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Chapter 85: She Had Given Her First Dance To Ou Luo Xi

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Xu Junxi had to admit that she was an extremely intelligent woman.

Wasn’t elegant and well read?

Xia Xiaofu’s words echoed in Xu Junxi’s ear.

In fact, this phrase finally gave him a way to describe that feeling. He had long felt the difference between the two sisters, but he could not tell the difference.

Xia Xiaofu was right. Ning Qing was like an elegant and romantic violet, with its own light source, loved by others and respected at the same time.

Ning Yao was different. She was petty. He had given her so much help and protection. But when he watched the flattering laughter of the reporter then, he knew what she had gotten from others.

Ning Yao could never be as good as Ning Qing.

Ning Qing chatted with four other popular actresses under the recommendation of Xia Xiaofu. One popular actress joked as she asked Xia Xiaofu. “Xiaofu, why hasn’t your President Ou arrived yet? The dance is about to start.”

“What does dancing have to do with him? Can’t I dance with men other than Ou Ze?” A witty smile appeared on Xia Xiaofu’s tender oval-shaped face.

“Come on, who doesn’t know that your President Ou is a jealous man? Do you dare to pluck a hair from the tiger’s head?”

Xia Xiaofu did not speak anymore. She looked out into the banquet hall. A slender, handsome figure walked in.

From what she could tell, the man always liked to wear clothes like black windbreakers and denim jeans. This was the first time she had seen him wear a white s.h.i.+rt and a black suit. He wore this suit differently from others. His fair skin was very pure and clean, and he was elegant and graceful.

Ou Luo Xi.

Xia Xiaofu blushed without reason.

“Ning Qing, let’s guess. Let’s guess who the first dance of President Lu of Guang Qing would be with tonight. All the people gathered here tonight are the dignitaries of T City. Look. They’ve all brought their daughters. It’s like the emperor choosing a concubine. Let’s guess which one President Lu will pick!” a popular actress laughed and said.

Only after their reminder did Ning Qing notice how many n.o.ble ladies had come to this hall. They were all in their prime of lives and acted reserved behind their mothers.

Have they all come for Lu Shaoming?

Ning Qing pressed her lips together unconsciously. She was not too happy that so many women had eyes on her man.

Emperor choosing concubines?

He would have some nerve to do such a thing!

However, she was vaguely nervous. She had no idea that Lu Shaoming’s first dance would cause such a big stir. She had already agreed with him that she would save her first dance for him.

But dancing with him was like telling the world about their relations.h.i.+p, and she didn’t know his stance on the matter.

As her mood began to complicate, there was a stir at the door. Lu Shaoming had arrived.

When his handsome and cold figure appeared at the door, the hall went silent, and the crowd automatically parted, leaving a road paved with red carpet for him.

As he pa.s.sed through the door, he casually handed Zhu Rui his woolen overcoat. He wore his usual white s.h.i.+rt and black suit. He didn’t wear a tie. He wore a bow at the neck of his s.h.i.+rt. He also had a white square handkerchief in his suit pocket, which was perfect and delicate.

His long, powerful legs stepped across the red carpet, each step emanating an impactful and authoritative aura. His gaze was flat as he swept his eyes across the room. His calm demeanor was deep and reserved.

Not many people caught his gaze. The leaders of T City’s business world nodded their heads one after another to show respect for him.

At this time, the brilliant lights in the hall hit him. His jawline was as sharp as a sculpture. The elegant and charming aura that emanated from his suit made the women gasp and men envy him.

This was the charm of a mature man.

Low-key and luxurious.

Ning Qing could not move her eyes away from him. She looked at him from the sea of thousands of people. Suddenly, she felt his gaze floating over. It seemed unintentional, but the gaze he shot her was slow and heavy.

Like a pair of thick broad palms caressing her waist.

Ning Qing’s heart started pounding like a drum.

But his gaze only lingered for a couple seconds. The chairperson on the rostrum asked him to speak. She watched him step up and put one hand on the rostrum. His s.e.xy, red lips calmly enunciated the words “thank you for coming.”

He spoke very little, but a flood of applause followed. Ning Qing glanced at the n.o.ble ladies, all of whom looked upon him with admiration in their eyes.

After Lu Shaoming finished speaking, he went into the hall and talked with a group of people. Zhu Rui followed and poured red wine behind him. He stuffed one of his hands in his pants pocket. Looking at his tall and handsome body, she noticed a little fatigue and laziness from his business trip. He tilted his head and downed a gla.s.s of red wine after looking down and laughing lightly. It was a social interaction between men.

Ning Qing glanced over, and then the music started to play and the dance was about to begin.

She saw from a distance that Xu Junxi had extended his hand gentlemanly to Ning Yao. Ning Yao smiled like a princess and placed her hand in his. They went to the dance floor to dance.

