan, you are here.”

He was gentlemanly as he pulled out the chair for her.

“Thank you.” Leng Zhiyuan sat down.

“What do you want to drink?”

“There is no need for that.” She shook her head.

Ye Ziyi’s expressions froze, but he quickly regained his normal expression as he said, “Zhiyuan, I’m going to go out on a business trip to France in a few days. France is a romantic country and a popular tourist spot. How about that? Do you have any interest in going with me?”

“It is really very romantic in France, but I think that I am better suited to stay here.”

“Zhiyuan,” Ye Ziyi’s gaze became depressed immediately as he probed her, “Is this your answer? That night on Valentine’s Day, I said that I liked you and would always wait for you.”

Leng Zhiyuan turned her gaze to the side to look out of the window. She slowly curled the corners of her lips up as she remisced, “When I was in junior high school, you moved into my neighbourhood and became my neighbour. The first day that you did so, I was attracted by the way that you looked when you played the piano, and ever since that moment, I always stood outside your window to look at you. I would trail behind you and admire your back profile. I thought you were the Prince Charming in every girl’s fairy tale and my most ideal type.”

Ye Ziyi also broke out into a smile. He stretched his hand out to hold her small hand on the table, then said, “Zhiyuan, as long as you are willing, from this moment onwards, you will not need to trail behind me. I have already come to be by your side.”

Leng Zhiyuan moved her gaze over to Ye Ziyi’s face as she gently said, “I was too young when I was in junior high, and it was only after I grew up that I realized my ideal type. I do not like Prince Charming; I like…a Black Knight.”

“Black Knight? Are you referring to Major General Zhou? No, Zhiyuan, have a clear look. I am Ye Ziyi. You liked me so much back in the past. We…”

“Ye Ziyi,” Leng Zhiyuan interrupted him calmly as she said, “I did not like you before. You were only a dream in my youth, a pa.s.sing guest. Facing you, I don’t have the feeling in my heart of falling in love.”

“Then, have you fallen in love with Major General Zhou? Have you fallen in love with him?”

That person…

Leng Zhiyuan’s gaze slowly became soft, and she said, “Yeah, I have fallen in love with him. I like his frankness and dominating character. I like his nonchalant and chic exterior, but he is depressed after going through so much. My heart beats for him, and in the future, I want to be by his side.”

Just as he had said, she would be together with him well in the future.

He’d also made the promise that he would not treat her badly.

She remembered all of it.

Ye Ziyi slowly took his hand back, and he lowered his gaze in loneliness as he said, “Zhiyuan, I hope that you will reconsider…”

“Ye Ziyi, I am sorry. There are still many good girls in this world. Don’t waste time for nothing on me. I have to go.” Leng Zhiyuan stood up and left.

She’d come here to explain things clearly, and now that it was done, she had to leave, naturally.

She was a very cold person, and as for Ye Ziyi, she could only say so much.

She left the café and took a breath of fresh air. She did not eat breakfast, and she was a little hungry right now. She raised her gaze up to look down the main streets. She had to quickly call for a cab to get back; she wanted to fill her stomach.

But the moment she raised her head up, she saw a familiar car by the side of the road. It was a Buggatti, and it belonged to Zhou Yao.

He was here?

She turned her gaze over to look. At this moment, the window of the driver’s seat slowly rolled down, and Zhou Yao’s handsome face was exposed. His handsome face was really dark.


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