Lu Shaoming had just begun to talk, and it was estimated that he would not be able to come over quickly. Ning Qing decided to go for a rest and wait for him.

“Xiaofu, President Ou hasn’t arrived yet? Let’s go and sit down while we wait.” Ning Qing suggested.

Xia Xiaofu glanced down and did not reply.

Ning Qing was somewhat surprised, just then, she saw Ou Luo Xi walk towards them after successfully rejecting a group of girls’ invitation to dance.

Who would Ou Luo Xi like to dance with?

Xia Xiaofu’s fair hands gripped her skirt tightly, and her snow-white teeth bit her cherry mouth that was like a lotus flower. She was a little nervous.

Just now, when the music sounded, a lot of girls had surrounded him excitedly. She saw him glance over immediately. Their eyes had met unexpectedly in this sea of people.

He was closing in; Xia Xiaofu and Ning Qing were the only ones there. Who would Ou Luo Xi choose?

The black hand-made leather shoes stopped and Ou Luo Xi slowly extended his hand. “Ning Qing, shall we dance?”

Xia Xiaofu’s heart that had jumped to her throat sank instantly. He had clearly seen her just now. She was the only one in his clean and beautiful eyes!

But he had chosen Ning Qing.

Ning Qing was also surprised. She hadn’t expected Ou Luo Xi to invite her to dance. She laughed apologetically and said, “Luo Xi, I already have a date, so why not.” Ning Qing looked at Xia Xiaofu. “Your elder brother hasn’t come yet. You should dance with Xiaofu first.”

Xia Xiaofu raised her eyes that were like mountain streams and looked bravely at the teenager. An enticing grin formed on her face. “Ning Qing already has a date, you can dance with me, I dance very well.”

Ou Luo Xi glanced at her as he slowly retracted his hand and stuffed it into his trousers pocket.

He had refused!

Ning Qing stiffened, and a glittering fog quickly covered Xia Xiaofu’s beautiful eyes. She looked at the young man who was a head taller than her with dagger eyes.

But Ou Luo Xi turned his head and looked away with a cold and indifferent look.

“Hmph!” Xia Xiaofu turned around and left with a flick of her sleeves.

“Xiaofu…” Ning Qing went after her.

Xia Xiaofu had turned around too quickly, and she ran directly into a man behind her. The red wine in the man’s hand spilled onto him.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry…” Xia Xiaofu quickly apologized.

“Will an apology be of use? My clothes are already dirty.” The man’s voice was wild and his att.i.tude was barbaric, but as soon as he looked up, he saw Xia Xiaofu’s oval-shaped face that was as pretty as a flower in moonlight. He quickly laughed and said, “Oh, it’s G.o.ddess Xia. It’s all right, as long as G.o.ddess Xia wipes my body clean with a paper towel.”

The man pressed himself against Xia Xiaofu in an ambiguous manner.

Xia Xiaofu hadn’t expected to into a hooligan. She was already in a bad mood, so she grabbed the red wine at the table and threw it all on the man’s face.

“You!” The man quickly raised his hand and tried to slap Xia Xiaofu.

Ning Qing was close to the man. She had wanted to kick him in the crotch, but a dark shadow appeared in her sight. Ou Luo Xi was already standing beside Xia Xiaofu.

Ning Qing breathed a sigh of relief. She was relieved to have Ou Luo Xi protect Xia Xiaofu.

He had ignored Xiaofu’s dignity and refused her invitations, causing her to tear up in anger previously. But now, he had become the hero and saved her when she was in danger. Ning Qing couldn’t understand how Ou Luo Xi thinks.

“Stop it!” Ou Luo Xi didn’t make a move, because the man’s raised hand had been intercepted from behind, Ou Ze had arrived.

Ou Ze intercepted the man’s hand and twisted it lightly, accompanied by the crack of a bone, Ou Ze’s face was gloomy as he spoke. “You dare to touch my woman; you’re looking for death!”

The man let out a howl that sounded like dying pig’s, and the people in the hall looked over one after another.

Ning Qing subconsciously looked towards Lu Shaoming. In his sight, the crowd automatically parted for him. She saw him standing upright and straight, with narrowed eyes. There was little change in expression. With a gla.s.s of red wine in one hand, he said in a rich and lazy tone, “What is a random person doing here? Drag him out.”

“Yes sir.” Zhu Rui nodded, called for security, covered the man’s mouth and pulled him out neatly.

Lu Shaoming raised his red wine gla.s.s and looked at Ou Ze. “President Ou…”

Ou Ze called out, “President Lu”, and they nodded their heads in greeting.

Ning Qing felt a deep gaze fall on her. She tucked her beautiful hair on her cheek behind her ear with her fair little hands, and her little face turned red.

She was standing sideways, and the lacy V opening behind her was deep enough to reach the lower part of her slender waist. He must have seen it.

“Xiaofu, are you all right?” Ou Ze went forward, stretched his arm over Xia Xiaofu’s shoulder, and took her into his arms.

Xia Xiaofu shook her head. “I’m all right.” She reached out and pushed him aside, putting some distance between them. Her delicate oval-shaped face was a little pale. “Ze, I want to go.”

Ou Ze laughed. “Why do you want to go? I’ve just arrived. Let’s go, let’s go dancing,” he said as he took Xia Xiaofu’s little hand and led her to the dance floor.

As he walked, he thought of something. He stopped and looked at Ou Luo Xi. His voice was a little loud. “Luo Xi, why aren’t you dancing? Oh, you probably don’t know how to dance yet. You can find a girl to teach you.”

Ou Ze words were heard by people around him. Some people looked at Ou Luo Xi with a strange look and whispered, “Ou Luo Xi can’t dance, really?”

“Maybe that’s right. Ou Luo Xi is the illegitimate son of the Ou family. I heard that he only joined the Ou family at the age of 19. Old mister Ou had gotten him a teacher, a primary school teacher.”

“Primary school teacher? Goodness!”…

This was Xia Xiaofu’s first time hearing this. She suddenly raised her head. Her gaze was confused, helpless, and resentful as she looked at Ou Luo Xi.

Ning Qing was furious. What does this Ou Ze want? Shaming Ou Luo Xi in public?

“Luo Xi.” Ning Qing hooked her arm around Ou Luo Xi and laughed as she said, “Didn’t you invite me to dance just now? Let’s go.”

Ning Qing and Ou Luo Xi danced together. They chose a corner with dimmer lights. Ning Qing taught him patiently, “Follow my pace. Yes, that’s very good.”

Ou Luo Xi really couldn’t dance, but he was a fast learner and soon learned how to dance. Although he had stepped on her feet a couple of times, he danced well after a little practice.

Ning Qing took Ou Luo Xi to the center of the dance floor. She whispered, “Luo Xi, you learn from the person next to you. Push your hand, and then I’ll turn around.”

“Ok.” Ou Luo Xi took the hand that was placed on her shoulder down, and the other hand that was holding her pushed outwards. Ning Qing twirled on the ground with her high-heeled shoes.

The bottom of her white evening dress was like mermaid’s tail. When she twirled around, the platinum-inlaid dress swung in a circle of radians, making her look like a mermaid, which shocked the audience.

“Wow.” A group of people gasped as they admired her.

Ning Qing winked playfully at Ou Ze and Xia Xiaofu. They were just beside Ou Ze and Xia Xiaofu. Her gaze said – – See, I’ve avenged you.

Ou Luo Xi folded his arms and took her into his arms. His mouth slowly curved, his eye curved, and the smile he flashed at her was more pure and charming than a baby’s.

Ning Qing was stunned, this was the first time that she had seen him smile at her.

Ou Ze’s eyes shone with a hazy light, and his fiancee, Xia Xiaofu, was looking at Ou Luo Xi. Her face was pale and melancholic.

With a turn, Ou Ze blocked the figure of Ou Luo Xi, put his arm on her slender waist and pulled the fairy directly into his arms.

“What are you doing?” His movements were a little sudden. Xia Xiaofu stopped and placed her hands on his chest, trying to push him away.

“Xiaofu, we have been engaged for two years. You haven’t allowed me to touch you. Even the number of times I’ve held your hand could be counted with my fingers. How can you bear to do this to me?” he said as lowered his voice and leaned in her ear.

Xia Xiaofu couldn’t accept his intimate behavior. She knitted her eyebrows together tightly and said unhappily, “Ou Ze, you’re hurting me, let me go.”

Her “hurting me” evoked all of Ou Ze’s suppressed desires. He grabbed the back of her head with one hand and leaned over to kiss Xia Xiaofu’s lips.

Xia Xiaofu was frightened. She stomped on Ou Ze’s foot immediately.

Ou Ze released her in pain. Xia Xiaofu covered her mouth and ran like the wind.

Ou Ze wanted to chase after her, but just then “Ou Ze…” Several business a.s.sociates came to him. Ou Ze looked as the beautiful figure disappeared behind the door, forced himself to step back and greeted the few people.

“Luo Xi, Xiaofu seems to have run away. What’s wrong with her? Let’s stop dancing. I’m going to find her.” Ning Qing said worriedly.

“Ok.” Ou Luo Xi looked in the direction where Xia Xiaofu had vanished and stopped.

Ning Qing had wanted to go out to find Xia Xiaofu, but then she heard several ladies whispering excitedly, “Quick, President Lu is going to dance, let’s go quickly.”

Ning Qing went stiff, Oh no!

She had given her first dance to Ou Luo Xi.


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